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Hyung-Tae Kim Wallpaper
Hyung-Tae Kim Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay, long time no see !!! After two or three weeks without a new submition I come to submit something... I missed that =~
Well I found this scan I 4chan, it's very bautifull and reminds me magna carta or something... but I dunno where it's from.
It took from me much time, I almost gave up cause I got some errors and nothing was working on this wall and finally today... boom! I finalized it, but I don't liked much the final result, hope you like it more than me...
So, thats all for this time... hope I don't stop to make walls for weeks again

Aaaand, comments and favs are very apreciated =D

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  1. AnimeFan159 Mar 11, 2005

    well the bg is very good
    i like the moon and trees combind with the lake/pond
    is this from an anime?

  2. darkwaterbunny Mar 11, 2005

    whoa, you did a great job on this one. I love the random effects on the lily pads. Makes everything look so very nigth-ish. Loving the tree and the light-flies (fireflies?) that are zooming around them. Wowies, very nice, I think this is your best one yet ^_~. Scan extraction is really good and the size!! *gasp* you made it big enough!! ^o^ def fav from meh ^_~

  3. Midori-chan Mar 11, 2005

    wow! the bg effect is cool! especially the water, and the tree is very nice too^^
    the guy there is cool! gotta add it to my fav soon!^^

  4. Midori-chan Mar 11, 2005

    wow! the bg effect is cool! especially the water, and the tree is very nice too^^
    the guy there is cool! gotta add it to my fav soon!^^

  5. Barbara Mar 11, 2005

    Pretty cool wallpaper, good job with the bg, it looks nice. Well done, keep it up :)

  6. Lana3007 Mar 11, 2005

    Ohh, really pretty! The effects for the lotus flowers are really cool! Looks awesome! My only nit picky thing about it is the fact that the orange outer glow on the characters themselves looks a little weird. But other than that it's really lovely!
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Nitengouki Mar 11, 2005

    A good effort. The composition and effects are nice.

    A nice soothing theme with romantic overtones for the girl lying on a lily pad with the guy standing in water over her.

    Good use of the fireworks to allow lighting from the front and side. The highlightings are enough to show their lighting effects.

    A detraction would be the outlines of the scan. They could have been more even and less jagged.

  8. 3ks-Devil-666 Mar 11, 2005

    Very good wallpaper.
    I reall like the character, it looks really cool.
    The background is really cool too.
    overall its a good work
    keep it up.

  9. KittyCyn Mar 11, 2005

    Hi Hi Akira! This wallie is Awesome! I luv the scan and the night BG you've created for it!
    Fits just perfectly* :D
    Adding this to my favs! Keep up the good work ;)
    2 thumbs up*

  10. DarkCrimson Mar 11, 2005

    Woah awesome Wallie from you Akira-san.You put a lot of Effort in the Background.I just love the whole thing.The Light Effects are so wonderfull and i like these cute little Fireflys.
    This is a sure Favorite for me. :D
    Im looking forward for your next one.Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Kiako Mar 11, 2005

    great wallpaper,
    the background suit the charas. i like the effects you made and the scenary is also good.

  12. MasterPivot Mar 11, 2005

    Excellent work! It looks absolutely great!
    BTW, the artwork is by Hyung-Tae Kim. Why not put it in his section?

  13. lensterknight Mar 11, 2005

    Akira-san! Nice to see you alive and kicking.

    Overall, it's a good wall, as usual. But, as always, I have imaginary issues to point out. XD

    The characters' outlines aren't regular, and that's pretty apparent in the girl's... ribbon. Or whatever that is. It would be surely better if you had fixed that outline and ditched the outer grow, I think.

    Personally, I think the moon stands out too much, it's a bit too bright. But I'm not too keen on moons, so, yeah.

    I'd remove the fireflies that are over the foreground plants, for lighting issues.

    The abstract fire looks really nice, btw.

  14. StarCentury Mar 11, 2005

    (*sighs*) Isn't 4chan such a useful site for scans and all, Akira-san? :) O yeah, the scenery looks pretty cool in my book! Love the abstract flame on top of the lilypad, makes the wallie feel so warm! :) Plus, the Hyung-Tae Kim scan works wonderful with the swampy but beautiful scenery! I like it! :D

  15. ynk Mar 12, 2005

    [in extasy] *.* Akira-chan^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh i love this wall^^ I is soo cool^^!!!!!!! Wow... +favvvvvvvvvvvvv!!!!!!!! :*:*:*:* one more wall and I'll be so yelous... T_T master...

  16. Shinobu13 Banned Member Mar 13, 2005

    very nice man, i like the bg, and the characters fit very well with it
    great work XD

  17. riku-chan Mar 16, 2005

    I love this!!^.^ The elegance of the characters and the beautiful landscaping in the bg creates a wonderful embience. Really like the lights coming from the lotus flowers and the lake reaching out to the dark night. +fav, nice work Akira-san!

  18. myaku May 02, 2005

    Great one.! The effects are really awesome !! very nice picture. great job.

  19. Nyuu-chan Oct 05, 2005

    Amazing! Love backgrond. Everything looks awesome. Great work! Thanks for sharing.

  20. lthnadml Oct 12, 2005

    Very good work. Nice background, nice effects and lovely scan. :D
    Thanks for sharing it. :D :D :D

  21. kr3mat0r1an Nov 02, 2005

    Nice pic.
    Your work on the effects is very beautiful, and I love the girl :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  22. bella-ella Oct 26, 2007

    That flame stuff is so cool! And the colours on the scans is so warm and bright. Fave+

  23. selemental Banned Member Mar 10, 2008

    This is a very beautiful wallie! gorgeous! *stares at man in wallie*
    but this artist.. this artist.. it reminds me of...
    Magna Carta? Maybe this is one of his original drawings.
    I heard through the grapevine he has a lot of artbooks and focuses on full drawings. I'm not sure, I don't think he's made any manga/anime. hmm.. i could be wrong. :0

    Anyway, this is really terrific! *FAVS!*

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