Bleach Wallpaper: BLEACH -Dual Duel

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Renji Abarai, Rukia Kuchiki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Renji Abarai Character Rukia Kuchiki Character

2560x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is a collab I did with Bantam from http://www.banime.com. We wanted to try out dual resolutions, since apparently, they are they new black. Not really though, for all you fashion aficionados out there. It's rough, it's dark, it's urban decay! XD We have the walls split up on our respective sites though. Soo... if you don't have a dual screen, it's still usable :D


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  1. Aa-chan Mar 11, 2005

    I love it ^__^ .
    One thing I do suggest is making them so that they are 1024 pixels tall as this isthe standard res for a 17" TFT which is the most common as I am aware.
    I have favourited :D .

  2. Alex204 Mar 11, 2005

    WOW! Very nice work, just wish i had 2 screens to show it off on! Slightly strange effect over the charactors but it looks cool what ever it is! FAV!

  3. FALH Mar 11, 2005

    my god...

    beautiful...no...awsome wallpaper...just like ALL...bg...the characters...
    so many stylish details...

    have to add on my fav...must be in ...

  4. tiantito Mar 11, 2005

    the bg is perfect and the extraction of the scans is impecable...
    its just perfect ....ht eresolution is the only thing that doest fit my screens ... my screen resolution is 1280 x 1024 and it looks streched in the dual screens
    anyway awesome job
    favorite cause you deserve it !!!!

  5. lthnadml Mar 11, 2005

    wow,awesome!I realy like it :) :) :)
    Great work!!! keep it up! ;)

  6. ProjectDRacing Mar 11, 2005

    Superb job on this wall, its looks really sweet. THe bg and characters work really well with each other. Two thumbs up!! Favs :)

  7. KevLar Mar 11, 2005

    The individuals are great but this makes one godly dual wall. If i had the set up this is what i'd use for sure. Nat, I love all your work, keep it up.

  8. Lana3007 Mar 12, 2005

    Holy crap! This is incredibly! I love this wallpaper, probably the best one I've seen in a really long time! Bleach is so good! Great job! Thank you very much for sharing!

  9. Electrastar Mar 12, 2005

    That is sooooo cool. It would make a kick-ass poster if you ask me. I'm voting for the Ichigo/Rukia team.But all kidding aside, you guys did an amazing job. I can't even begin to imagine how you created the walls and how you composed the backround from scratch....you have my admiration.

  10. Lit0Tammy Mar 12, 2005

    woww, this is best bleach wallpaper so far. :) nice job on the collaborations, two minds are betetr then one. ^^; Its big too big for my resolution so I resized it for my personal use, looks great on my desktop, thanks and nice job.

    btw where were the scanned images from? :) I wouldn't mind buying it, looks nice. Pencil board?

  11. kagomei Mar 12, 2005

    bleach !!!!!so cool~so cool!it's the most beautiful wall of bleach's~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  12. dans Mar 12, 2005

    wowzaaa !!! it's nat and bantam wall. very cool.
    instant fav from me. XD

  13. tAtEkAnE Mar 12, 2005

    XD nice job to u both!

    i think it's really cool and the idea of having it usable even in half is very clever lol =p

    anyway great job :D

  14. Sycia Mar 12, 2005

    Thank you~~~~~~~~~ <3 *immediately +favs*

    Don't have dual screens, but the split versions are still good!

  15. kuwabara Mar 13, 2005

    this one is nice. good work i like bleach and this is superb. good work and keep on with it

  16. euna Retired Moderator Mar 14, 2005

    Wow.... really really nice dual screen wallie
    I luv the bg.. especially the graffiti and the grungy bits in the wallpaper ^^
    Just awesome wallie.. great composition and everything.
    Oh, btw, the butterfly is quite interesting.. something you wouldn't expect in a dark alley >__<
    Great bg and scan all fitted nicely...
    awesome wallie *fav*

  17. hiei0021 Mar 14, 2005

    lovely piece of work. love how they are seperataed by senery and how they look towards us. nice work........nice

  18. okaasan Apr 03, 2005

    This wallie is hardcore! Thank you so much for sharing your work. XD

  19. okaasan Apr 03, 2005

  20. Benitora Apr 09, 2005

    really cool. I love the backdrop and the characters are amoung the better ones aswell.
    YAY bleach!

  21. Elves Apr 19, 2005

    I LOVE how you did a collaborative effort and made these for the people who have dual monitors in mind. Kudos! Unfortunatly...I'm not one of the dual monitor people. :( *saddness* Nonetheless, very cool walls indeed and I shall enjoy them individually.
    Grunge, urban, decay - whatever. It's consistant and the style works. The only thing I'm not personally thrilled with is the weird effect on their clothes. Especially on Ichigo's and Rukia's, it's just a tad too odd. It makes me think that they spilled ink on themselves or something. Eeh, I still like the wall and congradulate the collaboration effort. Both walls are done in the same spirit by different people and that just hits the "coolness" button for sure.

  22. damian-atm May 04, 2005

    wow. the scene before battle its great(even if this isnt it, but gives the air of it)

  23. KuroiTsubasa May 11, 2005

    Renji~~~~~~~~~ <33333333333333333333333333
    thank you very very much for this amazing image!!!

  24. NeoDarkangel May 16, 2005

    i love Renji, he is very cute
    i want him for husband :D :D :D

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