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Hiya guys! This has got to be the biggest wallpaper I've ever done! This is huge and I'm really excited about how it came out! I tried my hand at making scenery and after a couple thousand times, I finally produced something I was happy with! It took be about 20-30 layers to do and many many hours. I'm literally seeing orange, purple and pink through my eyes @_@. Anywho, I named it "Silence" because it's suppose to be tranquil and what-not. I am fairly pleased with this one...no, highly pleased ::gives a pat on the back:: a job well done I must say but I still think I can get better. I'd also like to give a special thank you and shout out to ShinN-kun!! Thanks a lot for giving me room to improve and inspiring me with your scenery works. I know mine aren't half as good as yours but, I'm getting up there!! And to everyone, all this hard work on this wallpaper is dedicated to you all! I hope you guys like it!

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  1. kai81220 Mar 17, 2005

    woah nice wall!! the sky is really well done and matches the colors in the girl's clothes. i like the reflection on the water too. i also think the semi transparent ness of the scan is also well thought out. awesome job ^^ +fav

  2. Ichiru Mar 17, 2005

    Ah, I suck at making scenic walls >.< Only complaints are that the character looks kind of desaturated compared with the vivid colors of the background you made, and that the edges of the mountains are a little rough. Great job on it overall, a lot better than what I can do ._.

  3. levitan Mar 17, 2005

    really nice wall, i like the work on the sky, but u can do better den dat so try harder > > > by da way luv ur samurai worrior.. keep it up ;)

  4. cygnus Mar 17, 2005

    Nice concept, she looks like a spirit with her body see-through like that ^^ And I really like the scenery, very good sky :D

  5. Espritdumort Mar 17, 2005

    Nice sky for the background, very colorful, the transparency works in my opinion. The character fits the wall well, good job!

  6. ShiNN Mar 17, 2005

    Hehe Kaolla-chan! Omedeto gosaimasu! This is undoubtly your best wallpaper I've seen so far :). Wonderful scenery, really, I'm still wondering how did you draw that hehe (it looks like you used Terragen to me, damn I have to learn that program as well hehe). Really wonderfurl. Scan choice is ok as well since it fits the colour theme of the background and the semi transparency idea isn't bad, but could be done bettere, maybe with some motion blur to give the girl a "ghostly" feeling :). I Agree with Ichiru that edges of the mountains could have been blurred a little bit, but it's ok anyway afterall.

    Keep up your good work!

  7. Midori-chan Mar 17, 2005

    wow! Kaolla!! this wall is great! but...the chara is 'half' invisible again-_-
    the bg you made is good! especially the sky^^
    keep up the great work!

  8. benjaminchia Mar 17, 2005

    you're getting so good with all these. The background's very realistic. I like the way you make the character semi transparent. It seems like the character is a spirit fighter of some sort for that background.

    Two thumbs up! It's absolutely beautiful piece of work! Well worth the time and effort. :)

  9. Kiako Mar 17, 2005

    the wallpaper looks nice
    i like it's atmosphere and the way the mountains go with the sky.

  10. tiantito Mar 17, 2005

    nice job ... is your best one but i know that you can make way better than that too...
    the sky looks great
    i dont really like the transparency of the girl and the mountains look good
    i think somethings missing like on top right.... but i cant say what you could put there anyway...
    nice job
    added to favs..

  11. Stolen Mar 24, 2005

    Wow, cool wallpaper.

    I love the way that you have complemented the colours of the girls clothing with the sky - it looks so sweetly sun-rising (or is it setting? I can't totally tell!).

    The extraction of the girl is really really good - and I think its a nice touch (well at least different) that she's ever so slightly transparent.
    I think what I love most about this wallpaper is the way that you have done the mountains, the lake and the sky. The layered effect is astounding, and and the different colours of the mountains really do make a lot of sense with how the sun is coming over the mountain. The textures you have used have really given the sky and lake a certain characteristic - especially with the sky. It looks like a certain type of cloud (is it sirrius?!) has been passing over, which really helps with the realism of it.

    The little font at the corner is also a nice touch, and has just added ever so slightly to the piece.

    I think this wallpaper is very tranquil, as you say, theres a bit of movement in it, but it seems to be like, the girl is in training, she's learning about peace (although she does look a little angry!) and theres something very calming about the background.

    You should be proud ^_^
    Thank you for submitting it,

  12. Mordin Apr 08, 2005

    very nice, the blending is very good, I will the bg very much, it feels so wide open and epic, great detail in the colors, just give a wonderful and peaceful feeling. very nice kaolla. :)

  13. ruacon1911 Apr 23, 2005

    Wow! I always like girl with swords. The transparency make me feel she's unreal, that's interesting. The bg look so wide in the sunset (maybe). (^_^)

  14. damian-atm May 08, 2005

    Well i must say the scenario youve made its really awesome,could you put it withouth character it would be a real nice "natural" wallpaper, but i must say the character its really nice it fits on the screena and her ghostly shape..

  15. Cyruz May 27, 2005

    Just wow. I like the way the sky is fading into another color, looks like you did a great job
    on that part.

    The rest of the picture is also very well done. Thank you :)!

  16. Fish13 May 28, 2005

    Great wallpaper
    The girl looks so cool with the two swords
    I likethe colors, very good :)

  17. DanFanel Jun 20, 2005

    That girl drives me crazy!!!
    wow, I apreciate, your work.
    please still making more works like that one!!

  18. Firedemon Aug 07, 2005

    wow realy nice wallpaper! i love the colors! and the background is awesome. nice job +favs

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