Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: .: The Grunge Soldier :.

Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin Himura Wallpaper
Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Kenshin Himura Character

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The Grunge Soldier:Rebel.
Description: A mindless man. Taking orders, inorder to keep the law and rights intact
for his home. Following the king, swearing his loyalty to him. Risking his life, puting his needs aside. Forcusing to please his king. A mindless soldier.


Well, heres another wallpaper from my project *The Grunge Family*
This time, this would be about Rebel. I forgot his whole MT username for some reason..
well anyway, I recongize his grunge works for a while now. Watching, in the shadows..
I would consider him, to more like a soldier. Obeying the ways, never questioning
his superious. Well, i hope this would preasent the almighty Grunge Soldier.

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  1. Chopstickz Mar 08, 2005

    omb..another awsome one...now kenshin XD
    leetness XD the darkness on the top and bottom really blend well with kenshin
    he looks scary as heck XD great job

  2. SilentMasamune Mar 08, 2005

    Good job, Shadow. Eventually, I'll make kick-ass wallpapers like these. :)

  3. anji Mar 08, 2005

    Hey kenshin seem to be cover with blood, freaky :)
    i never really did comments on your wall cause I'm not really good at grunge.
    So it's hard for me to say something constructive.
    Well, I just want to tell you that I appreciate your work here.
    I really like your grunge style :)
    Good composition on this wall...

  4. DarkEVO Mar 08, 2005

    Kenshin.... Nicely done grunge. It really reflects the theme of it.
    Cool wallpaper.

  5. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Mar 08, 2005

    ¬¬ cof cof...mindless?,anyway,thanx for this, i learned a lot from u,Dernier,tecno and OA,each time that i see a new wall from them,i have to try to do something like that,even when sometimes a finish with crap,i learn something new each time.

    Talking about the wall,like i say on the grunge prince wall,is a old school grunge style,kenshin looks so bad ass on it,one of my favorites scans of him.

  6. euna Retired Moderator Mar 08, 2005

    Hey, awesome grunge...
    luv the way the chara's grunged as well and blends perfectly with the bg...
    Looks great...
    Great choice of colours and scan.
    Nice work Shadowdude!! *fav*

  7. 3ks-Devil-666 Mar 08, 2005

    very nice grunge.
    I really like the texture and the colour of it.
    The character looks really cool.
    keep up the good work.

  8. ShueiTenshi Mar 08, 2005

    I like the balance levels of the
    white highlights. Impressive spot
    light manipulation ^__^ b

  9. calisqo Mar 08, 2005

    arghh!!! kenshin XD

    NIce grunge XD.........
    But why kenshin??hehhe just kidding.

    I Like the text XD, u and oracle have equally cool texts when it comes to grunges.
    can't comment much , this one looks similiar to the sasuke one, (sorry I'm in lack of imaginations at the moments -_-)
    But I will say , give your grunge a personallity , ;) , so one can easily identify the work, by just by having a glance ^^ (sorry shadow XD for the bold commentary) , style of grunge etc ^^ , I personally think u have nice sense of abstract (afterall it's the prime ingridient of grunge i think)

    I'm sure u can do more than this type of grunge with you psp skillz , I think u starting to master this style^^.
    Nonetheless awesome work :)

  10. Kiako Mar 08, 2005

    great wallpaper, i like the colors and the way you made the background.

  11. StarCentury Mar 08, 2005

    Alright! The Battousai on a grunge wallie made by the Prince of Grunge dedicated to Rebel-san! XD The rusty feeling on the BG are so dirty and edgy in a very good way, and your designs are still as good as ever! :) Never knew Kenshin works for a grunge wallie before! ^_^' Boy was I proved wrong! XD

  12. meteorcloud Mar 09, 2005

    nice idea, the grundge always looks great
    again the rusty effect...
    great job
    I wish you would make more of them and stay at mt >.>

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 09, 2005

    And with grunge there comes purest in texture...Awesome job on the lovely Kenshin wall cos no one makes them anymore...Love it cos its a beautiful...
    Nice job as always mate! :)

  14. chibikko Mar 09, 2005

    wait a sec, did you ever read rurouni kenshin? if so then let me tell you one thing, kenshin never swears his loyality to a king. he became battousai to help the weak and create a new world (btw he failed and slid off into the dark side whuuuu). anyway it's a nice present that you return with your grunge family project instead of hiding in the dark ^^ i'm happy to have such a talented friend back here. some places are bit too dark but the colors are cool. i loved the kenshin manga (would have read it in a few days if mangas weren't so expensive these days *sigh).

  15. PureTypeDZanza Mar 10, 2005

    yargh it's Kenshin!!! lol but why the old kenshin??? it should be the young kenshin especially when he's still the battousai. or maybe shishio or enishi would fit in lol bahaha oh well that's just me. Great job! *adds to favorites*

  16. Spriggan Mar 10, 2005

    I'm missing a lots of things here..so you're still around MT ..or at least sharing your wall! cool , its good to see...anyway , look superb as your usual wall...cool colors , effects and Kenshin scan..all blend as his best O_O good job and thanks for sharing your works. :D

  17. Evanrued Mar 10, 2005

    This is so awesome. I really like the effects in this one as well. The colors looks so vibrant. I also really like the scan of Kenshin that you used. Excellent work

  18. artgeek12 Mar 10, 2005

    Well shadowdude, you really have learned the way of grunge very well. We should all be so lucky as to attain the skills you have. The texture on Kenshin's face is really nice. It adds to the emotion set by the expression and the darkness. The only thing I could possibly think of to imrpove might be adjusting the black. Instead of black, try using a really dark shade of Kenshin's hair. That way it ties the tones overall and differentiates this wall from the other "Grunge Family".

    i love that you have decided to give us this give of your walls displaying your skill. I still wish you wouldn't disappear in the shadows but all I can do is appreciate the things you have given all of us so far. Thanks!

  19. semanga Mar 10, 2005

    ooohhhh boy
    it is again a great work from you
    i love kenshin he is a great fighter
    thanks for sharing this great work ^^

  20. Floatyman Mar 13, 2005

    Great grunge look and something different. Just love what you have done!

  21. gundex Mar 14, 2005

    ah this time is Kenshin... :) nice choice using him as ur soldier... cool wallie shadow-san... :D

  22. kannon82 Mute Member Mar 16, 2005

    i love da brush effects...and the pic is BIG PLUS TOO keepo up da good work you guyz........

  23. ded113 Mar 16, 2005

    Haha! Rebel's the soldier! Well Kenshin looks cool in this one! And those colors...the colors! Very bad ass! A fave for me!!

  24. Celessa Retired Moderator Mar 24, 2005

    The way his arms look all red and blood-stained with the cracks on his face to show some age on your wallpaper - I liked how it looked up close and you made him look so awesome as well with your superb grungeness effects. The way you probably used your brushes here - I like how you touched up mant of the spots at all the right places - way to go!

    Awesome effects, nonetheless. **Nods** Nice work!

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