The Place Promised in Our Early Days Wallpaper: BtC: Yakusoku.:.Promise

Makoto Shinkai, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Hiroki Fujisawa, Sayuri Sawatari Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Ever since I watched Beyond the Clouds (Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho - The place promised in our early days) I wanted to wall it. It's got lovely art - I adore Shinkai's color palettes, from his springy blue-greens to his rosey sunsets. The backgrounds are just stunning - each one looks painted, and there's no flatness that comes from typical cel-style animation - there are subtleties in the coloration and textures that really add warmth to his images.
I decided to use a screenshot from the last scene - so there's spoilers involved in this wallpaper. There wasn't anything else to wallpaper - I have a scan, but it's of Sayuri walking down the tracks, and it's not exactly wall material. There was a scan of Sayuri and Hiroki with violins on MT a while ago but it seems to have disappeared since then. Oh well.
I extracted the clouds from a variety of other Shinkai's works: some of his promotional artwork/wallpapers for Beyond the Clouds, as well as from screenshots off his "Wind - A Breath of Heart" game opening. I then realized that this was a really, really dumb idea because it took a long time, and if I had used stock photos it would have been much easier - but it was too late then. I figured it would just be lots and lots of Shinkai art, hmm?
The title is an obvious one here: Yakusoku translates as Promise, which is the essence of the story - three people who made a promise one lovely day after school.
Letterboxed, because I'm not ambitious enough to try and redraw parts of Velaciela, or the characters. Besides, the image is a wideshot - the stretch - so it seems better widescreen.

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  1. wuschel Mar 15, 2005

    I agree with you tama and i am glad that u walled this anime. i wanted to wall it too but still didnt find the perfect image to wall. The anime is amazing and each frame or each moment is just amazing and breathtakin. The art, the moment and the feeling. I love the anime and i love your wallpaper. U catched the perfect moment.

  2. shinorei Mar 15, 2005

    Never heard of the anime before but pretty glad you walled it and shared it with us. =3 Thanks!
    It looks like it touched a bit of vectoring to me because the lines are a little bit curvy. o_o But this wallie gives me a pretty good feeling and the sun is shining so beautifully at them. I love this! ^_^

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2005

    Well I was privilaged to see your progress with this Tama and I must say that you truly never cease to amaze me. Gosh I don't even know where to began from. I was blessed with only seeing a small portion of Beyond the Clouds since my friend felt I shouldn't see the rest. Alrighty first off I simply can't stress how amazing you are at vectoring. Oh sure, I'm well aware that there are others out there, but still your skills are simply unreal, not to mention how creative you are and the uniqueness (if thats a word) that each one of your ideas posseses. Such clarity and smooth detail, I simply cannot stress how beautiful and gorgeous both the characters and the background is. I agree that the shot is much better suited for widescreen as well. What I also really love about what you've done is how you've taken different frames and combined them (well after you told me about this on IRC of course) to get, in my opinion, a MUCH better suited emotion and just really gives alot overall to the mood of the background. Not to mention the fact that you extracted the clouds from another scan :_: Tama your dedication to your work is truly admirable.

    Quote by wuschelThe art, the moment and the feeling. I love the anime and
    i love your wallpaper. U catched the perfect moment.

    I couldn't of said that any better myself. A favorite for me.

  4. crapmonster Mar 15, 2005

    i can honestly say this was one of the best movies i saw in 04 and one of the best animated features i have ever seen. i actually tried vectoring that violin pic you mentoned but i didnt like what i had made with it so i never bothered to submit. (if you still want it, i have it scanned off of the OST i dled a while back). anyways on the actual wall, this already gets a fav from me just for the excellent vectoring and for the fact that it is BtC. i like the fact that you actually didnt change a whole lot about the pic and just kept it in its original state cause this movie was already damn beautiful and there isnt much one can do to make it better, at least this is what i thought when i tried walling. surprisingly the lensflare actually works here as well, usually the normal thing is to avoid ever using it since it most often looks lame but goin with the simplistic approach, it works perfectly.
    also kind of random, but i actually associate the movie more with dreams, then promise. sure they made one and its in the title, but it seems to me that the movie was about living out your dreams and i just loved the whole thing about the ending when she wakes up (that feeling when you wake up and feel you dreamt something really important or interesting but dont remember the dream). well anyways, amazing wall of an amazing movie!!

  5. jaalin Mar 15, 2005

    you did it again, tama. i swear, we watch the same anime. your work continues to grace my desktops (running two kino wallpapers right now!). what impresses me the most is your selection of animes to wall - with kino no tabi, twin spica, and now BtC, these are indeed the "gems" of anime that feature not only brilliant storylines, but also their own unique art styles, which you so graciously add your own talent to and create these stunning wallpapers. i think many people would agree with me when i say that i only use anime walls featuring characters from animes i've watched and enjoyed - it is a blessing to have someone as skilled as you not only choose the animes that i love but also to do such an amazing job of it. this particular scene you chose was one of my favorites and it was rendered perfectly in this wall. keep up the good work - i'm always keepin an eye out for your stuff

  6. Aa-chan Mar 15, 2005

    I had never heard of this anime before, but your wallie has single handedly inspired me to watch it. As you say, the art looks stunning and the colours are so bright and sharp. I like the framed effect of your wall and I don't really see what else I can say. You are amazing ^__^ .

  7. Espritdumort Mar 15, 2005

    Same as Aa-chan, I will be checking out this anime from the wall you made and the comments that were inpsired by it. Awesome!

  8. UndyingShadow Mar 15, 2005

    I too love this movie, and thought it was one of the best animated films I have ever seen. This wall does great justice to the movie. You did an amazing job with the vector Tama, and you chose an excellent image to work with. fantastic wall

  9. tecnophreak Mar 15, 2005

    very nice tama-san! great vectoring, font placement and style, and a good overall theme! i like the light effect t oo, but it might mess with the flow a abit. not too bad though, nice job!

  10. calisqo Mar 15, 2005

    Wow XD I'm convinced witht the concept.
    Very hihg quality work ^^.
    Very nice on the monitor I geuss.
    Thanks a lot tama.

    Till your next submission ^^

  11. euna Retired Moderator Mar 16, 2005

    more walls~~ >__<
    Very nice work tama-chan... (as usual and i'm getting sick of saying this all the time <_<)
    i like the sun - nice lens flare effects...
    the clouds look so fluffy and the wall... makes euna think that she's watching a movie...
    great wallie!
    a definite fav

  12. meteorcloud Mar 16, 2005

    hmz....tama-chan got superb work ._.
    the sun looks funny, the lensflare is nice =D~!
    nice detailed wall
    great work =D~!

  13. irian Mar 16, 2005

    Wow. This is incredible. I love your vectors, they are simply amazing... so ... life-like!

    Thanks for putting all this effort into a Beyond the Clouds wallpaper. I'm quite aware there are very few nice scans to wall for this amazing movie.

    Thanks again!

  14. markjo Mar 20, 2005

    A wallpaper that expresses emotions so beautifully is really worth praising. Therefore, great job!

  15. harakiri Mar 24, 2005

    I liked this scene and your wallpaper is really beautiful and so carefully done. It's on my desktop now ^^

  16. d611691 Mar 31, 2005

    true, Shinkai's color palettes is really admirable. I love the color and light he used, that's really gorgeous. o_O Thanks to vector this scene, it's really touching. :D

  17. Dib Oct 28, 2005

    Awe...I heard this movie is sad...I want to see it soo bad! Great job on the wp ^^

  18. DJZephyr Sep 12, 2007

    YAY! Very crisp, very clear, and one of the best scenes in the movie! Thanks!

  19. ReapersVVolf Apr 06, 2010

    i love this anime!

  20. huzaifah Dec 06, 2010

    dis is wat i've been looking 4....i just hope there are some wall like dis in widescreen

  21. Tiny17 Jan 31, 2011


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