Lagoon Engine Wallpaper: Another world...

Yukiru Sugisaki, Lagoon Engine, Sakis Snow Herzgil Lagoonaria Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Finally I finish that wallpaper...
I loved so much that image when I saw it in my New Type USA, that I scanned it and wall it.
I didn't read the manga already, it's call Lagoon Engine Einsatz. I think it's a SciFi story so that's where I wanted to go with my wall.
I was thinking... That would be cool if he looks at this amazing futurist city from this mountain.
Yeah that's really cool in my head, but I was about to cry when I started to draw the city.
So the sky was made with brushes, the city with the pen tool and a graphic tablet (thanks God).

It's not exactly what I wanted, but I like it.

Hope you'll like it too.
Constructive comments are really welcome :)

P.S. The tumbnail is really crappy :( .... more details in full view...

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  1. destati Mar 05, 2005

    Pretty good work. I like the light and composition of the wall, but the scan is a bit too sharp in some places, mainly around the head, so it doesn't blend in quite as well. Also, the scenery that he's overlooking is way too cluttered. I couldn't tell what it was at first. I like the concept, but there's too much stuff there for it to be a city, and I can see patterns emerging where the same image pops up more than once. Finally, I think there's not enough color. Even the dark, run down city look has different shades of grey and black. What you have looks too much the same.

    Other than that, good work!

  2. nekosasu Mar 05, 2005

    I like this wall... It somehow emits a lonely feeling. At first sight, the city resembles a sea of skulls, hehe (I actually needed to read the description to find out that it's a city lol). The light effects are great, as well as the sky. Very nice composition, yea.
    I agree with destati though, the wall lacks a bit of color, and the city is way too stuffed... maybe you could have added some lights to the city, dunno...
    Okay, that's all, thanks for your hard work, keep it up! Take care :)

  3. mystvearn Mar 05, 2005

    Very nice. it looks like its underwater or something like that. The light seems its block by something at first.

  4. Asahi Mar 05, 2005

    faaav -> i dont believe that you did the city by yourself ;) *cluff* ! its so awesome.. great job done in my eyes =) like the colors in it !

  5. jasmine Retired Moderator Mar 05, 2005

    Very nice wall <- what a stupid comment >.<' but there is nothing else that I can say since I do not make walls myself. I really like it.
    Btw. the manga Lagoon Engine Einsatz is drawn by Yukiru Sugisaki the same author as DN Angel and there is a separate category for her artwork ^__^

  6. Rella Mar 05, 2005

    Ooh, it's one of Sugisaki Yukiru's newest works! I love the manga!!

    Anyway, you did a wonderful job on the wallpaper. It looks like a dark scene and it's just so nice. Good work! ^^

  7. tru-chan Mar 05, 2005

    Hey, Anj! I actually drew this dude. XD A long time ago... >_>
    Anyway! Great job! I love the way you put him to work. XD The mini town looks nice.
    Goes with the whole atmosphere. ^^
    Nice job but I think you need something more in the background...

  8. darkwaterbunny Mar 05, 2005

    Wow!! You did such a great job on this wallpaper!!! You put so much work into it, you drew the city <.< holy crap. Thats really grat! Love the effects that you used, lettering looks great!! Sun light looks great and the scan looks great!! fav!!!

  9. zaira Mar 06, 2005

    all i can say is!!!! this walll isss sssooooo cool!!!!!! you made the city!!! wow!!! you pretty good!!!! i love this wall!!! you did a great job!!!!!the scan is asloo cute!!! +fav!!!!!keep it up!!! XD

  10. TMC Mar 06, 2005

    Nice wall I like the misty effect on the wall looks cool. Also the character looks cool too. Nice job keep it up, Fav.

  11. semanga Mar 06, 2005

    that is a very awesome wall the city in the bg looks great you do a exellent work and it fits great to the scan one of your best wall sweety ^^ keep it up and make more walls like this XD

  12. Takeshi1589 Mar 07, 2005

    Quote by jasminethe manga Lagoon Engine Einsatz is drawn by Yukiru Sugisaki the same author as DN Angel and there is a separate category for her artwork ^__^

    Uhh...Sugisaki...is a man...(right?)
    Einsatz is so awesome~~~!! It's going to be released in America before it hits Japan!! XD Awesome wall! It's...just so cool!

  13. arien Mar 07, 2005

    amazing wall, . . . .can you tell me what do you mean about graphic table i dont know what that thing . . .??

  14. khatuido Mar 07, 2005

    L'ensemble est tres jolie! Le seul truc c'est je connais pas l'anime et je reconnais pas ce qu'il y a dans le background? C'est quoi? des legumes?

  15. Spriggan Mar 08, 2005

    Quote by khatuido je reconnais pas ce qu'il y a dans le background? C'est quoi? des legumes?

    des legumes O_O hahahahah yer drole quand-meme XD

    bon j'vient de finalement voir ton wall..pas trop tot ^_^' lol ouin ben j'tavoue que c'est l'un ou le wall que ta fait que j'prefere! j'adore les couleurs! fade et sombre..sa fit super bien avec le context du wall..pis c'est bon pour les yeux contrairement au wall ultra flachant quia souvent ici..
    j'avoue que moi aussi ces la premiere fois que j'entend ou voie quelque chose des cette serie...mais franchement , le scan est vraiment cool!! c'est un gars O_O y passerais facilement pour une fille ^_^' anyway ..cool effet de rayon de soleil pis plutot creatif comme ville haha c'est tu toi qui la dessiner? j'aime bien , c'est original!
    desoler si c'est pas vraiment constructif..mais moi chui un appreciateur et non un critiqueur lol en-t-k , hot wall Anji ...un fav pour sure.

  16. ShiNN Mar 16, 2005

    Aww.. nice! Very suggestive background, I wish I could have come up with the same concept ehehe. I really like the rays of light effect coming from the top left. An other one in my favs :)

  17. Dray Mar 19, 2005

    O.O je vois que j'en es rater plien de tes wall ouuuu la la !!!(pas bien sa) >_<
    surtout quand il son super bien fait, franchement les fond tu les fait super bien et le personnage s'accorde bien dans le decor

    obliger fav ;)

  18. kai Apr 22, 2005

    Dang........that loooks really cool......if only the size were smaller then I could use it for my desktop, oh well. Really well done. :D

  19. Kupi-chan May 16, 2005

    J'aime beaucoup les couleurs de ta composition et l'ambiance qui s'en dégage :)

  20. masseuro Jun 08, 2005

    Salut d'abord merci pour ce wall il est beau comme tout XD!!!
    je le trouve particulierement bien detaille! J'adore le puit de lumiere :)

    Et puis si tu veux du constructif euh.... bah je sais pas je dirais qu'il manque de relief ouais c ça on a trop l'impression de voir une page (c peut etre mon écran ? ) mais je vois que ca pas plus dsl si t'as trop bien fait :) !!

  21. AzumiShinsengumi Jun 12, 2005

    OMG I didn't know there were ANY Lagoon Engine wallpapers out on the internet!!! This is awsome-ness. ^_^ Props to you.

  22. didou Jun 21, 2005

    whooo.Excellent I love this wallpaper. Thank you very much for your beautiful work
    That I love in this wallaper is the back, it's very beautiful
    I hope to see others walls make by you

    thanks :D :D

  23. Cagari Jun 27, 2005

    Me likey!!! Very pretty wall!!!.....wait....very sad looking wall too!!! But I like it!!! I think the another world thing fits very well with the backround.

  24. shinorei Jun 30, 2005

    yes, thumbnail looks oddly distorted. no worries, i always take full-view and comment on it.
    everything's pretty grey and sad. however, it's quite good what with the coming in of the sunlight through the grey clouds towards him, (the character) and the building lookalikes. not bad and keep up the good work! :D

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