Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Freedom

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ow well....lost the count XD~! kinda busy lately....nuuuu~!!! >.<
well....this time...I played around this effects and stuff....so I made an abstract wall....my first one ...I'm bad in abstract XD~!!! anda...the freedom gundam.....one of my fav gundams ^_^~!
I just saw that scan somewhere....on 4chan I think....I forgot ._.
layers: about 10 layers, merged some....
time: uhm...probably around the 4-5 hours.....
scan: not my scan...founded on the world wide web...rofl xD~!!!

please leave a comment behind, I need some critics on this..... I wan to wall better abstract walls ._. feel free to bomb me with critics ^_^~!

thnx to the people who comment and fav my wall....sorry I can't reply you this time....exam week is coming up and i'm dead if I dun survive ..rofl xD~!

more resolution coming up at: www.suki-sanctuary.net

well...since I saw a few comments....about blur and things.....I didn't use blur at all in the whole wallpapers.....I dunno why iy looks blurry...(mayB the abstract brush I made....) uhm..about the scan...it was a rough sketch....hard to clean ._. gomen for that.... and....about the blue....I was thinking of matching colours......^_^"...

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2005

    ^-^ goood job on the abstract!!

    just some things .. >.< its really blurryy .. ;-; or ish it just saki .. XD
    if kinda looks like it was stretched ..

    butbut ... saki likes it!! *-* blue = one of saki's faviiee colors XD

  2. Mordin Mar 19, 2005

    hey pretty nice wallie mc, I get what you are trying to do here, I love the sparkling of the stars in your bg, and the blending is very nice. The texture is good. I do wish your gundam isn't the same color as your bg :) it is kind of hard to tell them apart. good job mc. :)

  3. Midori-chan Mar 20, 2005

    wow! the wall is so cool!!
    freedom is one of my fav mobile suit^^
    the bg's design is very nice and the blue color makes the wall look so bright and calm^^
    good job! gotta add to favs^^

  4. Holt Mar 20, 2005

    That's a really nice drawing of freedom! Really cool!
    Nice abstract background too. Amazing swirls.
    Just a little criticism. I think your background text and lines etc are a bit too blurred. They don't really stick out like in most tech backgrounds. That's just my opinion though, others might like the nice blending.
    But still definitely worth a fav
    Nice work! :D

  5. Yumi-Chan Mar 20, 2005

    ohhh abstract this time =) not bad at all for a first time ^^
    i like the blue-ness and the curved lines here & there (i have no idea whats it called XD)
    Ish really bright too o.o~!! Yumi likes bright stuffs *lol >:3*
    i just think the font could have been better.. but that' s alrght ^^
    keep up the good work =] you'll b good in abstract if u practice ^o^
    good luck wif your exams too!!

  6. PureTypeDZanza Mar 20, 2005

    O.O cool gundam seed wallpaper mc! too bad i'm still not interested in the anime lol o_O. Anyways i like the blueness lol. Great job.^^

  7. Athrun Mar 20, 2005

    That looks nothing like Freedom. o_O Must be the upgrade one... I think it was called Nu-Freedom/M or something like that...

    Looks pretty cool... except with the strange small dots flying over several areas... but it's cool nonetheless.

  8. Iyasis Mar 20, 2005

    It's a neat concept meteorcloud. And it's good for your first abstract, I love the lines, curves, sparkles, lighting, and basically all the effects. The printed and computerized words in the background is a nice addition. Systems Breach? Uh-oh >.> *runs* Criticism? Hmmm...well I agree with Holt, the background elements should be more sharp and focused for abstract tech backgrounds. And also the blue is so intense it seems to overshadow the gundam. But it's sill nice, nonetheless. Oh, last thing, study hard and you better do well on your exams ~ you know what'll happen if you don't! ^.~

  9. Sugasuga Mar 20, 2005

    ummmm, wow, its veri blue O.O too blue i think *blinded* x_x lol, and i think the scan is rather low quality, may need to clean it up a bit ^^ but still, good work, ray-chan ^^ and good lucky on ur exams~!

  10. KamikazeKoga Mar 20, 2005

    Your wallpaper looks great, especially the backround. However, I think the blue clashes too much with the Gundam. Otherwise, it looks cool. Keep up the good work!

  11. lunacrystal Mar 20, 2005

    yay! freedom gundam!
    i like the bg but a bit blurry...
    still good !
    *hits fav button*

  12. ventures Mar 20, 2005

    wow meteor...>.< so blue n brite.....
    so much effects on the back....
    makin the scan look dull....n dead...
    maybe a lil action on the gundam whould spiff it up a bit,,,^^
    n you can hardly see the font....it is drowned by such radiant colours...
    a lil outerglow would make it better....~~~ n a bigger gundam...lol ...i think
    sorry for soundin kinda rude...
    it looks nice though...
    try to use softer colours...

  13. aibuster Mar 20, 2005

    hahaha damn j00 meteor <_< it was on 4chan!!! >_> cant believe you actually made it XD

  14. Amaranth Mar 20, 2005

    I like the background
    you're not bad at abstract!...tho I don't really know exactly what abstract is ^^;;;; but it looks really cool^^

  15. Amaranth Mar 20, 2005

    oy....i'm so sorry for double posting =_=

  16. Aa-chan Mar 20, 2005

    I love the high contrast of the piece. The background is very bright and colourful and the Gundam looks good in there.
    Nice work :) .

  17. chibi-lizard Mar 20, 2005

    Quote by AthrunThat looks nothing like Freedom. o_O Must be the upgrade one... I think it was called Nu-Freedom/M or something like that...
    Looks pretty cool... except with the strange small dots flying over several areas... but it's cool nonetheless.

    ~hee~ yup yup... upgraded freedom ish called Nu-Freedom ... and it's coming soon !!! XD

    anyway.. lizzie wub the sketch !! looks so.. so.. artistic ! XD
    the bg ish not bad too... very very bluey XD
    ooo ... lizzie wubs that font !! but lizzie don't reallie likey the color >.<
    *favvie for mc* :D

  18. ni-chan Mar 20, 2005

    very cool ^^
    the bg is really nice, blue and sparkly ^^
    nice job

  19. ayanechan Mar 20, 2005

    look great except for the a little over saturated mech ^__^x great job anyways~ keep it up! ^_____^

  20. tan Banned Member Mar 20, 2005

    gggggggggod :) :D
    so goooooood

  21. Kurosawa Mar 20, 2005

    I really like the colour and the contrast behind the gundam ^O^.
    Seem this the fisrt time I see abstrac bg from you MC ^__^.
    Heh^^,The scan is really cool man XD
    Another great job from you MC ^^
    Keep it up ^__^

  22. Kei-kun Restricted Member Mar 20, 2005

    After using Minitokyo's ultra-fast improved server, I managed to get here only after 5 hours worth of tries! WOW, this is sure getting good!

    Looks like a nice sketch, nice too shabby. Good for me, though I'm not much of a mecha fan myself, I've watched Gundam Wing, which is adequate.

    Many Gundams look a lot like Wing Zero, or shall I say the prototype model of F91 or the early stages of the Gundam sagas.
    I like Wing 2 Death-Scythe more.

    Good resolution, but the heavily costly on the file size.

    And by the way, no need to post on my guestbook (that is if you had planned to when reading this comment). I don't want you to waste time for me ya know? ^_^

    Nice stuff. ^_^


    [...... hope this comment goes through without having me to try clicking "Post Reply" 23 times.] lol!!!

    [Edit] Yay!! It went through on the 1st attempt!! Wohoo!

  23. SamuraiHaruko Mar 20, 2005

    how awesome! I love all the blue! heh he ^^
    keep up the great work my friend!

  24. nightwolf0079 Mar 20, 2005

    Freedom? looks kinda like it and it doesn't look kinda like it

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