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Touhou, Youmu Konpaku Wallpaper
Touhou Series,OVA,Game Youmu Konpaku Character

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T^T I know I know! It's been ages since I submitted a wallpaper here >_____<! Now I finally get to finish this crappy work of mine just in time since today's the last day of my school holidays T___T...

*sob* well anyway, Don't ask bout the title.. I seriously had no idea on the wall topic ><;; I made a wall just to see whether my skills had rusted =_= I guess it did some how. Really had nothing much to say about this. The petals made me frustrated <_< Also the damn sakura trees.. damn it I just can't get them right! /pif..
I found the scan in MT, so thanks to the submitter ^^ (forgot who >_>)

Don't know how long this took me. I started this wall since last month, Chinese New Year <_< But I just didn't have time to complete it.. plus my monitor's still a f*cked up jerk.. (hope ya'll don't mind my foul language-ness u_u) Look at this b-e-a-utiful monitor of mine!!

.___. Mikey (Cynide XD) wants it so so.., if I get a new monitor I can hand it over to him :3
Erm ohh ohh forgot, I didn't exactly count how many layers I made for this wallie but roughly more than 40 >_< Geez I hate my computer >__> *kickzzz*..

Well, I guess I have nothing more to say. All comments and advises and blabla are welcomed as usual. Still, don't expect more wallies coming from me soon ^^".. For more resolution, please visit www.digikb.tk :3.. *hugs all my staffiess XD*

edit: trees DO slunt! LOL.. *runsss!!* but naw I know I didn't do well on the trees ^^"

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  1. Sandra Mar 20, 2005

    What a preety wallie ! I feel spring when i'm watching it ! Amazing background , like all your works :) Favorite !

  2. Celessa Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2005

    Great wall! I just love the Cherry Blossoms atmosphere indeed! I've always been wondering though - where did that scan come from - and who is that character on that wallie of yours?

    Nonetheless, it looks very amazing - and awesome nonetheless. Nice, simple, and clean - good work! Keep it up!

  3. Susan-chan Mar 20, 2005

    woondeful^^ i very like the background...i would like to be there with my boyfriend^^ it's so nice and calm^^ the scan is also great and fits the background^^

  4. lensterknight Mar 20, 2005

    I'd say you don't seem to have lost your touch. XD

    i like the grass, and the sky is pretty, but there's something strange about the trees... :o

  5. kai81220 Mar 20, 2005

    wow! the landscape is done amazing! i like how the mood is very peacful.
    awesome job ^^

  6. Barbara Mar 20, 2005

    Very cute wallpaper, the background looks so nice, love the colors and the petals. Good job there :)

  7. Yina Mar 20, 2005

    wow.. it looks great!! I love the soft colours and person fits perfectly to the bg. +fav^^

  8. DarkEVO Mar 20, 2005

    Hey Yumi- Chan.... Glad to see that you're back in walling again. This wallpaper is splendid and nicely done. Really beautiful. +Fav.

  9. AkinaSpirit Mar 20, 2005

    Ahhh my dear friend, you've done a good job ^_^ I loved the scan when i saw it in your fav list XP and liked how this has turned out.
    The trees could do with abit of change XD but other than that, me likes the atomsphere ^^
    Ahhhhh~ it could be that since we're having some nice weather over here with a cool spring breeze that I sound happy ^_^' teehee *waltzs outside with the lovely Spring air around me ^_^*

  10. Rella Mar 20, 2005

    Wow! This wallpaper rocks! I could tell you put a lot of effort and time on this. Well done! I like it a lot.

  11. meteorcloud Mar 20, 2005

    hmz...a new wall from yumi ^_^~!
    well...the sky looks nice =D~!
    clean scan ^_^~!
    hmz...the trees....roflz xD~! I mis the shadows and the perspective... =O
    same for the grass and the bushes behind the trees.....
    mayB it's your f....d up monitor XD~!!!!
    nice job ^_^~!
    keep the works =D~!

  12. exentric Mar 20, 2005

    ya actually made a wall!
    good student good student! I was wondering when te heck are ya gonna make a new wallie. >_>

    now commenting!
    everything in the wall looks exceptionally beautiful. except for one. the tree, to be evil (6) it looks stupid. >_> big branches, and the flowers are just way too lil.
    the thing me am really impressed is the grasses~ amazin'h~~~ XD
    nicey nicey after a while~

  13. Idril Mar 20, 2005

    wow that great wall!! The girl is soo cute and the background is amazing!! This wall remember me a day in a field!! Good job!! See ya!!

  14. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2005



    *takes yumi's staffiiess AWAY AND EATS em*

    ^-^ nownow .... dont cry yummii .. ;-; yu can huggiiee saki ...!! xD xD
    tee heeez .. anywayyzzz .. .... saki always wubsssss your sky+moon thingyy thing .. xD the witto half circle with the light .. xD saki WUBS those soo much .. >.> juss gotta learn how to make em .. XD

    the grass rocks too .. and the girliiee ish sooo cuuteee!! *-*

    *eats THE petals* xD

  15. halcyonTwilight Mar 20, 2005

    Whoa that's a weird moniter o_O Green's my fav color and all, but it doesn't go on moniters and cheese XD

    I'm pretty sure that you know about the trees, but everything looks great ^^ I really like the petals and the grass...and i still don't know how you make your skys looks all nice like that >_> In my opinion, if the trees weren't there, this wall would look better. But that's just some random guy's opinon XD Great work!

  16. Acuni Mar 20, 2005

    the backgroun of the wallpaper is wery nice and the sakura trees are lovely.

  17. Kiako Mar 20, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like that girl's eyes and hair, she look cute and the background is very beautiful

  18. darkwaterbunny Mar 20, 2005

    ...You skills didn't go anywhere XD this wallpaper is still awsome!!! Ya!! You made another wallpaper ^-^ very nice! I love the soft colors you used and the sky!! The ring of light around her looks great too ^_~. Hmmm, grass is the only thing I find a little off, but just a pinch...You did a great job on this!Awsome work!!

  19. zephiris26 Mar 20, 2005

    Nice wall, Yumi! I love the atmosphere of this one, it makes me even happier that spring's coming.
    The petals and sky look awesome too, and this is going straight to my favorites.

  20. Athrun Mar 20, 2005

    Really awesome wall. ^ ^

    i can't make any suggestions on how to make it better... so I'll leave it as that.

  21. Tatsuya Mar 21, 2005

    that is my fav scan "sakura hime", glad you wallie with this scan ^^
    the BG feels so pleasant with the sakura tree, The scan looks clean as always and fits nicely with the soft BG! good work!
    thk for sharing and keep up the good work!

  22. ayanechan Mar 21, 2005

    looks nice except... *like what kashi-niisan said* the tree looks a little retarded ^____^x they're all slanting o.O but good try neways :3

  23. euna Retired Moderator Mar 21, 2005

    kyaa~~ sakura trees~~~
    nice job on the b Yumi!
    while i'm at it.. happy BIRTHDAY!
    the bg is really nice.. other than some of those kinda repetitive looking sakura >__<
    i luv the grass and the sky and the scan ini particular... i want that scaN! tell me the link~~
    beautiful work/.... *fav*

  24. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 21, 2005

    SImply beautiful with its lovely atmosphere and wubby sakura petals which go with the image itself. The original bg give that coolness to it though i wish it was more sharper intead of a tad blurry but yeah as always Yumi the walls are superb! :P

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