Air Wallpaper: .:The Wings That Cannot Fly:.

Key (Studio), Air, Minagi Tohno Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Minagi Tohno Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"It's getting late."
I see.
"Should we go? Everything is prepared and waiting."
No, its okay.
"The stars would be better there."
Here is fine.
"I see. "


What is a smile? How do you know it is a genuine and truthful one? I've been thinking about that as I was making this wall which was brought about by the fact Minagi was smiling on this one scan. Strange isn't it? That simple gesture such a smile can mean so many things that it's hard to get what it really means at times. In fact, a genuine smile is hard to come by lately. Our lives have become so complex, so busy. We can see smiles everyday but what do they mean? A sign of happiness? A sign saying I am okay? A sigh saying I am contented to be with you? Or is it a sign that I am hiding something?

Or maybe, we should not think about these things. Maybe, we should just accept a smile as it is. We should just be contented at the feeling it gives up and react to how it makes us. That is better, way better than ignoring it. Isn't it? With that, I give you this wall. Minagi's smile looks so genuine for me I just had to wall it. I like how it came out, but do you like it? Who knows, as a smile, just like this wall, affects people differently. It will, after all, depend on you how you would react to it, ne?

Zuri-chan out.


I'm still alive. --.--U

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2005

    a smile ... a smile can mean many things .. ^-^

    saki smiles because saki is happy .. and glad. ... .. butbut .. a lot of people smile because ... they dont want people to worry about them ... ...

    we should accept a smile as it is .. butbut .. we should also think about the meaning behind it as well .. XD

    saki wubs wubs the colorful thingy in the sky! *-* it looks soo purtyfull ... andand ... the bar! >.< zurii made the barr rite? XD saki needs to learn how ..

    the grass looks blurred .. XD butbut .. it matches!! *-*

    .. *kickerz zurrii* XD XD zurii needs to be more a live and visit more often!! *kickerz* XD

  2. Asahi Mar 06, 2005

    oh zuri !!! after long long time a wallpaper art from you which i really like ! a lot ! the stockphoto looks so great in the wallpaper. the sky is really nice with this effects in it ! good scan choosen for it =) + fav

  3. NikaNeko Mar 06, 2005

    Weee!Nice scan and love the beautiful background!I love the show.Thank for your time at making the wallpaper!
    Great job :D
    Fav for sure!

  4. Barbara Mar 06, 2005

    Very beautiful wallpaper, the bg is very nice and the girl is cute. Good job there :)

  5. UndyingShadow Mar 06, 2005

    wow beautiful wall, great job with the bg Zuri chan, it looks great! nice scan use as well, great wall!

  6. darkwaterbunny Mar 06, 2005

    *has a heart attack* Zuri made another wallpaper @_@ its so great!!!!! Wowies, all your wallpapers are so wonderful!! And very true, a smile can really mean so many things, a lot of people just like to clump it with "happiness" when it could be anything, really. I love the lettering and the scan, everything looks so, great!!! Another great wallpaper from ya ^_~ great job!!!!!

  7. Osiris Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2005

    lol @ title ...they're not wings! XD

    love the blue sky, grass seems a bit odd with the blurry and all XD ..but everything else is nice ^__^

    hmm air eh..is that good? >_>

  8. Sinistra Mar 07, 2005

    Very nice job, I like the character you have there ^_^ Keep up the good work.

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 07, 2005

    Lalalalala Zuri is alive-ish but hey the bg is just a big wow from me.....love the whole sky works and the grass fits fine with the image of her smiliing...A smile hides the real emotions of people so that others who see it may find they themselves happy as well , thats how i think it is but it depends....
    Nice job and beautiful work as always! :)

  10. euna Retired Moderator Mar 07, 2005

    kyaa~~~ zuri~~~
    this is so pretty~~~ ^___^
    as OA said.. you're still alive!! -ish >___<
    Air walls have been so popular these days...
    but this one's so pretty...
    i like the way it's unlike other ones which all have blue skies and flower fields >____<
    i gotta tell ya that the sky is a-w-e-s-o-m-e
    I luv the colours and everything...
    great work as usual *fav*

  11. LordStyphon Mar 07, 2005

    Beautiful background you have on this wallpaper. The stars and the nebula look absolutely magnificient. The use of Minagi is also a plus. Great work.

  12. zaira Mar 08, 2005

    wow!!! nice bg!!! te scan is soo cute!! i like the effects you use!!!
    the feather is so nice!!! i like it!! this wall is great!!+fav!

  13. meteorcloud Mar 08, 2005

    waah +_+...zuri is still alive ^_^~!!!!
    suuggoooi +_+~!!!!!!
    the wall is great =D~!
    the landscape is nice ^_^~!
    the effects in the sky looks awesome =)
    hmz..the scan...it looks like it's laking some quality >.>....mayB cg would make it perfect ^_^~!
    ow the bar.....it looks too slicky and light for me >.>....blur should be better =O????
    great job ^_^~!
    fav +

  14. koc31 Banned Member May 16, 2005

    kawaii smile and good resolution~~
    comfitable background!
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. denyse May 16, 2005

    beautiful scan! image and very detailed resolution, continue posting images of Air, because it is a beautiful one encourages! ^ ^

  16. itq5 Jun 04, 2005

    Very nice job, I like the character you have there ^_^ Keep up the good work

  17. Fish13 Jun 05, 2005

    I really like it,
    its very cute :D

  18. dinyelle Aug 10, 2005

    So adorable. I really like the character you've chosen. good job!

  19. CyberSonic Aug 16, 2005

    Great wallpaper you've made there! Somewhat captures the ethereal feel Air has. Well, grass is a bit funny to me but it's very good nonetheless.

  20. kinoko-san Aug 27, 2005

    Very awesome job for Minagi's wallpaper especially for its bg.I like Air too although i don't really understand its story ^_^'

  21. ipiotchi Jun 17, 2006

    she may look happy but the way shes holding her arm i think she might be hiding something

  22. merelie Feb 16, 2007

    minagi's smile is very pretty and very peaceful
    i like to think that she's smiling a genuine smile
    but she's such a deep girl so you never know...
    thank you for sharing :)

  23. reload Apr 24, 2008

    Oh Very beautiful. She 's look brilliance.
    It 's nice art!

  24. daniticha Mar 14, 2009

    Wooooo *.*
    The better wall of Minagi that I ever seen *.* Thanks a looootttt

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