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Lately I've realised just how incredibly cute cat girls are ^_^ and have started on a good few simple cat girl walls. Here's my first finished wall.
This particular character was just too cute to ignore. First time I saw the scan I was like "aww she'd be so cute in a rainy wall" and thus the idea was born. This looks alot like an expanded version of the original scan but that's just because I liked it so much.
It took me ages upon ages to make the pattern of the cobbles using a picture of a real path as a guide and laying down each slab labourously one by one. Perhaps there's an easier way but I didn't know about it.
I've had perspective problems with my past walls so I'm hoping this one looks right.
Comments and advice are always welcome ^_^
Thanks to Sandra for uploading the scan

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  1. Barbara Mar 05, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper Holt, amazing job on the bg, love the rainbow. Way to go friend, a fav :)

  2. exelro Mar 05, 2005

    wow make rainy so cool XD !! a cat girl with umbrella is very great for rainy .
    great work :)

  3. Mordin Mar 05, 2005

    wow, this is a very nice wallie Holt, love the bg and the texture of this wallie. The rainbow is a nice touch, and very skillfully done. good job Holt. :)

  4. Kiako Mar 05, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the girl looks very beautiful and i like the way you made the flor.
    keep it up

  5. skysong Mar 05, 2005

    Ah, yes, cat girls are very cute :)
    And so is this wall! Your hard work was worth it because the finished product really is amazing! Nice job on the path, it looks so nice! The rainbow is beautiful as well :D
    Great job Holt, thanks for sharing this amazing wall!

  6. Ayamael Mar 06, 2005

    i like the bg pattern... the road? looks really cool, and realistic ^^ and the rainbow looks cool ^^ really nice, keep up the great work ^^

  7. volrath77 Mar 06, 2005

    Cool. Very cool indeed. I'm not sure if you could do some puddles in Photoshop or whatever image editor you're using but if you could do that & put rain splatters on the pavement, that would have added more to the realism.

    Anyway, it's just a suggestion. Good work.

  8. StarCentury Mar 06, 2005

    Hey, the pavement you made on the BG looks really cool, Holt! XD Also, the rainbow and cute kitty scan are wonderful together, it ups the kawaii factor nicely! OX Mebbie you can put some water droplets or rain splatters like volrath said, so that you can emphasize the rain realistically! Other than that, nice work Holt! [+ 2 favs] ;)

  9. chisana Mar 06, 2005

    Yay, I totally agree, catgirls are really really cuteee! =^_^= You made a great background for the scan! It fits perfectly with the girl :) Very nice job, fav again ^_~

  10. meteorcloud Mar 06, 2005

    nice simple idea wallpaper ^_^!!!
    the pavement looks nice ^_^~!!! hehe you did a nice joob on that =D~!
    hmz... the rainbow...looks kinda low then ^_^".....
    and mayB you could add some splashes and things on the pavement ^_^
    the scan looks nice =)
    nice job ^_^~!

  11. Sandra Mar 07, 2005

    Hi ! I was in London so sorry that i don't answer your question ! Great wall U made :D I love this scan too ! Fav

  12. Aa-chan Mar 07, 2005

    Very pretty character scan and a simple background makes this a very nice wallpaper ^__^ .

  13. pinkangel Mar 11, 2005

    she looks so adorable miaou!!!^_^ Love cats... and I love simple walls too. You did a great wall here. + fav.

  14. walkure245 Mar 11, 2005

    Owowo, Holt! You really put a lot of effort into this. I so impressed. >_< Those stones probably took forever to do but you did an amazing job. I love the rainbow too. Great work! ^_^

  15. MagicianFairy Mar 22, 2005

    this wall is really pretty, i agree with you about how nice are cat girls, i love this type of pictures!!
    keep up!!

  16. moonstaru Mar 23, 2005

    Very cute wallpaper!!!
    The catgirl is very beautiful and the rainbow is great I love the color!!!
    Great job!!!+FAV!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 28, 2005

    Awwww...soo kwuute!! X3 XD I love the rainbow in the background, I haven't actually seen many rainbows on walls, but it looks great here! A nice and simple wall! Love it. XD *adds to favs*

  18. rorikon Apr 29, 2005

    Yeah, catgirls are cute, uh no, very cute. Glad you've found the way to the heaven of nekomimi lover. Welcome!

  19. gantas Banned Member May 02, 2005

    cute .

  20. Celessa Retired Moderator May 14, 2005

    Wow, this wallpaper is just fantastic!

    I can't believe how much effort was put into make a pathway using those slabs of yours, and trying your best to line them up perfectly. It's just absolutely and nearly flawless, and what else can be said about it? The mist, and the rainbow, topped off with a top-notch, neat looking scan. Amazing!

    What was the best part about this wallpaper was the atmosphere that was settling in. I can't help but point out the way you made the ground. That is, to me, perhaps one of the finest backgrounds I've ever seen in quite a while. I can clearly say that you definitely put a tremendous amount of effort over this here, and it's well worth it, in the long run. The rain - blends so superbly well with everything else. This is just utterly amazing!

    The only real visual problems for me here, which is somewhat not so noticeable is the way you made the rainbow [looks too big in my point of view], and the dirt surrounding on one of the slabs. It looks more non-authentic and the patch looks kinds of wavy in my opinion.

    Everything else - perfect! Way to go Holt! I just love it a lot over here! This wallpaper definitely spells out awesome power!

  21. WWLAOS May 19, 2005

    Woah! The rain! The rain looks awesome. I love the umbrella too. Catgirls ain't my thing, but she's cute. The pavement is amazing. I can't imagine how much work you must have put into that...it's beautiful. The tiles, the splashes, the...everything. Wonderful wallpaper.

    That rainbow's a bit too close to the ground though.... :)

  22. crewcifix Jun 01, 2005

    i love this wallpaper done by you above all your other works, this is my favorite
    awesome texture and most of all, one of the most unique concepts of a rainy season i've seen. good job. keep it up.

  23. starpandangel Jun 29, 2005

    Kawaii! XD The cat girl is cute and I like the rainbow in the bacground. Very nice.

  24. AsunaKitsune Jul 07, 2005

    So cute!! ^.^

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