Blood the Last Vampire Wallpaper: Blood [Know my name and fight!]

Production I.G, Blood the Last Vampire, Saya Wallpaper
Production I.G Studio Blood the Last Vampire Series Saya Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"KNOW MY NAME AND FIGHT!" ~Onslaught (from Marvel versus Capcom)

This idea started when Ded came on the shoutbox and said:
Ded: Hi everybody!
Me: Hi Ded!Want violence?!
Ded: Something with blood and gore! XD
Me: Aww ok Ded ill make some wall just for you with blood and grunge.

So this is dedicated to Ded-chan! ^___^

Heres my newest wally i just made and had a hard time looking for this scan because it was a screen shot to the fast paced blood thirsty samurai slaying vampire killing movie of Blood the Last Vampire and yeah the girl chracter was one of the first independent women killers i loved when i saw this for the first time... I had to extract the image of her, re-outlined parts of her and set it on the original bg it was on which was the only one high quality but in any case i put a coulpe of grunge all over the scan and this had to be as bloody and a bit color soothing so i wouldnt have to clutter the wall from all of its goodness...Textured it with a boxy type brush and lots of overlaying, gaussian, duplication and experimentation layers here and there...glad the text turned out great cos i loved it....especially the shine of the word which was KICKASS!!!! XD

Anyway theres 56 layers and 4 hours of fast and clean workage babay!
Hope ya likey!!!! ^__^
More resolutions in Imanimetions.net after the update is finished heheh!

Personal intent:
This is somewhat a personal characteristic i like in girls...they have to be independent! I dont know why but i just like it when girls can bring themselves together no matter how hard the situation can be. My ex-Gf was like that cos she was an only child and most of my gurly friends are like that too but because they are like that they become dominant and dont bow too much to the orders of men but thats what i like about it...manipulation XD I myself tend to amke it seem that the girl is in control and i am the weaker part of th erelationship but infact i am the one in control! hahahha call me a sap but its the best way to get the girl to be on your side when in love but not a good thing when you tell it to her >_>

So yeah just saying that i have too many gurly friends i like but most of them arent looking for a guy like me cos they have their own expectations of what their perfect man should be (which i hear them whine about almost everyday but i dont worry much -_-) or they would have a boyfriend already ...I guess i just observe and study them till i get everything straightened out or if someone comes along and be m beautiful inspiration in life! *sigh* Hope is but a dream but it doesnt kill you to think about it! XD

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  1. DarkEVO Mar 15, 2005

    Nicely done Blood wallpaper.
    One of my favourite vampire anime.
    The grunge work is good.

  2. Aa-chan Mar 15, 2005

    Love the vibrant firey colours used and the pose is excellent :) .
    I really enjoyed the film and hoped there would be more ^^ .
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your work.

  3. ShiNN Mar 15, 2005

    Very cool wall. I won't ever get tired of grunge style as long as the results are good as this one :). I don'y know why it kinda gives a "Kill Bill" feeling... maybe it's the girl, the pose, the colours... very very nice. Straight into my favourites.

  4. Alex204 Mar 15, 2005

    Good colours but a bit to grungy for my liking. Still a good wall though.

  5. StarCentury Mar 15, 2005

    Woohoo! XD It's about time I see a Blood wallie, made by OA no less! :D The grunge reallie goes well with the bloody color, and the girl with the kitana has an awesome kickass expression! Hey, where's the blood and gore U promised deddy? >_> I only see blood stains on the girl's face! LOL ^_^' Just kidding, it's still violent to me! :nya:


    Ha-hah, that's the same kind of relationship I have with my GF, Oracle! XD Like U, I also like it when a girl is independent, and sometime I let my GF dominate our relationship, even though I'm the one pulling the strings secretly! ;) Unlike U, I don't manipulate! She's a very unique person and I haven't met anyone quite like her, so there's no need for me to manipulate her after all! XP

  6. Espritdumort Mar 15, 2005

    Nice vibrant colors in the wallpaper, a nice blend with the background. Great work!

  7. UndyingShadow Mar 15, 2005

    oh man this is a bad ass wall Oracle. the colors you chose for the wall fit perfectly with the scan. great brushwork also!

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2005

    Hey Oracleangel, I love your grunge work... you're so talented. And this wallpaper is awesome, I love the red and black colors, and the almost scan linish things you have going over her. The font is awesome as well, it blends perfectly into the wallpaper. Ehe, good job, I hope to see more of your work soon.

  9. tecnophreak Mar 15, 2005

    I LOVE IT! wow, this really looks like a fil without all the generic black film bars! (which is really good, i dont like those black bars) ive never see nyuo work with this kinda color theme, but it worked out well. the grunge is nice as always too, oracle, great job!

  10. ded113 Mar 15, 2005

    Haha! Thanks OA! It's violent and cool. Finally a great anime gets the attention it deserves!! All the hard work paded off OA. Thanks!! Maybe I'll repay the favor I hope! :)

  11. Mordin Mar 15, 2005

    very interesting wallie, the blood mood is very nice, I really like the texture :) The bg is just awesome, really kickass. :) good job.

  12. darkwaterbunny Mar 15, 2005

    Holy Cheese!! You did a bloody girl wallpaper, oo, so hard to resist. Hehe, yeah, I'm strange, I like bloody stuff XD but ::ahem:: anyway, nice job! I love the way you blended the grungy style with the blood >:D so wicked! And with a sword! Nice scan choice and the overall theme is just wonderful! More of these wallpapers should come! Love the bloody mood, and the shades of red are just right, fav!!

  13. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 16, 2005


    oracliiiee isnt the grunge king for no reason .. *-* saki is gonna try grunge too!! >.< hope it comes out alright .. XD

    the texture roxxoorrzzz~ *-*

    xd XD all of saki's guy fwends hate it ... >.< cuzcuz saki's too manipulative .. XD XD tee heeez ... saki finally meets a guy who likes it .. XD roflz ...

  14. crapmonster Mar 16, 2005

    oo thats some wicked texturing, the image used is nice and clean as well and works well with the grunge.

  15. Skillzpay Mar 16, 2005

    Interesting texture, really looks like something DernierCri would make, although I'm not saying you're copying him or anything like that. But if you look at a lot of his grunge stuff, quite a lot of them have a similar texture to them. Anyways, the dark texture goes well with the whole deadly intent feel of this.

  16. euna Retired Moderator Mar 16, 2005

    oh... very bloody wallpaper indeed. >__<
    awesome texturing and the bg and scan.. @___@
    So good...
    OA's too good >__<
    btw, the colour suits the title very well... yup.. bloody indeed...
    great wallie *fav*

  17. meteorcloud Mar 16, 2005

    waah +_+...bloody wall ^_^"....
    ...grungde..king...i think people are right >.>......
    the grundge effect is nice ^^~!
    hmz..I can't make grundge walls XD~!!!
    nice job OA =D~!

  18. chibikko Mar 16, 2005

    i didn't watch the blood movie but it's surely too mature for chibikko-chan xD i saw some amvs of this serie and was shocked uuuh too bloody for me xD'' anyway the wallpaper is really kickass xD the font, too. wow since i'm lazy to describe everything i love here, i just add it to favorites, okay xD

  19. rocknroll-isgo Mar 16, 2005

    Awesome wall, OA. And I know you've heard this many times before *scans over previous posts for this wall*... but great job on the texturing. It's a simple grunge, but still looks excellent.

    ...And the shine on the sword does look kickass. XD

  20. GintheTwilightswords Mar 16, 2005

    Dang !!! Looks pretty wicked, woudln't you agree :D ? The grunge effect, which looks most awesome btw :D, and the many layers gives the overall wall a nice, sunset sheen to it. Looks marvelous, fine piece of work Oracle ^uu^.

  21. Evanrued Mar 16, 2005

    This looks so awesome. I really like the depth, and the image you used is perfect, everything looks so fitting, and the atmosphere is well done. A true wall. Cant wait till your next one.

  22. Hekler Mar 17, 2005

    Oohh Nice. Very "intense" wallpaper, the color goes well with it

  23. candy-chan Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2005

    texture is nice but the best thing here is the lightning and colors. Very vivid, goody. THe flashy reflections are a pwn
    me likes the text too, nice font for blood

  24. gundex Mar 21, 2005

    wuah bloody and scary... but very cool... the texture is great... :D and yes one thing that amazed me is u made this wall from screenshot wow it must be hard... OA is awesome.... :D go go imanimetions... :D

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