Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: ~Lost in a dying world~

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Artist Comment

Hey, ^^ just a new wallpaper by me, after a whole week.

I worked since sunday on it, and yes it's a deprimistic wallpaper....
I think it is not ... urm good enough... people told me otherwise.... but yes

I'm happy this morning, don't know why!

I also have to thank some people^^
Felesya, who helps me with the planets, she such made awesome and pretty wallpapers! Susan-chan, ( no susan, that aren't clouds, that is snow ><"), Osi who already said he like it and also the thank goes to Brommy-chan ^^

AND THE BIGGEST THANK GOES TOOOOO..... my sweet loving Lenya, I love you, don't forget it!

It's wallpaper for all who are a little bit sad at the moment....
A lyric is also dedicated to my wallpaper!
Uh, it's in German, don't worry, I'm sorry

"Irgendwann wirst du in meinen Armen aufwachen
Sehen das die Welt nicht Schwarz/Weiss ist
Ich werde dir die schoenen Dinge des Lebens zeigen
Wach doch auf, komm endlich zurueck
Und ich werde warten bis du aufwachst...
Wenn du dann aufwachst
werde ich dich mehr lieben als schon jetzt..."

I hope all who can read it will like this poem by me.... ^__^

and yes, first time I've made ok looking planets, do ya think the same?

Thanks also goes to my sister Sema ^_^ yes snow is asymetric^^

EDIT: I have to say, it is 100% selfmade, just using the original photoshop7 brushes, nothing more ^_^ I draw those little glowflowers by myself 'cause my sweety wanted to have some flowers, Leuchteblumen XD

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  1. Vivid-Rein Mar 05, 2005

    Such a sexy wallpaper, its one of the greatest i have seen so far. The scan and mixture of elements is perfect. Sorry, im a bit tipsy :3 -favs-

  2. aneres Mar 05, 2005

    The background matches the picture of Syaoran and Sakura beautifully. Thanks for sharing it with us~

  3. DarkEVO Mar 05, 2005

    Cool Tsubasa wallpaper chrno. I like the creation of this wallpaper. Very well done on the snow. +Fav.

  4. Lenya Mar 05, 2005

    wuh, I love it =D *desk* hm Leuchtblumen ** and your planets are nice XD really ^_^

  5. chibikko Mar 05, 2005

    nice wallpaper chrno, but a bit cliche. anyway i like the TRC style and the bg matches the scan but you have a ''dass'' mistake in the sentence at the bottom xD

  6. Susan-chan Mar 05, 2005

    ok:D i know now it's not cloud:D it became really nice^^ i see u worked a bit more on the sky:) and yes...i liked this wally too since u showed me^^

  7. Hanazaki Mar 05, 2005

    waaarrggghh!!!! oh my god...... tsubasa..... i'm so crazy about this...... i luv it...... definitely go to my favourite....... XD XD XD

  8. Rella Mar 05, 2005

    Ooh, so pretty and romantic at the same time. Syaoran and Sakura are just so cute together. Well done! ^^

  9. darkwaterbunny Mar 05, 2005

    woot! A Tsubasa wallpaper, a love these...Whoa! The tumb-nail does NOT give this wallpaper justice...its truly great! I love the snow! The golden flowers are a very nice tocuh. Some things to work on would be the lettering, looks a little too small!!! But grez, the whole wallpaper is too good for words! Dont go so hard on yourself, and evven though I cant read the lyrics, I'm sure they are just as good. Great job with the planets and the scan extraction, everything looks so good!! fav from me ^_~

  10. zaira Mar 06, 2005

    this wall is soo cool!!! i like the scan!!!!!! bg is also cool!! it fits the scan!!!
    i like the moon and um...is that a cloud? oh well! this is a great wall!+fav!


  11. irix Mar 06, 2005

    that's a very beautiful wall... but for me needs a misty fog for the sensation of the wind in the snow!!! ^^ +fav

  12. mughi Mar 06, 2005

    Phew, what a wallpaper. The background is cold and cruel world. The character's pose is like they are expecting to be attacked any moment. I like it. Thanks. :D

  13. DarkCrimson Mar 06, 2005

    Wow its such a wonderfull Wallie Flo.You did an amazing Job with this one.
    The Background looks really nice.I like the cool looking Light Effects and the cute little Fireflys.
    The Chacters are fit in well.Its a Favorite for sure.
    Add it right now.Thanks for sharing
    Well done Flo*Hug* :D :)

  14. semanga Mar 06, 2005

    ohhh my lovely brother you have make this wonderful wall i dont know how much different versions i have see from this wall. And i must say you have make it great it was very hard to make this wall finish i remember you have sometimes said that you will delete all and make a different wall from a other scan ...

    But i must say i am so glad that you didn't do this wonderful work sweety you deserve a lot of more fav ^^ wish you good look to come in the top fav ^^

    PS : ja schnee faellt asymethrisch ^^

  15. StarCentury Mar 06, 2005

    Such a very cool Tsubasa wallie, chrno! The planet with the light shimmering on the top right corner looks awesome and the other planet covered by the scan is real clever & edgy! XD Also, the falling snow and the snow on the ground are beautifully rendered realistically! Finally, the Tsubasa scan is one of the best scans I've ever seen, it's so neat and very hi-quality! You did an amazing job with your wallpaper, chrno! Kudos! [+ 2 favs, highest recommendation] XD

  16. Angstbunny Mar 07, 2005

    very nice, you really did well expressing the feeling of the characters in the scan, how it looks like they have to make their way through the snow or a blizzard. The effects are very good and the scan looks crip and clear. good job +fav

  17. GintheTwilightswords Mar 08, 2005

    Your wall is very much good chrno ^_^ !! Dosen't look bad at all :). The bg is gorgeous, it looks great with the outfits those two have on ^uu^ . You and Felesya's job on the planets is great, I like how the one on the left has a star/glimmer shining on it.The snow is good too, I like how it falls across their outfits and even though the ground looks like clouds (it's snow, I know), it's still good. Wonderful job chrno XD !

  18. azmeir Mar 08, 2005

    i don't understand why some says that this wallpaper is sexy, I think it's cute! The perfect couple together like that wow! I like love it!

  19. euna Retired Moderator Mar 08, 2005

    awwww;; pretty~~~
    I like the planet and the shooting star going right into it ^_<
    Very nice bg...
    The scan's really nice and goes well with the snow... yay~~ snow~~ >___<
    Anywayz, looks great. nice work!

  20. Electrastar Mar 08, 2005

    That is an awsome Tsubasa wallpaper. I adore the icy wasteland you created as a backdrop for the image of Sakura and Syaoran.....It adds to Sakura's sad worried expression and makes Syaoran's determination seem even greater.

    Very beautiful wallpaper, plus it kinda reminds me of what my country looks like right now :P

  21. Angelette Mar 09, 2005

    Very pretty and simple. I like the planet. Keke~ Tsubasa is always nicenice. Pretty wallie~

  22. Starblaze Mar 09, 2005

    Love the background and the wallpaper.

  23. kai81220 Mar 09, 2005

    nice wall =] i like how its has a secluded feeling. the planets look cool too. its a fav ^^

  24. CLAMPchic Mar 09, 2005

    I like this a lot...you made Sakura and Syaoran look natural against the bg...the planets are really good, too. The snow and little flowers are cool...altogether a very well done job! Keep it up!

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