Kaleido Star Wallpaper: Waltz Of The Starry Sky

Gonzo, Kaleido Star, Sora Naegino Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Kaleido Star Series Sora Naegino Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

(Romanji \\ English)
Yoru wa murasaki namida ga furu \\ Tears fall from the purple night sky above
Watashi no kawari ni sora ga naku no \\ The sky cries on my behalf

Yoru wa gunjou hoshi ga furu \\ Stars fall from the ultramarine night sky above
Watashi no kawari ni tsuki ga utau no \\ The moon sings on my behalf

(the peom is below the title, i remember i hear form somewhere)
phew~ finally completed!
please give some suggection and comment, i really appreciate ^_^

Credit :
Program : Adobe Photoshop CS
Spend hour : 3~4 hour
Scan : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/81265/ kryo thkz for the nice scan ^^
Layers : 26

update :
i've been fix the extraction, thkz for athrun, dan, starfire, tiantito report it. *give each one a $1000 yen* ^^

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Browse Kaleido Star Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Aa-chan Mar 17, 2005

    I like the simplicity of the setting, while the character looks good and the background sky is nicely done ^^ .
    I like the stars and the moon aswell. They glow nicely. As for the text, it works nicely and I think you pulled it off well.
    Good work :) .

  2. Kazuya-chan Mar 17, 2005

    kuso...... :angry: nice wall , tatsu that wall so cool , i like it subarashi desu i give that wall 8 marks(full marks is 10) well done tatsu !!

  3. KnightOfLain Mar 17, 2005

    I like how the wallie is separated into the outside and inside. The light on the inside is matched nicely as if there really were some kind of lapm in the room - that's a piece of neat shadows there. Great starry sky it makes the background seem so vast. Only that comet looks a bit strange - i guess it could be better if it wasn't there. Other than that the wallie really seems perfect. Great job.

  4. zaira Mar 17, 2005

    weeee!! this one is nice!!! i like the way you make the moon and a shooting star!
    the scan of sora is soo nice!!! ang goes as well to the text!!! waaaah!! i really like the text!!! this wall is nice!!++favie!! :)

  5. cygnus Mar 17, 2005

    Very nice, simple yet effective ^^ I like the composition, and the way you put those text to cover up the emptyness of the sky. I also like the moon, looks so real, and the whole wall looks clean :D

  6. Espritdumort Mar 17, 2005

    Sometimes simplicity is the way to go in a wallpaper, nothing uber flashy, and you did a great job doing that in this piece. Awesome!

  7. sadbird Mar 17, 2005

    wow wonderful wallie, great one my friend. thanks a lot for sharing :)

  8. Agiru Mar 17, 2005

    Hmmm...... Nice idea and nice combine too..... keep a good workz dude :D

  9. kawaiixlilxblu Mar 17, 2005

    i love it. def on my favs, i love her hair man i like it all! good job! *hugs*kiss*

  10. exentric Mar 17, 2005

    a very sweet wallpaper~
    very beautiful indeed.
    I really how ya make the wallpaper. very simple and subtle. ^_^
    good job I'd say~ ^_^

  11. ShiNN Mar 17, 2005

    Very nice one, though I think you could have given some "depth" to the window and walls if you played more with the shadows since it looks.. too flat. Anyway I still like it overall, very convincing starry sky and atmosphere, sometimes you don't need complicate wallies to convey emotions, this is the case. Simple but effective. +fav!

  12. Athrun Mar 17, 2005

    Ooh, a Kaleido Star wallie. Don't see many of those... I think you could clean the scan a bit, since I'm seeing a few fuzzes on her clothing. But the overall BG is really impressive.

  13. winged Mar 17, 2005

    Nice job there Tatsuya! ^^ Really like the night sky behind, can see where all the layers go lol! XP Though quite a simple wallzz, but the starry night sky really took up alot of time there! :)

  14. MouriRan Mar 17, 2005

    *gasp* so so so so pretty!!!^^
    great scan! shes really pretty! n da background is so so so so cool! i love da moon! it looks really realistic, as well as the window scenery!^^
    hehehe...awesome work! ranie addin it to favie 4 sure
    keep up da great work!

  15. Midori-chan Mar 17, 2005

    woah!!! this is so nice^^
    the bg especially the sky is so nice! XD
    the chara is cute too^^ XD
    sugoi!! hmm..i wish i could do wallpapers...-_-
    i'm adding it to my favs for sure!

  16. Sugasuga Mar 17, 2005

    wow, nice wallie, i like the fog, i think ^_^' and she must be up high, since theres no buildings, lol. and i agree with Athrun, the scan needs a bit cleaning ^^ nice moon too, its in a decent size. all in all, veri good work :D

  17. tiantito Mar 17, 2005

    great job tatsuya... this wall looks great...
    i would have done the moon a bit bigger but its good that way...
    adding to favs...
    the scan sure needs to be clean just a little bit more but it looks good

  18. dans Mar 18, 2005

    a new wall from Tatsuya. XD
    like ppl said here.... the scan needs cleaning.
    good job on the bg. simple but very nice. :D
    a fav from me.

  19. neko-chan Mar 18, 2005

    Very lovely^^the wallpaper is done in a very good way!!
    I like the sky with the shining moon and the girl looks so beautiful that way!!Great work :)

  20. Mizuki-Chan Mar 18, 2005

    WHoop! What a nice atmosphere! Love the night theme! Especially the moon! I love moons =^____^=
    The wall, window, ledge is very nicely done! The scan is pretty well done! I wish I could make mine as clean as that =__=;
    Love it! Love it all! XD

  21. snowy Mar 18, 2005

    I can't say anything!!!!! it so nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ;) >.<
    good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Chizuku Mar 18, 2005

    waa~! pretty. the bg looks sad. the night looks colds, but the girl makes the wallie warm...
    (-_-) this is a nice wallie. keep it up... ^_^ Jaa-ne~! XP :pacman: ;)

  23. raxis Mar 18, 2005

    waah, nice wall tatsuya!! :D i like the bg as always ^^ good work!!
    fav :)

  24. asianspirit Mar 18, 2005

    nice and simple! great job, tatsuya! the whole wall blends very well together!
    i'm very proud of ya! ;)

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