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Studio Pierrot Studio Twelve Kingdoms Series Youko Nakajima Character

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Artist Comment

I saw this series a month ago, I really liked the story of it.
When I looked for a wallpaper on Minitokyo I was surprise there was like only two of it.
So that's it I'll do a wall for Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kindoms).

I made the background with pictures that I found on the net and brushes.
I worked hard to make it all fit togethere. Added a lot of dust with brushes.
I'm pretty proud of the sky.
Thanks too Arnold999 for the beautiful scan of Yoko.

EDIT: The houses are part of a photo (I'm not that good ^_^')

More details in full view!
Comments and favorites are really welcome. :)

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  1. chibikko Mar 19, 2005

    never heard of this serie xD but the wallpaper is great. the colors in the background are gorgeous and you've made awesome houses. wooow i can only dream of making such cool houses. great wp^^

  2. Dray Mar 19, 2005

    ben alors la tu me dit que je m'ameliore (je ten remerci) en tout ka moi je peut te dire que ton wall est parfait, on n'es vraiment bien dans l'ambiance.
    le fond tu la vraiment pas rater, sombre avec les habitation + le personnage
    sa me fait penser a la bataille final

    vraiment superbe ton wall Anji :) +fav

  3. MasterPivot Mar 19, 2005

    An excellent wallpaper for one of my favorite anime series!
    Adding it to my list of Favorites.

  4. irian Mar 20, 2005

    Thank you very much for doing such an amazing wallpaper of the wonderful Juuni Kokki. I wish there were more nice walls of this amazing story

    I really love the background, it fits perfectly with the mood of the series. Plus, that scan is really cool!

  5. EevaLeena Mar 20, 2005

    I love the background effect... kinda fit with the earlier storyline.. XD Oh yes, Junni Kokki is one of the most wonderful anime I've watched.... So, thanks for the wallpaper! +Favs...

  6. ShiNN Mar 20, 2005

    awesome! Now this is really what I call an expressive wallpaper. It really conveys atmosphere. This is the kind of wallies I have always had in mind, and you my friend were able to capture that moment. It really feels like the battle is about to begin. If you add that Juuni Kokki is the anime number ONE in my list of most favourite anime of all times... well. you get what I mean. This is prolly my most favourite wallpaper of all the ones I've seen so far here at MT. Frickin good job!

  7. Anjhurin Mar 21, 2005

    yeah that's a great job i think :)
    well i like the effect in the back, comme une aurore boreale somehow, the veil of colors and stars really is cool
    the rays are nice too (moon or sun??), and the petals really rocks, but the foreground looks kinda shady / pixelated i think.... plus the chara's style of drawing doesn't really fit the bg i guess (but it's well integrated into it)
    anyway, splendid work anyway XP

  8. khatuido Mar 21, 2005

    tres jolie wall ! Tous les details sont superbes :)
    Vraiment tres reussi, je te felicite !

  9. calisqo Mar 21, 2005

    the merging in betweent he bg and the char looks awesome.
    the sky and the color composition is my fav part from this
    the char is alroght ^^.
    i like the overall look in it .

    Awesome work ^^
    Thanks for sharin

  10. Spriggan Mar 22, 2005

    Une fois de plus , bravo!! tu semble y avoir mis beaucoup d'effort! pis le resultat est concluant! ta raison pour le ciel , yer magnifique! sans farce..le melange de couleurs dans les nuages allant vers un ciel eclaircie , c'est superbe!
    la maison , c'est une image stock!? wow ont aurait pas dit! tu la que trop bien incorporer a ton wall , j'aime beaucoup :) les petals , la poussiere , c'est d'excellent ajout ..sauf a une place ^_^' sur les jambes de la fille :/ chez pas..m'essemble que sa ressort bizarrement la...anyway , c'est un detail...tout le reste est chef d'oeuvre heheh ;) c'est dommage que si peu de monde s'en rende compte :/
    grosse job Anji :D

  11. luckywhale Mar 23, 2005

    Whaaa! Anji, tu es une star du wallpaper!!
    J'ai decouvert y'a pas longtemps les premiers ep. de juuni kokki, et un pote va me refiler la serie au complet (les coffrets ne sont pas donnes...).
    Evidemment, tu as fait un choix de couleur detonnant. D'un point de vue de l'effet de vent, il est bien adapte avec les petales et la brume... bravo bravo!

  12. Keik Apr 08, 2005

    Sekshi :)
    i love The Juuni Kokki Series :)
    Its my Favorit Animation :)
    Nice BG

  13. Wulf Apr 25, 2005

    It all comes together really well with the scan merging with the BG. Excellent Work.

  14. nuttdragon May 30, 2005

    very nice!! i love the background, especially the sky part. the sakura petals is a nice touch. all the colours blend well with each other.

  15. Cccrip Sep 19, 2005

    Hands down the best anime fantasy adventure out there. Sorry to see there aren't many walls here on Minitokyo.

    This wall in particular is very nice. The image of Yoko blends in really well with the background. I particularly like the feel and look of the sky.

  16. Starblaze Nov 26, 2005

    Love the background look with the picture. Really brings out the effect

  17. alecm88 Jun 17, 2006

    Really cool!

    The picture totally goes with the background. I really like the colors chosen.
    Good work!

  18. navot Jul 23, 2006

    this one of the best wallpapers for juuni kokki!
    the sky are great, and you make realy great job with the background, and youko look cool........
    i realy like this wallpapre, keep uo with the good work!

  19. DarkDemonz Aug 29, 2006

    Wow, awesome wallpaper of Twelve Kingdom. Love the background, love the scan you've chose for Nakajima. Keep up the awesome job your doing!

  20. jonjon26113 Oct 09, 2006

    i love this wallpaper so much! the whole style of it rocks! the colors are a feast for the eyes. great job

  21. Skyliner1992 Dec 19, 2006

    i love the anime stories!
    its fanstatic

  22. DemanHunter Jan 14, 2007

    Nice background I love it

  23. overbond Mar 12, 2007

    great wall.. the idea on using a photo in the bg is good too... just a pity that the scan seems too blurry...

  24. davidjoel24 Dec 31, 2007

    excellent wall paper! Thanks for making it!

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