Sister Princess Wallpaper: [Sister Princess]Butterfly Field

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Sakuya Wallpaper
Naoto Tenhiro Mangaka Sister Princess Series Sakuya Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I dunno who the chara is, I got her from a website (which I cant remember, so sorry, I'll put the address once I found it again..) Anyway, I hope this one is better than the last one..
use the brush for the grasses, use the cloud function for the background.. I hope you like it

Oh, the character is Sakuya from Sister Princess

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  1. Starblaze Mar 14, 2005

    Wow I just absolutely love this wallpaper. It's just perfect!

  2. XavierCrow Mar 14, 2005

    Howdy. Yep, it's better than your last wall. You've blended things in well. I don't see the problem with the grass myself... but I think the darker grass to the back looks better than the brighter grass to the front. Other than that it's good. The butterflys though only coloured shapes, add to the magical feeling throughout the scene and the leaves do the same. The best part of this picture that makes it look professional, is the wind. The girl's hair is moving to the right, therefore almost everything else will follow that direction and good for you, it does. The only suggestion I have (providing you want them XP), is to look closer at the colours. The character has a lot of shading and contrast, whereas the background goes for a more pastel effect. See if you can match the background colours to the character next time... I think it may look really good. Anyway, good work hun.

  3. Barbara Mar 14, 2005

    Very cute wallpaper, the colors are used very nicely, nice bg too, the girl looks lovely. Good work, keep it up :)

  4. Ayamael Mar 14, 2005

    oh wow... great improvement since your last wall... that tree looks really nice, and the sky is realistic... for the grass, the only thing i see is that band of grass that has another tint of green, maybe it's just because that band looks too regular... oh, and i agree with XavierCrow about the butterflies... they look magical and nice... and the sparkles too ^^ *girl who loves sparkles talking loll* awesome work on this wall, keep it up ^^

  5. hykyit Mar 16, 2005

    Wow~ If you're a beginner, this wallpaper really looks quite professional!! Even though you used simple brushes to make this, it looks real nice...Not easy to do so too! And i really like your sakura tree! How did you do that?? Teach me ok??!! Haha~ Im adding this to my favourites and keep it up!! ^^

  6. chibi-lizard Mar 17, 2005

    ~hee~ the scan ish pwettie... and suits the bg...
    but it doesn't reallie blend with the bg
    the colors are pwettiee... but the tree... the leaves look like they're at the back of the branches.
    the grass could be better too :)
    anyway... the overall piccey ish sweet :) lizzie wub the colors especially XD

  7. Destin Mar 19, 2005

    Everything seems so alive, which is what makes this picture better than it seems at a first glance. The cherry blossoms (that IS what those are I hope) make it even more of a romantic setting, should it be a romantic setting, and it's very impressive.

  8. gdinod2001 Mar 22, 2005

    Very cute wallpaper, the colors are used very nicely, nice bg too, the girl looks lovely. Good work, keep it up

  9. shiwei Apr 02, 2005

    nice wallpaper...
    background is great... color u use is good
    she looks lovely... ^^ everything looks great
    keep it up, add fav

  10. cremp Apr 24, 2005

    very very nice wallpaper. .

    nice job on th ebutterfly┬┤s. :)
    the wall looks amazing ;)

    thanks for shareing ;)

  11. Deen May 01, 2005

    the background is pretty .. so what is tree behind the character ? Cherry blossom....
    I like cherry blossom and pink colour is nice color for cherry blossom leaf. ^^

  12. faiz138 May 03, 2005

    nice wallie you made .. i like the effect's that you put on the bg, i like it alot plus the color is sweet.

    great job tareren +Fav
    keep up.

  13. Anjeile May 03, 2005

    lol, it really is a butterfly field. XD so many butterflies! lizzie is right, the petals looks like they're behind the branches. maybe u shoulda blurred the branches a bit...maybe? ^_^' but overall, it looks nice and cheery. keep up thhe good work! ^^

  14. silverwinged May 04, 2005

    ish so nice and prettyful and colorful
    your sho good at doing wallies
    keep it up

  15. destineez May 07, 2005

    i luv it!
    although i have no idea who the character is... ^_^'

  16. yamazaki May 07, 2005

    ok here we are, try to give a comment on your wallpaper ^^
    first, i loveee it! because its featuring sakuya from sispri ^^!!! good job lol
    second, everything seems well blended, nice extraction of the character.
    third, get rid of that pastel colors if you could cos it doesnt suite at all.
    but after all, this wallpaper is good therefore i decided to give a fav+ on this wall
    (hey i barely give a fav on a wall if isn't really good. so thank me for that =P lol just kidding)

  17. vang Banned Member May 08, 2005

    the wall is very beautiful,backgound is bright,ilike it^________^+fav

  18. pegassuss Jun 22, 2005

    This one is very nice indeed! ^___^ I like it, it is like some fantasy place with sakura petals and the different colored butterflies :) really nice scenary, and the grass even if it's not realistic it fits so much the rest of the background ^^ It's really nice ^^ You did a very good job!

  19. suntiger Jul 10, 2005

    hehe, I think you got it from tekuteku.org :3

    cute wallpaper, I really like how you made the tree~

  20. zaea Jul 18, 2005

    Are those cherry blossoms behind her?....Love the multi colored butterflies...they're so cute....Great wall of Sakuya... :D

  21. theartmaster Nov 18, 2008

    Very nice wallpaper! Great background with the tree.

  22. HaroHaro Jan 01, 2011

    Very nice wallpaper, she's cute

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