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Madhouse, Trigun, Vash the Stampede Wallpaper
Madhouse Studio Trigun Series Vash the Stampede Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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lemme see.. last submitted wallpaper in MT... Yami to Boushi to hon no Tabibito.. uploaded 6wk 4d ago.. youch.. x_x
been a while since I made a wallpaper eh x_x

and so here is my new wallpaper after a while!
A Red Night!
using a character from Trigun, lets welcome, Vash! XD

at first, the wallpaper was suppose to be a Madlax wallpaper using Leticia. But since I cant vector Leticia good enough, I ending up using Vash instead. x_x
the wallpaper took.. etto.. lemme see... dun remember x_x I keep stopping while making this so I cant really remember when did I start. ^_^""

the ground I made suppose to look different. I wanna make a soil ground filled with rubbles, but end up with a concretey looking ground x_x good thing it looks good though XP
the overall end result is actually pretty good~ I for once like it. ^_^

smaller resolution can be found at my site, The Anime World

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  1. KittyCyn Mar 14, 2005

    gr8!!!!!!!! Another wallie from my friend Exentric! ^^ It's very cool!
    Luv everything about it :) Ur very talented :D
    +Fav 4 an exc work ;) Keep it up*
    Take care~

  2. Midori-chan Mar 14, 2005

    wow! the bg looks cool! especially it's in a bloody scene XD cool!
    the moon, and the cross near it is really nice! i just love it^^
    great job! gotta add it to my favs! XD

  3. Susan-chan Mar 14, 2005

    cool guy^^ cool effects^^ cool colors^^ it's a really coool wally:D as expected from u^^ the scene is very nice the moon and the cross looks realistic^^ a fav from me^^

  4. semanga Mar 14, 2005

    My kash babe have make this great wall
    sweety that looks so cool
    I love red and this is one of the best walls what i ever have see from Trigun
    thanks for sharing sweety look to your next wall ;)

  5. ayanechan Mar 14, 2005

    sugoii yo! i've seen this picture used many times but this is the best wallpaper of this picture i've seen XD sugoii desu wa, onii-chan~~ :3 *two thumbs up* it's good for not walling in 6 weeks XD

  6. Sandra Mar 14, 2005

    Well Next perfect wall from great waller , nothing special but i like it so i added it to favorites , your other works are better for me

  7. Sugasuga Mar 14, 2005

    yay, its a Trigun wallie and Vash no less XD hawt hawt, lol. by far, this is the best Trigun wallie i've seen ^^ the background is just great, especially the red moon and the bullets are a nice touch ^^ just a great bloody red night Trigun wallie :D +favvie!

  8. Aa-chan Mar 14, 2005

    Love the red and the great shot of Vash makes it all the better. Nice work as expected from you :) .

  9. UndyingShadow Mar 14, 2005

    bad ass Trigun wall you got here! Great use of that Vash scan, and you did an amazing job with the bg!

  10. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 14, 2005


    exiieee niichan made a great walliiee!! *-* it looks sooo coool and reaaallll~

    the cross looks soo coool .. *-*

    *bites exiieee*

  11. ShiroiLina Mar 14, 2005

    i like very much the colors! it has a very good mood that goes perfectly with Vash! i love Vash! :D keep it up!!! :D

  12. calisqo Mar 14, 2005

    nice work excentric.
    The texture prob my fav thing from this wall.
    The tecture on teh ground works really well.
    While the concrete looks alright.

    The scan and the theme is awesome, I really like that .
    Overall awesome work .
    thanks for sharin^^

  13. Evanrued Mar 14, 2005

    Exentric I find this particular piece most excellent. I love the image you used, and the red moon is so fitting. Truly a sight to see, for the wonderful colors you have blended so perfectly. A magnificent wall my friend.

  14. chau-chan Mar 14, 2005

    Wow! That's good! I love the shot of Vash and the background. XD Keep it up!!

  15. darkwaterbunny Mar 14, 2005

    wwwwhhoooooa!!A great wallpaper! Well, yeah, all youur wallpapers come out so great!!! Loving the moon, only thing that I think looks a little off is the ground, too 2D...and oohh, you were trying to do a solid feel, hmm take a plain ground add the rubbles the shadows, maybe that will come out better :D. But hey, everything else is so so beautiful!!! Moon and sky look so pretty XD I love it! Hehe, red theme! Great concept and the theme looks awsome! Fav from meh :3

  16. StarCentury Mar 14, 2005

    Alright, it's Vash the Stampede! XD Looks like you made a nice red nighttime scenic wallie also! Love the starfield and the red moon on the sky, very trippy! :) Plus, Vash fits very well with the red scenery and the cross is a real nice touch! Great work, Kash! [+ 2 favs] :D

  17. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2005

    Well jeeze, its been awhile since I've been able to review so of your work Kash and when I get on today I saw 'Trigun' in your wall name so I just had to check it out. Let me tell you that as soon as the image loaded I was simply amazed, utterly amazed.

    First, I have to hand it to you for creating such a beautiful atmosphere and being able to set the mood perfectly with this creation. Not only is the lush scenery quite fitting for the scan, but overall it just creates such emotion that you can't help but to feel sad when viewing this wall (more of so from the lonliness feeling @_@). I love the scan that you chose and the enviroment around Vash is just so visually stunning. You really know how to create a truly stunning enviroment that is just so lush and so fitting for the character. Such high detail as well and the lighting is unreal, and that alone is what won me over, not even counting the realism with the shadowing and how the grave is just so suiting... Ugh this wall is just amazing and I really love it Kash. A beautiful enviroment with just amazing detail and I gotta say, the red moon was a nice add in as well =P An excellant idea that just looks perfect on any desktop. Favorite for me.

  18. shinorei Mar 15, 2005

    *claps hand* W00t..it's been long since you made a wallie. Don't worry, you could join the non-wallers club. *grins* I love the red stars in the skies. I love those fire-fly like "things" at the bottom too..this is nice,Kash. ^^

  19. euna Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2005

    coolest trigun wall i've seen in my life...
    luv the textures and the red colour-scheme...
    goes very well with the scan...
    I usually don't like red, but this wall rox!
    Awesome job bro kash! *fav*

    PS- btw, go for that Lvl 100!!

  20. Fantasia Mar 15, 2005

    the red night is sooo fantastic,XD
    really love the details you made,they're so awesome
    love the sand feeling ground best,goes with the scan sooo well~

  21. Yumi-Chan Mar 16, 2005

    XD yeaaaah kashi it's been awhile since u walled XD.. Me worse u_u *sits at a corner*

    *copies the same comment on TAW's taggie XD*

    oh teh redness @o@..red moonn XD bullets look cool o.o *pokes bullets* *bang* i juz got shot ;-; Rofflzz.. XD Nice, i like the ground effect ^^

  22. meteorcloud Mar 16, 2005

    wooot +_+......here it is xd~!!! kashi new work ^_^~!!!
    hmz... amazing wall >.>.....looks really cool ^_^
    the ground got a nice texture ^_^,looks like grundge XD
    only the planet looks alittle bit weird ^_^"....
    nice job kash =)
    fav for me =)

  23. GintheTwilightswords Mar 16, 2005

    Well, lookie here, it's the Humanoid Typhoon !! Man, Vash is so cool, he's one of the best anime characters around :) . I like the red theme for the wall seeing as how Vash is wearing red XP . The bg looks beautiufl, you did a great job on the stars and the moon. I also like how the cross overshadows the moon, looks kind of ominous. Wicked job Kash :D

  24. Mizuki-Chan Mar 17, 2005

    Nice red theme!!! Goes very well with Vash ^-^
    I really do like the moon! Looks nice....I want it.....XD
    Can't wait till you make more walls!! XD XD

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