Naruto Wallpaper: iHate Pod

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Sasuke Uchiha Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Got myself worked up about how expensive iPod really is. It's far too expensive for its quality.

Edit: Forgive me for not telling you. The character in the wallpaper is Sasuke from Naruto and has been drawn by Crash. My apologies to you all! *bows* -_-;

Edit 2: Thanks for all of your comments! ^_^ So you all know, I don't hate creative zen. From my point of view; It's one of the best out there. God, I wish I had one of those...-_-

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  1. KnightOfLain Mar 20, 2005

    omg! that's just hilarious (or tragic really i can't decide :) ) I just've just shown this to my sis who wants to buy an iPod - you made her to reconsider. Great job man, i love the overall idea and the neat design of this wallie. wow. keep it up.

  2. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Mar 20, 2005

    Good idea,just some points,first,this have to be on Naruto category,second,give credit to Crash-Kun who made the art from Sasuke...

  3. Alex204 Mar 20, 2005

    rotf! Very good. What is the eye? I have not seen the anime so that part of the image looks a bit strange. Also, i think "noone" should have a space, but i am not sure. Appart from that, way to go with the creative player! (i have a zen micro and love it). +Fav

  4. zephiris26 Mar 20, 2005

    Quote: Waste your money on something else, like hookers or beer.

    LOL, I love the little text on the wall. Especially about the formats nobody's ever heard of. XD
    Nice vectoring as well, and I love the iHate Pod concept. This wallpaper makes me happy. XD +fav

  5. HikutsuKyou Mar 20, 2005

    woah, I have the same mp3 player as the image you used (nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra) I hope your not saying they suck too.... I like it. other than that, great image, pretty funny

  6. gadgetgirl16 Mar 20, 2005

    lol!!!! i agree more! i think those ipods are just a waste of money and space....its call a "cd player" its more better....and more cheap
    i like the way you made the bg *adds to favs* good job on it ^_~

  7. asianspirit Mar 20, 2005

    hahaha. this is hilarious!

    i personally hate iPODs myself. from what i heard, they can only play mp3s. they can't support .wav and .wmv files. that sucks.. >.<

    this is going to be a fave!

  8. MS0B9 Mar 20, 2005

    Ha Ha! I like this one! It dosen't have a ipod in it! But yeah I agree with you there to expensive. You mind if I add to favs?

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2005

    Aha! That is great! I relly like it, the colors are great! Excellent job!

  10. tenchigirl15 Mar 20, 2005

    haha!!!! *roflmao* this is a great wall!! :D Iv heard a couple of my friends complaining on those ipods like their useless and waste of money. >.< good thing I didnt get one :P great job on the black vector and background *claps* :)

  11. nekosasu Mar 20, 2005

    hahahaha veery evry nice wall there xDDD
    ipod sure is expensive as hell... and now they're trying to sell those small crappy ipod shuffle ones... 99 euro for 512 mb space (i heard), wtf is that -.-

    btw, a friend of mine bought that 60 gigs ipod a few months ago, for, what, 500+ euros? can't remember, i only know that it's been craploads of money... one week and it was done, the hdd in the box gave it up, without it being treated badly.
    luckily there was warranty, so he sent it back to factory for repairing... and now he's waiting to get it back...for over 2 a half months u_u he's thinking of sueing them, rofl
    i already know i won't buy an ipod so i won't ever be confronted to such problems, heh

    anyways, it's a great idea you had, to put evil sasuke on your wall, that's an automatic WIN
    the sharingan is WIN as well lol
    all in all a good composition, faved and recommended ^_^ we need more ipod bashers, yay
    thanks for your inspirative work ^^ see ya, take care

  12. triofpwr Mar 20, 2005

    this is such a great wall i'm adding this to my favs and keep up the good work like this lol this is greatness

  13. Asuran Mar 22, 2005

    lol great!! very original!! ipods seriously suck >< i've seen lots of these posters and i gotta say yours is the best i've seen so far!! great job!

  14. kyokos Mar 25, 2005

    wow i luv it.

    great idea XDD

    yäy very good work

  15. cremp Apr 11, 2005

    nice one . . .

    great work ;)

  16. kurai-kaoru Apr 13, 2005

    hehehehe... very good work. Agree with you about the iPod, too expensive... ;)

  17. o0firefly0o Apr 24, 2005

    you are totally right about the ipod - is wayyy to pricey.
    nice work!

  18. Zakfrost Apr 29, 2005

    :/ iTunes can convert a lot of music/sound formats into MP3s, even WMP files. And they do have equalizers, just not a free-form kind. They have like 20 or so pre-done settings. The Mini versions are cheaper, and unless you're obsessed with music, I doubt you'll need more than 1000 songs on hand at any given moment. They're probably not the best deal out there, but before you start bashing, you could give it a fair shake and do research on it. To each his own and all that shiz.

    Aside from that, it's a good parody. XD Like the orangy color, is nice.

  19. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2005

    *laughs and falls off chair in fron of the whole office* That's genius!!! I just got a Zen Micro myself. My fantastic little orange baby XD And a bit more affordable than it's larger counterparts :)

    Just genius! XD

  20. Sedekai Jun 27, 2005

    Love it! I'm still saving up for an ipod shuffle though, despite this. After all its about 200 dollars less the full ipod itself. Anyway, very creative.

  21. Phoegon Jul 08, 2005

    Awesome. I thought this was going to be another iPod worship wall. I'm glad it's not. And I love Creative. iPods can kiss my poor ass.

  22. freak Oct 23, 2005

    very coooooooooooooooooooool
    keep up my frind and good LUCK


  23. Mizu-no-Oto Jun 28, 2006

    Too kawaii. I agree with the Ipod prices though.

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