Uchuu no Stellvia Wallpaper: Stellvia - Romance Beyond Space

Uchuu no Stellvia, Kouta Otoyama, Shima Katase Wallpaper
Uchuu no Stellvia Series Kouta Otoyama Character Shima Katase Character

2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A wallpaper from a vectorwork I made the other day
you can find it here : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/90879/ :D
This is my first 2048x1536 wallpaper... yep

Characters are vectored from a screenshot, and bg totally made from scratch, using my ever faithful PS7 :)

More resolutions at [FRAGMENTS] rilly soon...

Enjoy ;)

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  1. smilebit Mar 02, 2005

    i really like the vector work here.
    really spiffy. also the background adds to the atmosphere of the piece.
    really cute. thanks for posting.

  2. acid-awakening Mar 02, 2005

    nice wall :D ^^
    the earth looks nice,.... and the otha BG bits 2 :D ^^
    the colours on the window thingie is very kool,.... i like the shiny bits :D ^^
    thanx for sharing,..... c u later :D ^^

  3. juanicths Mar 02, 2005

    woh~ the bg fits in with the screenshot really well!! good job!

    *pats back*

  4. irix Mar 02, 2005

    that's a nice kiss!!! wow!!! so beutiful scenery!!! ^^

  5. dans Mar 02, 2005

    so this is your new stellvia wall. XD
    it makes me want to do a vector wall. :D
    the vector is really good and bg match the chars.
    great job !! :D

  6. cerena Mar 02, 2005

    wow, after vectoring then u make the wallie ^^ great ^^ korganos... ^^ u are so hardworking ahahahaha the bg is suitable with this cute couple ahahahha

  7. Rex Mar 02, 2005

    ah ah

    i was waiting for this!!

    u got me excited with the normal vector already!

    i can't wait till season two of stellvia too :D

    anyways, great job with the vector and scenery

  8. ventures Mar 02, 2005

    umm ,,nice one..>.<
    the bg u made is as good as always, from scratch you say ? wah!! I have so much catchin up to do ...hehe..anyway..nice vectorin...everythin looks smooth n clean ,crisp n sharp lol
    they're in a spaceship..so nice....ur outerspace scenes r so nice ^^
    *gotta fav it as usual ~~ *
    thanx for the beautiful wall...sukidess..

  9. RaXiv Mar 02, 2005

    Korgz... very nice wall but it lacks originality... try to think more of the idea! Thats my suggestion! [ iam suggesting that Youre walls are starting to go "all the same" which is bad... ]
    Youre friends is only suggestin! Consider please! RaXiV!

  10. Asahi Mar 02, 2005

    hello friend , thats very high quallity work - how always of your works . i like it a lot. ecpacially i like it a lot because in the glasses is the reflection of the two ones ^.^ . the space behind the glass looks cool too

  11. KittyCyn Mar 02, 2005

    Ok! This wallie just confirm what I say you in your Vector Work....you're amazing!! :nya:
    The whole stuff...the gr8 vector + the gr8 BG...wow, those stars take me out of earth with them! Lol XD It's a very creative idea to give the kiss a Space Trip Backgroud...never seen this b4! ;) Keep it up! And huggles KorganoS again! :)
    +Fav 4 you (again hehe) :D

  12. Jormungand Mar 02, 2005

    Whee~! That was fast @_@
    Very nice... not too complicated, great space background too ^.~
    definitely a fav :D
    Waiting for the smaller res... this is too huge for my tiny screen XD

  13. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2005

    yay the wallie! ^_^ it's very beautiful as I expected from the great Kogie ^_^
    very nice bg as always and very nice vector =^_^= great job like always

  14. Kurosawa Mar 02, 2005

    omg O_O.
    The size is really big xd
    i like the scenery bg and the theme really romantic,very beautiful XD
    lol , I like your vector works korgs XD
    Great job korgs XD

  15. tiantito Mar 02, 2005

    awesome scenary and the vecor is great ..what a cute kiss
    is really big ... nice job looks really vool
    :D :D\

  16. darkwaterbunny Mar 02, 2005

    so pretty! You did a great job with the vector ^_~ I love the space theme ^_^ nice!!! And its different from other space styles...great job!!!

  17. Electrastar Mar 02, 2005

    Never saw this anime I must admit...But I love the backround. A spaceship is really cute and the image you vectored is adorable. Top notch work as usual.

  18. StarCentury Mar 02, 2005

    x_x Holy toledo! That's one huge wallpaper, Korgie-san! ^_^' Wellie, the Stellvia vector looks really cool, and the planet hovering on the bottom gives it a romantic feeling, in a very cool way! Also, the blue stars and nebula are so damn pretty to look at, and the text on top is integrated real well! See you still have that magic touch within you, Korgie-san! XD Keep up the good work, my friend! ;)

  19. DarkEVO Mar 02, 2005

    This is a seriouly nice piece of wallpaper being done here.

  20. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2005

    This wallpaper is really good, first of all the vector is awesome. You put it to great work in this wallpaper. The stars are alright, not the best they could be, but they fit well. The earth scene is just amazing, I love how you added that. The ship and reflection look well also. Overall, this is a great piece. You are truly one of the best artist on Minitokyo. :)

  21. meteorcloud Mar 02, 2005

    waah +_+....romantic wall korg xd~!! the vector was nice and your wall is great too ^_^~!
    hmz...the reflection on the window of the characters are nice ^_^
    well..the stars and the earth could be alittle bit better >.>....but this is still great +_+~!!!!
    great work korg ^_^~!!!!!! as always xd~!!!!!! korg......teach me XD~!!!!

  22. UndyingShadow Mar 02, 2005

    that's a very sweet scan you used there KorganoS, and you did an amazing job with the bg. The reflection in the window is a nice touch.

  23. Yina Mar 02, 2005

    this is really a big one.. ^_^' I like the 3D effects on the bg and the earth looks beautiful!! ^^ ┬┤Wonderful job again! +fav ^^

  24. kalicodreamz Mar 02, 2005

    where have you been?! lol
    nice waaaaall.
    the vector looks great, and while it's yet another space background, it's stellvia, and done really nicely, so it works.
    -pats korgie on the back-
    you havn't been at AP lately >.>
    -drags korgie off to AP-

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