Shinigami no Ballad Wallpaper: Celestial Guardian

Nanakusa, Group TAC, Shinigami no Ballad, Momo (Shinigami no Ballad), Daniel Wallpaper
Nanakusa Mangaka Group TAC Studio Shinigami no Ballad Series Momo (Shinigami no Ballad) Character Daniel Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

waiiii...i luv the wings..hehe ^-^; uhm..are there too much stars?XD... she's guarding the gate between heaven and galaxy..and the cat is her lil' helper ^_^ nya... time:3-4 hours, 40 layers and only one brush (the wings of the cat..>_<) and the scan is from moebord!^-^
btw: thx to chibi for the title ^_^

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  1. Makhan Mar 04, 2005

    First poster here, eh? Well, I have to say that I like what you did with the wings in this. They're very creative, and they contrast nicely with the fact that the girl is holding a scythe. The large moon is an awfully strange position for a wallpaper, though that's actually nice--something rather unique. It further draws attention to the focus, by putting it lower than the focus, which is nice. I'm not terribly fond of the blurred star background outside of the gate, though I like the idea--it's very creative, and again puts focus on the girl.

    What draws me so much to this wallpaper, though, is the nice use of contrasts--contrasts of ideas, contrasts of colors. The girl that is the focus is all in white, which contrasts largely with the fact that she's holding a scythe, as well as the black cat in front of said scythe. The cat in and of itself offers some interesting contrasts--a black cat with angel wings and a halo is an extemely interesting idea. The contrast between the two black moons and the light colors of the focus of the wallpaper are also quite nice. And then there's the contrast between the starry background outside of the gate, and those inside. If you'd used less stars, I'd like this a whole lot better. Nice job!

  2. MechaGriffen Mar 04, 2005

    ...yea what he said.

    And again, what I usually look at when I'm inspecting walls, is the use of space. Nothing makes a picture stand out more like oddly filled in sections, or unbalanced scenery. Because the wings are so high and spread out across the midsection to hi-section of the image, putting the moon in the bottom corner was a nice save. The way all the sections of the picture fit together is nothing short of jigsaw. Nice work, and I love the picture.

    waaaa! nekowa kawaii desu!

  3. Asahi Mar 04, 2005

    the moon in the front i didnt like the smaller one behind the door is suitable for this wp. very nice idea with the room in the front . but imo the chara needs a bit layer-work ;) . nice how always =)

  4. exelro Mar 04, 2005

    wings on girl look so cool , and she is cute too :)
    background effects make ver good .
    but i dont know why i dont like a cat a little ^_^'

  5. Adrima Mar 04, 2005

    I really love details on the 'door' above the girl.
    also the effects on the backround are really great :D
    maybe the chara needs some layer work
    but I really like the scan - fits really good to the bg ^^
    (nekos are so kawaiiii ^__^)

  6. fati Mar 04, 2005

    how sweet I like it
    also the colors of the wallpaper are great

  7. StarCentury Mar 04, 2005

    Wheeeeeee~! XD Your starfield wallie looks real cool, Felesya! Although you may be right that there's too many stars, but at least it doesn't distract at all! ^_^' Also, the moon on the bottom right looks a bit wierd for my taste, but that's ok! The wings on the character and the kitty is what drew me on your wallie! It's very soft and pretty as well! :D Overall, if you lower the amount of stars on the starfield, you're wall will looks fabulous! Just a suggestion, Felesya! [+ 2 favs] ;)

  8. zaira Mar 05, 2005

    eya!!! felesya!!!! wow!! this wall is awesome!!! i love the scan!! the bg is also cool! the wings are sure nice! the colors are sure perfect!!! the moon is cute! this wall is great!+fav! :nya: keep it up!

  9. Rella Mar 05, 2005

    It looks really cute. The whole wallpaper looks really nice. Especially the moon and the outerspace background.

  10. ShiNN Mar 05, 2005

    awesome. Though I have a tons of wallpapers with starfields etc this one is top-notch, I really really like how the girl blends with the background and I really like her wings (did you draw them or did you use brush for them?). +fav!

  11. DarkCrimson Mar 06, 2005

    Oh cute new Wallie from you felesya.You did a great Job with the Background.I like the cool looking Moon and this blue glowing Gate behind her.(cute Cat hehe :) )Also very nice Wings.
    Add it to my Favorites.
    Im looking forward for your next one.Well done XD

  12. gantas Banned Member May 02, 2005

    Great .

  13. hikarinotenshi Jun 24, 2005

    wow, love the shimmery effects!

  14. yuiyui01 Jul 07, 2005

    great concept of the wallie felesya *can't spell your name well yet XD *
    the idea of protecting the door between heaven and galaxy looks great *you got imagination * tough the expression on the girl's face says "dont mess with me XD"
    i like the bg, the chara, the little neko :D and of course the effects you used
    great idea for a great job XD omedeto!^^

  15. k84 Oct 01, 2005

    I like the concept of this wallpaper and it look simple and nice with great effect.

  16. redbaroness226 Oct 13, 2005

    I really like this scan! It turned out great.
    Thanks for sharing! Her wings are so pretty!

  17. pector Oct 25, 2005

    perhps there is too much light effect in this one, but, this is angelic style isn't it ?
    wonderful picture, keep sharing those ! thx a lot

  18. Impera Dec 12, 2005

    YAY !
    very very very nice work here, those wings look super !

  19. Melisandre Mar 31, 2007

    Amazing, just magical, thanks for it ;)

  20. Hikari87 May 31, 2007

    The effects in the bg are totally awesome~~ really luv them especially the galaxy! It would be better if the scan/Momo able to blend more into it.. anyway, keep up the great work! =D

  21. KwonLeeNa Nov 29, 2010

    Angels and Demons ..... a unique combination .... I am very interested in this category

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