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Hyung-Tae Kim, Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another MG wall from. This one I made about 3 months ago but never finished it! Well the scan from Kei and I went back to flower grungin to make the Bg. Once again I have no idea who she is! XD Well some butterflies and flowers stock pics bring this together. Been a while since I posted. I missed it!!

More resolutions commin at imanimetions soon...if shinta updates that is...

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Browse Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Ninja Mar 11, 2005

    A simply amazing background I'am totally in love with the colors and the grungy style and the flowers, the scan used is also a good one, a new favorite for me keep up the good work ded113.

  2. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2005

    Getting in the grunge scene as always Ded eh? Lovely collision all together, love how the butterflies go with her cos shes the flower but anyway beautiful as always girl! :)

    Wheres Shinta..... :(

  3. Angstbunny Mar 11, 2005

    I like this a lot. The scan is great and your background suits it very well. I love the color choice as well.

  4. SilentMasamune Mar 11, 2005

    Looks really good, deddy. Maybe it is a little too bright on the left side of the wallpaper, but otherwise it looks good. :)

  5. Septillion Mar 11, 2005

    O.O woooh i like the colours!! green!!! yay!! ^^ nice grunge work there. ^^ nice work, keep it up!! :D

  6. darkwaterbunny Mar 11, 2005

    Wow! How Beautiful! It looks so great @_@ the green-ness!!! lol, great work here! Love how the effects really come together really nicely!!! Yay for butterflies! Really like the scan extraction and what you did, everything looks so nice XD, great work!!!

  7. Barbara Mar 11, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, the bg is just beautiful, the color is nice too. Great job :)

  8. shinta Mar 11, 2005

    I'm still alive!!! Waaaahhhhhhh.......Ok ok updates next week.....please upload by then. >_>
    Nice composition ded, good grunge style...i thought the title was Green Green...buahahahaha!!! @_@ *gets bonked by ded*

  9. Saikusa Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2005

    That's really pretty. Not only is the girl pretty cute & kooky, but I love the delicate touches of leaves on the green grunge. Elegent but funky... superb! XD

  10. Susan-chan Mar 11, 2005

    againa cool work from u:) i very like the bg:) the grunges the colors etc:)

  11. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2005

    ooo so beautiful ^_^ very nice bg and the girl is very cute ^_^ I love the colors you used
    deddy very nice favie for me great job as always from you ^_^

  12. polar Mar 11, 2005

    it's so lovely~~i love the variety of green it's so soft and gentle
    the texture also makes it more interesting
    very beautiful work~~

  13. StarCentury Mar 11, 2005

    Hehe, I see U made a nice green grunge wallie, deddy! XD The butterflies and abstract/grunge designs are very nifty and the text fits the theme very well! Plus, the scan looks very interesting since the colors match nicely with the BG! Way to go, deddy! XD

  14. Evanrued Mar 12, 2005

    Ded this is so pretty . I love the background, It fits so well with the scan you used. Excellent work. I love the colors, they all blend and I also love the textures. Excellent.

  15. artgeek12 Mar 15, 2005

    Wow, thats nice. The thing that grabs me first is the color.. It's unusual, yet isn't obnoxious. It seems a little rustic which fits the grunge theme nicely. I love the contrast of darks and lights on the right hand side. It really makes you focus on her locations and the things in the BG.

    My only criticism is the clarity of her face. Her entire body is sharp enough but her face seems alittle blurred. Not a huge deal but noticable. The main text treatment on the bottom left seems a little off as well. I know there are better handwritten fonts out there that would better suit your masterpiece. The contrast of the cursive and the sans serif is a nice touch but the size of both is a little too similar. Maybe try reducing the size of the sans serif to emphasize the main text even more.

    See.....I know your work is awsome. You progressively get better and better. That's why I wanted you to join our competition. It's our loss though. C'ya round Ded!!

  16. irian Mar 15, 2005

    I really like this wallpaper. The background is very easy on the eyes, with a very nice unusual color. I love the little butterflies in the background :)

  17. calisqo Mar 15, 2005

    like the green in the bg.
    I think that looks awesome for the scan.
    It feels that It has a connection to the bg somehow.

    Like the grunge style, very unique, not so generic.
    However in the full view, the scan is blurry -_-
    And very bright.

    Other than that, i could have been a really nice wall XD

  18. Aetherion Apr 19, 2005

    This wallpaper is simply beautiful. The background... *_*
    I like much wallpapers but this is my favorite wallpaper. If I have to do a list, I put it in the first place.
    I put it on my computer !
    I thank you for this great wallpaper ded113.
    I'll cry so this is great. :')

    Evidently add it to my favorites and add you to my friends ! xD
    I hope you give us another great wall soon ! :D

  19. Kashue Apr 29, 2005

    Adding this to my favoites! This is one of the best works I have seen on this site. I love the character and I LOVE the background. Well done!

  20. dqt87 Mute Member May 20, 2005

    omg this wallpaper is so great and i luve it
    a+++++++ keep it up
    she so cute

    :) :D :sweat: ^_^' OX T_T

  21. melman Mute Member May 21, 2005

    well, vords cant express how kool this pic is, very awsome , i tryed but it trally is better than awsome

  22. dqt87 Mute Member May 23, 2005

    very nice walll exelent work

    :) :D :angry: XD XO :o :nya: :hmpf: :\

  23. rottenkiwi May 28, 2005

    Some of the finest grunge I've seen, but I think it could have been a better wall overall if she had been blended more with the background, or had a more crisp image. Great though!

  24. ang168 Jun 02, 2005

    I really like that image... and the background is nice! Nothing clashes with the figure in the foreground~ ^_^ Great job~ Thank you!

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