My-HiME Wallpaper: Mai HiME - Blue Roses

Hisayuki Hirokazu, Sunrise (Studio), My-HiME, Natsuki Kuga, Mai Tokiha Wallpaper
Hisayuki Hirokazu Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio My-HiME Series Natsuki Kuga Character Mai Tokiha Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay I'm back again, this time with Mai and Natsuki, my absolute favorite characters from Mai HiME. There was Mikoto on the original scan, too, but I don't like her and I cut her off. Mai HiME is now another favorite anime of mine. After I watched the episodes 19-21 I was just too shocked, haven't been so shocked since Death Note 57/58 and Bleach 169. But oh well, those aren't too long ago xD.

Since the scan has a bad quality, I needed to make a vector but it was fun. The background shows the pavilion in Fuuka Garden where the HiMEs are meeting sometimes. Of course blue roses don't exsist but I changed them because blue is nicer, and the blood color blue isn't always noble but strange or extraordinary, too (thank you Evangelion DVD, for the explanation). If you don't believe watch Rahxephon. Well HiMEs are kinda extraordinary with their powers.

I didn't use any brushes or stock photos, so please don't tell me the background looks ugly xD after I put every single blade of grass on the picture I feel like a farmer...

Thank you for clicking here and reading the description and now give me your advices please <3 Till then wait for other resolutions to come on www.uchiki.de. Thanks to bsh34 for sharing the scan. I've been looking for a un-ecchi scan for so long.

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  1. raxis Mar 13, 2005

    wow!! my hime wallpaper!! ^^
    i really like this wall n mai is my fav chara :D great work!!

  2. Sandra Mar 13, 2005

    Great great great great Chibi ! I love this wallie :) And charas looks amazing with that bg ! Favorite

  3. ShiNN Mar 13, 2005

    Nice one! I am not really a fan of vectors but this one is really clean and cute. Plus thete's Natsuki ( <3 <3 <3 ) so it MUST be a favourite. Fo' shizzle.XD

  4. ShueiTenshi Mar 13, 2005

    Wee! I love the expression on her face xd
    i just wish it was flipped horizontally as I am used to
    right hand balance ^__^v Anywayz! Great work ^_^

  5. FALH Mar 13, 2005

    hmm...well how to say that ???

    just awsome bg...beautiful scan...just love it

    just add to my fav.good job...very good job

  6. Rella Mar 13, 2005

    Ooh, this is so pretty!! I love that background. The whole wallpaper looks so nice. Great job! ^^

  7. Idril Mar 13, 2005

    omg!!! amazing background!!!! You outdid!!! The characters are soo cute too!!
    Great job!! Keep up!!

  8. Aa-chan Mar 13, 2005

    Such a pretty scene ^__^ .
    The two characters fit perfectly with the background and the colours are nice.
    Good work :) .

  9. LordStyphon Mar 13, 2005

    This is pretty nice. You've made a nice background here, but what really stands out is the scan. It's sharp and clear. Excellent work there, and overall.

  10. KorganoS Mar 13, 2005

    Hmm.. Chibikko-chan :)
    this looks very nice, and the vector looks very clean ;)
    great job on everything....

  11. Alex204 Mar 13, 2005

    Nice vector work, Mai HiME is one of my fav anime ATM! But why did you have to be sooo evil to Mikoto? Please bring her back! ;( ...
    Still a fav though.

  12. TMC Mar 13, 2005

    Nice wall I like the backgroundwith the garden and with the mountains in the background. Nice job keep it up, Fav.

  13. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2005

    waaii waiiiii~ saki's kawaiii chibiii ish back .. *-* tee heeez ..

    Mai Hime .. >.< saki should start watching it .. XD it looks goooooddd ...
    @________@ chibiii cut out mikoto .. XD XD xd

    ^-^ the bg looks sooo purtyfull ... *-* they look so realll ... + saki wubs wubs wubbbss the flowers!! XD

    greatt joobb chibiii~

  14. chingetscook Mar 13, 2005

    Nice work vectoring the scan, I have a friend who worships HiME wallpapers, I'll send this one to him, thx.

  15. MuZ0NaZ Mar 13, 2005

    amazing work on this one, but i still can't fully comment, because my screen is rotated right now and its kinda hard to see everything without loosing a lot of detail. still those blue roses kinda bug me, but you kept the bg vectorish enough to look awesome.
    edit: yes i know i'm asking the impossible, but the fact that the rose stems or tree branches aren't visible bugs me a bit, just dont kill me :|

  16. dustin Mar 13, 2005

    Nice work cutting mikoto off from it, i dont like her either. Keep up the good work!

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2005

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh! you make good walls, for a minute ther i thought the bg looked so simple cos of the thumbnail but upclose its so detailed....The vectored images are astounding and the texture on the pillars are beautiful as the atmosphere itself.... my only fib could be on the trees cos they look the same if you look at the differences and the leaves could be done differently but random b ut nonetheless the blue roses are extraordinary in many ways possible...
    Awesome job as always Chibi! *dies* *_*

  18. FlowerDog Mar 14, 2005

    Oh!! Chibikko-sama, your wallpapers are always so amazing! :D Your vector of the scan is so perfect and well done. You have also done an outstanding job with making the background. Yet again you make me very proud. :) You are always creating beautiful wallpapers and I hope I continue to keep seeing them from you. Now this My Hime wallpaper of yours definitely gets a fav from me. :)

  19. ayanechan Mar 14, 2005

    looks great! i love the blue roses and the vector looks really clean :3 i love how the wallpaper gives me the very clean and tranquil feeling ^____^ i think you should have kept mikoto there since she balances the picture better.. *heck! i don't really like mikoto either :P*

  20. ProjectDRacing Mar 14, 2005

    Hmm..just like me I don't like mikoto and i am glad you cut her out. The wall looks superb.

  21. StarCentury Mar 14, 2005

    What do you mean? The scenery doesn't look ugly at all, chibi! It has a very unique and distinct look enriched with a warm, pleasant feeling! :) The Mai HiME girls don't look too shabby, either! ;) I have to say, this is one of the most promising wallies I've seen since I became a member here! Great work, chibi! XD

  22. Fantasia Mar 15, 2005

    they're in the secret garden right~~~though the flowers color is a bit different,but I still can guess out that place
    very nice bg indeed~~wanna watch the latest serie very much >_<
    very nice wall~fav^^

  23. wuschel Mar 16, 2005

    really nice and clean vector , its kinda perfect, the flowers are beautiful and amazing. its a nice clean wallpaper but there are still things that doesnt fit or seems to bother me a lot. the O from the your typo is a little strange ;) seems like someone painted it it doesnt fit since its kinda grungy. also the sky needs a little more action. its so plain to clear i would have love to see some clouds it would have make the hole concept perfect

  24. Kurosawa Mar 17, 2005

    wow ^_^.
    Love the bg so much, really clean XD
    The scan vector, really cute too :D
    The concepts really cool ^__^.
    Great job XD

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