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a very strange wall i made here. it started off with me originally finding pic of the girl on 4chan. i went about vectoring it in a very complex manner but in the final product you see here, she has been shrunk down so small that my vectoring work seems to have gone to waste. hopefully people can still recognize the amount of work that went into this vector sense its probably one of the most tedious i have ever done.
anyways, after i finished vectoring, which took about a week, i started experimenting heavily with bg ideas. i literally spent a whole weekend cycling through ideas and fiddling around with just about anything that i could think up. actually, i had about 4 different saved psds for this one wall sense i had gone through so many different ideas for a wall. in the end, it kinda came together in this sort of surreal montage i have here. i took bits from my experiments and ideas and spent about three days putting it together and overall adding the finishing touches.
what i ended up with, is the wall submitted. its strange cause when i went about making this wall i hadnt planned to make it mean anything, but somehow subconciously i put in something in it that was happening in my life.

to start off with, i was completely planning to do film as a career up until recently. sense early highschool i always had a love for cinema and thought going into a career in the actual production of movies was the way to go. recently though, i have discovered that making films is not something that i can imagine doing for the rest of my life. i was always pretty sure that i was gonna do art as a career but it seems that film was a bad choice. i tihnk i mistaked my love for watching movies over making them myself. anyways, getting to the point, i recently started taking kung fu and had a desire to explore other arts to do as a career. kung fu for one is the first time in a long time that i really enjoyed doing something. the other side to this is also that i recently had a desire to explore the art of music making. so right now, im pretty devoted to step away from film production and move onto something else. for now, i decided to take some music classes next quarter to follow up on an intro to music class i took this quarter to explore the field more.
so anyways, the big question is how in the heck does this relate to this wall? well after i finished making it i saw symbols that subconciously made it into the picture that sort of represented my situation. the train that i put passing by seems to convey that i need to change/move on to something else and the three guitars shown can depict that i need to make a choice once again. theres also some other aspects of the wall that are along these lines but i dont tihnk ill go into it for sake that ive already wrote way too much for any of you to read.
lastly, the title "high hopes" kind of reflects how i felt about this and is taken from the pink floyd song.

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist growing
The water flowing
The endless river

Forever and ever....

and damn, i seriously wrote way too much......

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  1. Nickmay2k Mar 02, 2005

    speechless.....utterly beautiful.....i like everything about it: the colors, the background, the theme, the girl!!!

  2. mystvearn Mar 02, 2005

    Nice. It is very strange. Different. Not like the usual one character wallpeper. I like it

  3. will-sama Mar 02, 2005

    Yes it's a strange wallpaper ;) but it's very Great ^^
    Good Job and Thank you !!!

  4. zaira Mar 02, 2005

    wow!!! this is soo awesome!!!! all i can say is!!! AweSOme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your so super!!!!!!!! i like everything!! almost perfect!!!!!!!!! great great job!!!!!!+++++fav! XD
    but do you have 1024x768 reso???? i really like it very much! ^_^'

  5. ShiNN Mar 02, 2005

    Absolutely beautiful. Everything. I like the sort of "dirty" style you gave to the whole wallpaper. Man how did you draw the background? That's soo great. I mean I wish I could learn to draw such wonderful bg's ^^ . This one goes straight into my favouries :)

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2005

    I guess the wait is over, thought you took a hiatus but noentheless this was one of those scans whiich i wanted to wall but never got in on the image to make it so i guess you did something worthwhile which you were into for a long time even though it wasnt something youd expect to like...I myself am taking courses all at once which was a total drag for me cos i cant stick to one thing (Painting/drawing, Printmedia, Sculpture, Photography and Interdisciplinary media or what you people call it Film) Stressful as it is but at least it teaches me something and i hope it does for you... :)

    Anyway after that long coment i just wanted to say, i wish there was only One guitar and the rest could have been a guitar case and luggage, like shes waiting for the bus or something like that but i do like the 3 guitars of the Kabayeros....XD Bg and city scape is awesome and the title reminds me of the song "High hopes, hes got high hopes...you know the song!
    Anyway a must fav for this tenfold! :)

    p.s. Did i overdetail-complement your work? Im in a melancholy state so dont mind me... >_>*sigh*

  7. meteorcloud Mar 02, 2005

    nice wallpaper crap=)
    hmz....a film career..interesting =)
    the effects on the back looks great =)
    the sillhoutte of te city is nice to =)
    hmz..only those guitars bothers me abit >.>....i think I'll agree with what OA said .....luggage should be better.......also...the guitar looks a bit flat >.>.....
    ow well...great wallpaper overall =)
    keep the works =)

  8. alternate Mar 02, 2005

    well this wall sure looks misterious in a way... the hidden messagse.
    but it's a good nice one. great.

  9. zefiroN Mar 02, 2005

    Great wallpaper.. love the grunge look on it. And very nice bg, wonderful art.

  10. UndyingShadow Mar 02, 2005

    this is an amazing wall crap, I can tell all the emotion you put into this one, and it works out really well. awesome job with the effects and great use of the scan.

  11. calisqo Mar 02, 2005

    awesome work , especially when viewed in the large thumb .
    Just awesome.

    The city on the bg , has nice looks to it, and also the the grafity on the wall, and the awesome textured sky my fav^^.
    all these pieces in my opinion , creates a nice connection to one another.
    And not to foget the awesome font u've chosen for this work.

    However , i feel that the greek order (the pillar) has dominated the whole composition within the wall.
    It took away a lot of values from the wall.
    It kinda stands out a bit to much, making the viewer to alter their attention to this.
    It's probably because of the unaturalistic scale, supressing the girl and making the pillar to exagerate it's value.

    However this is still an awesome work.
    IN term of effort and ideas, so it's a well deserved fav ^_^
    Keep it up "Crap" ^^

  12. ayaki Mar 02, 2005

    Wow i think it looks awesome!~
    i love the grunge effect and how u did to the sky...
    The first thing that attracted my eyes was the pillar!~..maybe u can make it a bit smaller?..i dunno... but nonetheless, it's a great great wallpaper!~
    love the color theme, it just looks like a piece of art ^^
    just excellent work :) i can definitely see the hard work u've put into this wallpaper
    definitly deserve a fav...and hope to see more coming from you ^^
    and good luck to your music exploration ;)

  13. Sir-Boingal0t Mar 02, 2005

    heeey....*clicks on thumbnail*...........wh0aaaaaaaa! @_@!

    now this is what im fakkin talking about........a really nice was wall long due in this place.
    I can notice all the crazy stuff u did for the character also.....who knew making a vectored character soo small would make it look so.....detailed @_@
    the steps and the columns.......r really nice
    the work on the textures and the sky enchances the mood put in this wall really well

    the only problems I see is........some of the lines r really pixellated
    and it would have been cooler if the steps matched the perspective of the oncoming train
    and u coulda vectored that train too >=P~
    ....but all that stuff is just nitpicking
    ....when seen as a whole........everything fits in rather nicely.

    a wall full of confusion and disorder........ ........i love it lol

    im glad to know...........that some still put love in their wall.

    nice job man

  14. frozenwilderness Mar 03, 2005

    What do you mean gone to waste. I just stared at it and was like vector work.. what?? vector work?? O__o

    I love it when it's hard to tell whether someone vectored or not.. I don't really like obvious vectors. But textured vectors are the greatest :) My god you did great on this one.

    This wall is.. different.. creative change from the usual types of walls here XD I love different things ^^ This better get on top favs or I'll be pissed..

  15. Rex Mar 03, 2005

    this is great actually.....vectored girl or not XD
    but ur efforts won't gone to waste, i bet it looks better now compare if u were just to use the original image.

    the bg, now that's something o.O
    the coloum and the stairs was done very very nicely, and the shadows is just awesome.

  16. biriwilg Retired Moderator Mar 03, 2005

    Dayum, Crapmonster, you rock my socks as always. Have I mentioned lately that I <3 you? XD This is just incredible. When I saw this my mouth fell open and it flew onto my desktop as fast as my mouse could move. XD The things you do with design and color just blow me away. Simply incredible job, I hope you make front page deary, you really deserve it. And I wish you the best of luck in deciding what you want to do! ^^

  17. PikaMoon Mar 03, 2005

    Wow. Totally luv. You defintely put a lot of thought and work into this wall. Fave. There's not much else I can say unless you want me to list every thing that I like, and that's everything this wall consists of. :)

    o, how did you get that awesome texture look for the whole wall. It looks really cool and I have this wall I want to do that needs to have that in it. Or at least look kinda old (?) or wrinkly (?). Not sure how to describe it...well, if you can find the time to tell me, that would be great and much appreciated. Keep up the great work on all those wallies! :D

  18. StarCentury Mar 03, 2005

    Whoa man! >.< You write too much, crapmonster! ^_^' Anyhoo, your grunge/scenic wallie looks too awesome! o_0 I see the stone-like details on the wall looks and feels exquisite, like as if it was painted on a brick wall! Plus the scan with the guitars feels a lot grungy and beautifully integrated well with the BG nicely! It's so pleasant to see your originality blossom, crapmonster! My fav wallie for my fav waller! XD

  19. may Mar 03, 2005

    Wow.. very cool scenery you've set up here.. such a unique and creative touch you add here.. ^_^ .. Not something you see everyday..

  20. tru-chan Mar 03, 2005

    This wallpaper is really awesome. I just love the atmosphere of it with the guitars. ^^
    i especially love the writing (which is really the G word) on the wall behind the guitars. :3 Plus the buildings and the sky in the background is awesome and purtty! <3

    (Err.... well I can't write alot.... type I suppose as the others....)

  21. AngieTenshi Mar 04, 2005

    It's a very interesting wallpaper. I really like it, the column is well done, the sky is different from what I'm used to see and it looks wonderful... it has a very unique feel. Great job!

  22. KittyCyn Mar 05, 2005

    Wow! Very impressive! :o This is a nice and original way to wall! :) I like it! And the girl looks very cute down that huge column hehe XD
    Adding this original one to My Favs* and u to my friendlist if you don't mind ^^
    Byex! and Keep it up! ;)

  23. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 05, 2005


    this is one of saki's favooriitee walliiess from mt ... *-* then it's the full moon one .. XD XD

    tee heeez .. the bg roxoorrzz .. *-* itz soo cooool .. ne ne neee~ oppppaaa .. XD XD make some tuts for us .. XD XD or just for me .. XD XD roflz ...

    the bg ish soo gooooooddd!! ^-^ and the vector is sooo purtyfull .. different style from the others .. XD yup yupp~ wittoo saki noticed .. XD

    oooh .. a music careeerr~<33 saki plays piano!! ^o^ and saki wubs it .. butbutbut .. the teacher sucks .. >.<

    *poke pokkerrzz* make lots of money and buy saki lots of stuff .. roflz ..

  24. Neeya Mar 05, 2005

    Ahh I saw this on AL ^_^ I really like it; I believe your artwork should always reflect what you feel. It doesn't matter what everyone thinks of the details that you put in, if they say they don't make sense to them, because it makes sense to you. You're the artist, and hopefully, you're doing this for your own happiness and by sharing something that has made you happy, maybe it will make others happy also, but that's their choice, and they have no room to criticize.

    And I understand your situation (I had the thought my entire life that I would go into some type of art field, but after my second year in college, I decided I couldn't see myself doing art, since I'd have to create FOR others, to earn a living, rather then just for myself.) So yeah, English major now (which I love also! Ahhh Italian Lit <3) until I figure things out, heh. ^_^

    Wonderful work, as always, and I can see the hard work put into that vector, from the details in the dress. It looks like this was a very well-thought out wall, and a reflection of your feelings (it has a very interesting mood to it, from my perspective!).

    i say great job! ^_^

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