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The Grunge Angel: Bromithia
Description: Rumors, of an angel falling from the clouds. Wings of a angel, appears. God has banshied it, of its...wings... Left of the wing is white as a angel and Right of the wing is black as a fallen.
Starring Bromithia. Enjoy
(Note:It doesnt matter about the gender of the scan,. it just a forcus image repreasenting the person)

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  1. Evanrued Mar 19, 2005

    Shadow this is really good. I love the grunge effects in the background. They are so cool. The choice of colors are excellent. And the angel appearance is perfect. This family is turning out to be awesome. Cant wait to see more if any.

  2. darkwaterbunny Mar 19, 2005

    Yeah, these are really cool, cant wait to see more of these type wallpapers ^_~ The effects are really great and I love what you did to the scan, looks really pretty!

  3. tru-chan Mar 19, 2005

    This wallpaper is the definition of weird. ^^;; Background is great but the scan(s) are... >_>
    It's cool. Great job. :3

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2005

    The whole light and dark angel over the whole bg is really cool and nice to see from you but noe thing...the focus of the text is out of place but yeah work on that more and everything will go well...Nice wall all the same! :)

  5. chibikko Mar 19, 2005

    i agree with tru-chan. the scans are bit blurry and too big. the black and white makes the wallpaper look cheap. but it's not and the background is simply awesome.

  6. moonstaru Mar 19, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!!
    The backgroud looks nice and the angel looks great!!!!!!
    Great job!!!+FAV!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. StarCentury Mar 19, 2005

    Interesting! :) Two sihoulettes of angels, which one is considered a fallen angel, in one grunge wallie! It seems your series of grunge wallies are beginning to click real nicely! The BG is like any of your other flawless grunge BGs, and the two angels side to side are cleverlt implemented! Although, I have to agree with OA that the text is a bit out of place! Mebbie U dun need the word "Grunge" and stick with "The Angel" and "The Fallen Angel"! Just a suggestion! Overall, it's a great addition to your series of Grunge Family wallies! [+ 2 favs] XD

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2005

    Shadowdude <3
    lol... my grunging sucks compared to *insert person who has done grunge before here*, but thanks for the wallpaper. I really like the feathers, feathers + grunge = definite win. The backround looks pretty nice and clean, overall it's pretty good.
    I'm going to use it fer my desktop =3

  9. crapmonster Mar 19, 2005

    the vectors work very strongly here against the more complex bg that you have made. this is probably one of the more unqiue walls you have made which is a good thing. itsa nice to see you being more experimental and in this case, it was a sucess for the most part

  10. Electrastar Mar 19, 2005

    Very nice. I love the contrast and the opposing colors. It's quite original and very well done. A great job :D

  11. AkinaSpirit Mar 19, 2005

    Very cool n' unique ^^
    i like the contrast of the 2 characters~

  12. biriwilg Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2005

    Chibi, keep up the good work! This is seriously awesome. It's quite unique, and it's a step in a good direction for you. Don't be afraid to keep experimenting. ^_^

    And I promise, I will review the rest of the series soon. ^^

  13. zaira Mar 20, 2005

    woah!!! this one is sooo awesome!! i like the wings of those two!! hehe
    nice grungy angels!! this wall is great!!+fav!

  14. Susan-chan Mar 20, 2005

    again a cool wally:D i like the angelwallys soo much^^ what can i else say? again great effects and nice idea with the scan:)

  15. calisqo Mar 20, 2005

    a very interesting piece of wall.
    vector and grunge ^^
    Sounds interesting.
    Would like to see more of this combo , ^^
    Overall cool experiment ^_^

  16. euna Retired Moderator Mar 21, 2005

    that looks so.. a-w-e-s-o-m-e
    great grunge on the back...
    just looks so cool...
    like the nice contrast with b & w
    and the colours of the bg is so nice~~ Euna wubbs it
    Really nice work *fav*

  17. artgeek12 Mar 22, 2005

    I'm rarely a fan of centralized images but this one has my vote! The way the black and white contrast with each other is...."classic". The type that is inversed from its BG counterpart really works well. Even though you are the grunge man, i don't think the type needed the texture. The color og the BG is nice a cool. It adds to the cold feel of the piece. I think there is a part that works especially well but it look like an accident.

    The white feather and the very bottom falls over a light spot on the BG. This give the effect that it is glowing. I think it might be nice to add a glow around the white feathers and maybe even a ice bluish glow around the black feathers. This will add to the mysticism of the whole wall. Give it a try!

  18. Celessa Retired Moderator Mar 24, 2005

    This is a very unique wallpaper - I haven't seen ones like these in a while. You seem to tackle this under a different approach - with the light and dark figures being outlined - I apparently like the uniqueness over here. It looks awesome, nonetheless. Nice going! Another fine grunge by Shadowdude indeed. lol

  19. YugureKaze Mar 24, 2005

    the discription for this grunge wall is really cool and mysterious
    the bg with the blank outlines of the angel and fallen angel looks nice
    one of my favorite gunges that you have mande
    amazing work!

    i hope that i will see more grunge walls by you in the future!

  20. kathros Apr 24, 2005

    Your works are uniquely impressive. Can't wait to see the progresses you'll make soon. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  21. HitomiEyes Aug 02, 2005


    THis one is awesome..I love how u did it..SOoo good

    Defionatly one of my favs...So wonderful

  22. sukie Sep 03, 2005

    wow...i love this wall!! everthing looks soooo well together!!! great job!! =D colours and concepts all looks super!! =D

  23. alias360 Sep 24, 2005

    i like the idea. fallen angle is words that sound cool to me. and the pic is cool too. and how you showed the change is a very cool thing as well.

  24. sakiix3 Sep 28, 2005

    veryy cool loll =D i lik the contrast of the colorss of the angelss.. the whole idea is cool lol

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