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AQUAPLUS, To Heart, Serio Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio To Heart Series Serio Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Heya! Mina genki? n_nV

This is the last "To Heart" wallpaper for the moment.
3 cheers for Keltosh who provided the scans ^__^ b

The character doesn't suit with abstract so I made a very secial one for her ^^
I dunno what's this style though! Seems to be technic but soo smooth ^.^

Anywayz! DO NOT judge from the thubnail as the circles thingies took me two
days two finish ^_^' As I was happy when i made this, it feels colourful and bright ^_^
Unfortunately as Colour Lines burnings were used, this wallapper is not suitiable for
1024x resolutions resize as it will become distorted T__T

Okies! Have a nice weekend and keep cool ^__^V

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Browse To Heart Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Nakayori Mar 13, 2005

    Wai, pretty pastel colors. ^o^;; The circle thingies look good. Of course, you did spend two days on it... <__<;; Awesome wallpaper, love it! :3;;

  2. Ryuujin Mar 13, 2005

    Aw.. the circle thingies are cool though. Really nice wallpaper, great job on it! Definately a favorite. Keep up the good work ^_^

  3. gundragon Mar 13, 2005

    I like the spot it look great :)
    The scan looks really great and the color is really good too.
    in another word :) the full wall looks great ;)
    keep up the good work XD

  4. hykyit Mar 13, 2005

    XD Just looove the background~!! The scan is really cute too!! And not ecchii at all!! Too bad my comp reso is 1024 T_T ...Anyway keep up the good work~!! ^^

  5. Aa-chan Mar 13, 2005

    I love the circles on the left. They're such pretty colours ^^ .
    As for the character, she fits perfectly and I love te overall look of the wallpaper XD .

  6. mughi Mar 13, 2005

    This is original. I never thought using bubble effects could be so colorful and fun to look at. Now that I'm taking closer look after downloading I'm starting to like the nice touch you did on the background too. This wallpaper oozes with quality. Thanks much. :D

  7. RaXiv Mar 13, 2005

    Well! Pastel Colors ! :3 ... Pastel ! :D Lovely wall yet i will fav it! :D see ya soon on the MT or on MSN!

  8. StarCentury Mar 13, 2005

    Shuei-san! :D Your new wallie look like gumballs for some reason! Yum Yum! XP Anyhoo, I see you like the techno designs and light effects very much, still looks great imo! :) The gumball-like colors also makes the BG feel bubbly and happy as well! Plus, the character is really cool and easily well extraxted as always! This is why you're the man at making abstract wallies, Shuei-san! Nuff said! [+ 2 favs] ^_^'

  9. cereshe22 Mar 14, 2005

    i like it very relaxing, keep up the good work! thanks for sharing again!!!

  10. NachoKun Mar 14, 2005

    very cute Serio wall
    you can almost forget she's an android ^_^
    great background and pastels

  11. semanga Mar 14, 2005

    that looks so nice the bg is so colourful and fits good to the scan nice one ^^

  12. DarkMaiden1369 Mar 14, 2005

    Looks great the girl is cute and the coloring suits her very nice
    *adds to favs*

  13. cereshe22 Mar 15, 2005

    another nice kind of wallies thanks for sharing again. keep up the good work

  14. calisqo Mar 15, 2005

    interesting pattern goin on the bg.
    I kinda like the color ful setting onthe bg.
    Looks really cool.
    The scan is a nice addition too the bg as well ^_^
    Overall a preofesionally done wall.
    ^^ awesome.
    Keep it up ^_^

  15. thelunarmage Mar 16, 2005

    Pretty! I like the soft colours in the background Shuei and the coloured circles as well! It's very spotty *lol*. The top right corner is an interesting spot too! A faded tree bit??? Another lovely wallie Shuei. :)

  16. PureTypeDZanza Mar 16, 2005

    OoO another lovely wall by Shuei! I also love the soft colours in the background! Anywayz great job.^^

  17. Yina Mar 18, 2005

    It looks so cool at its original size!!! XD XD I really like it!!! I like the way how you blend the circles into the small bg!^^ +fav

  18. walkure245 Mar 18, 2005

    I love the pastels. ^_^ It feels simple but there is so much going on. I like the transitions of the bg. And the bg with all those patterns and designs are really cool looking. I really like it. ^_^

  19. YugureKaze Mar 19, 2005

    wahh pretty, the colors look so cool @_@
    the girl is also very cute
    the small sectin with the tree looks like is kinda blends in from the flight colors
    awesome work!

  20. 0virus Apr 03, 2005

    ¡A true work of art ! ^_^.........jeje.
    very god ....................
    very god.....................!

  21. ipiotchi Jan 09, 2007

    wow very sweet i luv the tree the background your famous circles^^very special wallpaper keep the good work!

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