Serial Experiments Lain Wallpaper: Betrayal

Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

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Hi... :D ... First a 'small' list of resources... :D

Background Text (Big paragraphs in the background) and Inspiration: Betrayal
Image source: Scan from MT by Knightoflain
Textures: 2 from ImageAfter.com
Brushes: Fractal Swirls by Scully7491; Porcelain Curls and Ruritania Curls by Sakurakira; SM BorderisM by Smashmethod; Nighty Sky Brushes by Crashdowngrrl

Well I think that's all... I will check later to see if I forgot something... :)

What can I say... the minute I saw this picture I had to do something with it... I tried for a while but nothing I did seemed to please me... Sometines I can be such a perfectionist... :D
... So I dropped that for while until the day I was browsing through MT and found out about the Grunge-Side Group Betrayal Contest... I just thought the image fit perfectly with the emotions involving this theme... Well, to tell the short story... Some of the concept of the original wallpaper didn't see the day of light... part because of the style of the image... The technique I wanted to do looks better on photos... I'm not going to say what is... Because I don't want to ruin the surprise... :D ...Since I still plain on doing it... :D

I think that's it... I may edit the post later if I feel that's something missing that I did like to write... I just got back from college... and I can feel I headache coming... :(

Thanks ShiNN84, Rebel-Soul-Kaze, Chani and Samanosuke89 from the MTn00bclub and WallersClub for leaving a comment on how I could improve the wallpaper... :hug:

Comments, favs, critiques... :D ... are all welcome... :D

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Browse Serial Experiments Lain Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. StarCentury Mar 14, 2005

    Yay, a Lain wallie from my fav member ocelot! :) The text all over the BG and the character looks great and the blue grunge-like designs are a joy to look at! :D Also, Lain looks very kawaii, ina serious way since she's holding this scissors! Must be something significant, I guess! Well, keep up the good work, ocelot! This is a definite fav for me! ;)

  2. lis-sing Mar 15, 2005

    It's okay to be a perfectionist. It's what got you this really cool pic of Lain. :)

  3. ShiNN Mar 15, 2005

    Aw finally! I was wondering if you were going to submit this one or not :)

    Well I'm obviously fav'ing this one, I liked it during the "work-in-progress" and I like it even more in its "complete" version :). Keep up the good work my lady!

  4. KnightOfLain Mar 15, 2005

    Ahh that's a very good Lain wallie. You nicely matched the colours of the bg with the scan and it turns out in a very nice overall composition. I really like the fontwork it adds to the angst of your work. I was a bit surprised to see you tuned the scan horizontally - but it looks good this way, creates the feeling of resignation and despair, a very dark mood. The only thing that bus me are the borders i guess there's too much of them and it adds some heaviness to the wallie. Still - great work. Thank you a lot for turning my scan into such a magnificent wallie.

  5. khatuido Mar 15, 2005

    Very nice blue, the writting are a good idea, very beautiful background ;)
    Good work!!!!!!!!

  6. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Mar 15, 2005

    And i have to repeat the things that i write on your GB,is amazing,you get the idea of the contest right away,and the dark blue theme,gives it a whole new feeling to the wall,this is the second entry for the contest,and both of them looks amazing. Good job oce

  7. hykyit Mar 16, 2005

    :o I think one really needs a good sense of art and creativity to understand this wallpaper...Unfortunately i dont have it !! T_T Again, good job in this!! Keep up the good work!! ^^

  8. hykyit Mar 16, 2005

    Ooops!! Sorry bout the double post!! Maybe this helped you level up a bit?? Hahaha~

  9. kakitsubata Apr 01, 2005

    another late post... but this is so good too... everything goes so well together... the text+the brushes+the colours totally convey the sense of the series..... great work. [instant fav!]

  10. ZKyoy Apr 19, 2005

    whoa, creeped the hell out of me. (but in a good way, of course)
    maybe because i've been feeling paranoid lately.
    the girl looks so real to me, kinda like ff.
    you make walls for lain too?
    you're a really good waller.
    *faves and sets as wallpaper*

  11. Cyruz May 30, 2005

    Wow..... very cool wallpaper :d.

    i like how you put the writing into the wallpaper, great idea.

    Lovely work :).


  12. daniticha Dec 29, 2009

    Great job! Very well-done wall, with great colors! Thanks

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