Someday's Dreamers Wallpaper: ::Dreamer's Feather::

Kumichi Yoshizuki, J.C. Staff, Someday's Dreamers, Yume Kikuchi Wallpaper
Kumichi Yoshizuki Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Someday's Dreamers Series Yume Kikuchi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well at last i finished it ....
it was really hard to find a scan that fit the bg ...but hopefully i found this one of the serie someday's dreamers it wasn't that good quality though..i had to make some things to it to make it look like this here.... the scan is from someone here in MT Scan was posted by Icarus, [at least thats what lensterknight said]
http://www.minitokyo.net/images/thumbs/91842.jpg the girl is so cute...

everything done in photoshop cs...
thanx to yura for the brushes of the birds....

the rock were a bit difficult to make same the water.... i had to try many things to make them look like that... but im happy with what i got....

i had placed 2 more scans in there but they weren't of good quality so i decided to remove them....
And after many night-scenes-walls here is a day-scene-wall...
enjoy it ... i hope you like it
comments are welcome...

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  1. Cajime Mar 13, 2005

    Such a wonderful wallpaper! good work indeed, thank you for sharing.

  2. p0ly Mar 13, 2005

    very nice and clean, plus the resolution is large, which is always good in my book.

  3. lensterknight Mar 13, 2005

    Scan was posted by Icarus, no? http://www.minitokyo.net/images/thumbs/91842.jpg

    Anyway... I'm impressed by your growth. I'll admit that, seeing your first walls, I didn't have much hope you'd pull out good works.

    But you did.

    Impressive one. If you'll allow me to nitpick, though... I believe those orangey leaf brushes are a little too big. They're supposed to be bugs, spores or something like that, right? The way they are, I'm under the impression they've got the size of an eye... O_o

    Or, maybe, I'm just being weird again.

    Good job.

  4. MuZ0NaZ Mar 13, 2005

    i think everythings great, but you could've focused more on the chara/rocks, now they take up around 1/5 of the screen :\ still a fav though

  5. Rella Mar 13, 2005

    Ooh, I just love the whole scene. The water and rocks and everything looks so nice. Great job on the clouds too! ^^

  6. tecnophreak Mar 13, 2005

    another great wall titanio! you must have spent a lot of time on it, it is very much appreciated. now if only i can dolwnload the darn thing, ill set it as my wallpaper...+fav!

  7. ShiNN Mar 13, 2005

    whoa... I'm speechless. This is really a gorgeous wallpaper. So.. clear and clean and bright and beautiful and and and *takes a breathe* woot. Ok gimme a break gotta look for more good words on dictionary haha. Jesus I wish I could draw daytime scenarios like this one. Not mention the rocks, how the hell did you draw them? That really had to be hard.

    Straight into my favs.

  8. irix Mar 13, 2005

    i like how do you do the rocxs and the water!!! i like it so mch!!! ^^

  9. Yura Mar 13, 2005

    This bg looks a lot better
    i didnt show u thata scan ^_^'
    nice work at fixing it it lokks really great
    tell how to do those rocks are great
    totally a fav :D

  10. gadgetgirl16 Mar 13, 2005

    nice wally ^^ i love the clouds and the mountan beckground ^^ good job on it ^^

  11. Kiako Mar 13, 2005

    the wallpaper looks very beautiful,
    i like that girl's pose, and the scenary is nice, the rocks are well done and so is teh sky
    keep up the good work.

  12. StarCentury Mar 13, 2005

    Nice pretty scenic wallie, tiantito! :) The clouds are so very realistic, and I think I see some sunlight shimmering through the clouds as well as the large light moon on the center! :D The character sitting on the beautifully designed rock formations feels so nice and pleasant! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the grass and lake and how the perspective looks so right! Keep up the good work, tiantito! XD

  13. raxis Mar 14, 2005

    waaah nice wall, tiantito!!
    i really like the bg, cool!! good work.
    fav of course ^^

  14. nkdksk Mar 14, 2005

    uuuua o great work like in california dreamin "and the sky is great" likes me so much

  15. Sira Mar 14, 2005

    that girl's beautiful image with the landscape clear pra to look at the sky, that ova not this so bad one although something sad according to my likes, it is tender the image

  16. irian Mar 15, 2005

    WOW. This is a pretty clean and neat wallpaper. I love the rocks, very impressive work. The sky is also incredible, I love the rays of light shimmering through. Really sweet.

  17. calisqo Mar 15, 2005

    wow breathtaking ^^
    The scenery and the scan work very well in my opinion .
    also Both look nice as a composition
    however I think the shapes of the mountains can be less obvious and regular.

    Other than that a nice work.
    Keep it up ^^

  18. Stolen Mar 15, 2005

    Hey tiantito...

    Wow, this must have taken a long time! The girl you used is perfect - I guess your search is over! I love the realistic setting - someone really could be there, doing that, although I doubt there would be a huge planet in the sky at the time - but nevertheless it really adds to a futuristic 'other world' ideal.

    i like the detail on this one, the grass, the lake, the birds in the sky, the clouds. Pictures speak a thousand words, this is definately that!
    I like the way you have done the reflection as well - its nice that you didn't detail that one that much because it gives it a nice movement. Colours are also beautiful!

    I wish I could say somewhere which could be improved - but I'm finding it hard just by looking at it, as it all seems to be graphically correct - even if you had a bigger scan to fill it out, it would like out of place. I think you've hit the spot with this one!

    Thank you for submitting it,

  19. thelunarmage Mar 16, 2005

    Beautiful! Extremely gorgeous wallie tiantito! I love the whole overall layout of the wallie. I love how the mist blurs the background and seems to rise like a thin veil off the water. Great job! :)

  20. ReedClow Mar 17, 2005

    Gran trabajo, lo que mas me gusta es el efecto del cielo y del Agua.

    Great work, which but I like is the effect of the sky and the Water.


  21. Dray Mar 18, 2005

    fav fav fav!!!! it be manific ton wall, I have to crack cheer and thanks for making us divide of so pretty drawing

  22. Celessa Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2005

    Wow - I love the grass you made - so superb and realistic - and definitely one of the finest I've seen in a while.

    And you made a tremendous effort with making the wonderful blue sky and the clear waters as well - and the atmosphere looks so tranquil and calm.

    Well done! I'm fairly impressed. **Bows** You did great - and keep up the wonderful work!

  23. AyuTateishi Apr 28, 2005

    I like the picture of this wallpaper!!! I love the background!!! Great wallpaper!!!

  24. cloudcool Jun 21, 2005

    i like the cloud very much ~
    because my name is cloud

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