Fruits Basket Wallpaper: Fruits Basket: Daydreamer

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Saki Hanajima Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Saki Hanajima Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I wanted to try out a painting, watercolor style wallpaper like the types that Candy-chan and Meg are so wonderful at making. Something different, and totally not my style, because it's good to try out other things once in a while or you'll go stale. I found I really liked this scan of Tohru (EDIT: I found a larger version. Too bad I didn't start with this scan instead...) (EDIT2: This isn't Tohru! It's Hanajima Saki! Argh!) because of the solitude, calmness, and serenity it held. Since it's manga art, it fit nicely into a watercolor, more organic image I wanted to make. I basically just redrew the rest of the classroom (a fun exercise in perspective), made a new sky (4 stock photos from Stock Exchange with various blending properties plus a bird stock I used in my old Kino wallpapers, and hued to match the original) and then it was smudge away! I smudged the entire image to soften the edges and smooth out the colors. I'm especially pleased with how her hair turned out. Afterwards it was just a few minor color corrections (made it rosier, for warmth) and added a title, and there you go.
I don't think I'll do too many in this style, but it was a pleasant experience and quite relaxing. It will be interesting to see if I can adapt this style to my vectors. But... not yet. I have a bunch of traces waiting to be done...
EDIT: The Composition of Daydreamer
More resolutions are now available at DA! Desktop Anime.

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  1. chibikko Mar 20, 2005

    wow it's amazing, but if the wall above the window is pink it looks like the sky. i know the original scan has the same colors but it looks strange to me. anyway the room is clean and pretty and i like the atmosphere.

  2. riku-chan Mar 20, 2005

    Uwaii~!!^__^ Thanks for walling this, Tama-neko. Your work looks so professional.. love the way you did this, it almost looks as if the whole thing were a 2-page scan.^^ Very beautifully extended.. you should do more of this!!

  3. FallenAngel Mar 20, 2005

    I love these types of walls ;_; too bad you won't be making too many of these. You really did a good job at recreating the classroom and the sky looks *_*
    Geez, wise and artistically gifted. /me glomps tama n_n
    See you on irc!

  4. MadWiz Mar 20, 2005

    you did a really great job making the right side
    also nice job cleaning up the scan for teh left side
    the colour looks more vibrant and the sky is nice

    the frame for the window seem to appear thinner than that in the scan..
    I think its the colour.. if you get what I mean~

    its a really nice job overall ^^

  5. Anime2000 Mar 20, 2005

    Really nice wallpaper. I like the theme alot and I think u did a great job in creating the rest of the wallpaper.

  6. Aa-chan Mar 20, 2005

    Well, I love the way it's such a simple scene but it works so well ^^ .
    Had to add it to my favourites :) .

  7. levitan Mar 20, 2005

    luv the wall,.. itz so beautiful, the colourin is awesome >> go Tama-neko>>
    Good work>> keep it up ^-^i hav 2 add this 2 ma favshttp://i132.exs.cx/img132/7344/sig9kf.gif

  8. ayanechan Mar 20, 2005

    there's nothing much to say.. it's just great ^______^ everything blended so well that if you told me it was a scan, i'd believe it ^______^x *two thumbs up*

  9. Sandra Mar 20, 2005

    Next great wall next great wall next great wall :D I love the bg and the sky perfect ! Adding to my favorites !

  10. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2005

    Hmm, nice wallpaper Tama-neko. The clouds go very well with the scan, and you redrew everything so well. I thought you were going to be working on this alot longer *from when you showed us the preview in the irc.*. Good job, your scenic wallpapers are always very nice to view.

  11. UndyingShadow Mar 20, 2005

    wow beautiful wall, I love the design of this wall, and the bg. you chose great colors for the sky and the clouds, and it matches the scan very well.

  12. p0ly Mar 20, 2005

    awesome, definitely a fav. you always do nice work, i cant wait to see what you do next

  13. exelro Mar 20, 2005

    beautiful sky , make really good . background and scan blend very good too. NIce work :)

  14. Mordin Mar 21, 2005

    ah nice, the back drop of the sunset is very beautiful, the color just fit the mood for this wallie. The relfection of the sun light is perfect, it is not overpowering, and the persepctive for this wallie is just right. The birds are very neat, their placement is just right, and they actually fly in the pattern you would imagine birds would fly. :D wonderful job Tama. :)

  15. meteorcloud Mar 21, 2005

    nice job tama =)
    the effect of watercolour painting looks nice =)
    but...it looks like it's blurry...and smudged too much =O?? makes the edges and lines looks so ...weird......bumpy ._.
    but the sunset is nice=)
    overall a nice wall =)
    keep the works tama ^_^~!

  16. einna Mar 22, 2005

    Love the high quality here!^______^ I love how you redrew the classroom! But the most attractive of them all is the sunset sky.^^ I love sunset skies! They just give me a comforting feeling... Ahh.. This wall soothes me..

  17. shinorei Mar 22, 2005

    Tohru-kun looks nice!!{Even though she looks different..haha} I also love this watercolor effect you made on her and the wallpaper. It turned out great.

  18. markjo Mar 23, 2005

    I love your choice of colours for the setting sun and I really appreciate your tutorial, though I am not much of a wallpaper maker.

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 24, 2005

    yu redreeewww it all!! *-* ne nee~ xD itll be a million yrs till saki gets to make a wallie like this .. xD roflz ...

    the sunset rocckkzz~

  20. NightmareOfYourDreams Mar 25, 2005

    Thats beautiful! Tohru look so cute! I've never seen this wallpaper before. I think Tohru might want to go outside. She just looks like she wants to be out instead of in school. ^^

  21. wanjai23 Banned Member Apr 02, 2005

    you did a really great job making the right side
    also nice job cleaning up the scan for teh left side
    the colour looks more vibrant and the sky is nice

    the frame for the window seem to appear thinner than that in the scan..
    I think its the colour.. if you get what I mean~

  22. onihime Apr 13, 2005

    aww, tohru looks so cute sitting there ^_^ i like the simplicity of this wall ^_^ nothing too graphic!

  23. shinji0092 Apr 21, 2005

    nice job
    sa me semble kand meme un peu vide

  24. silent1134 Apr 29, 2005

    the wall is absolutely beautiful...its just so captivating when u look at it...wish u could make more like it tho...good luck on future scans....

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