Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Promise under the moonlight

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yeah, at last new wall. donno what to say anymore. >< thanks for whom comments or fav it first ahahaha. i hope u all like it >< i'm so out of confident to it arrggg, my heart is jumping around.

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  1. Kiako Mar 01, 2005

    the wallpaper looks very beautiful, i like the background and its reflection in the water.

  2. cygnus Mar 01, 2005

    hehe...you're submit it at last XD love the bg so much, already like it when first saw on thumb, but after dl it....very good bg you've made :D about the stars' reflection on the water (? or lake?), I think it shouldn't be that sharp, but that just a minor flaw. But I don't like the scan, athrun with cagalli, it should be athrun and ME XD

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2005

    yay very beautiful ^_^ Cerena I love the bg beautiful colors you used very nice looks like a sunset almost very nice job =^_^= keep it up

  4. Ayamael Mar 01, 2005

    oh, Cagalli and Athrun... nice... i just started watching Gundam Seed and i'm already hooked... anyways, i love the colors of the background... so poetic, the mood is really good ^^ and the reflection in the water is really well done... great work, keep it up!!

  5. NikaNeko Mar 01, 2005

    Nice wall a very pretty bg,
    I love the scan of AthrunxCagalli:D
    Well done!In my fav :)

  6. EevaLeena Mar 01, 2005

    Lovely background.... but I think it'll look better if you lower the opacity of the reflections.... XD

  7. KeiranHalcyon Mar 01, 2005

    Wow, I like this wallpaper. The background fits the picture from Athrun and Cagalli, and it looks really great. Godd work!

  8. Yina Mar 01, 2005

    wow.. the bg looks really cool!! O.O I love the combination of these colours and the two persons fit fantasticly! ^^ Excellent job! +fav

  9. Tabernero Mar 01, 2005

    It is a nice wall, I also like the bg, the problem with the wall is in the pic, you should work more in the cleaning process because I can see several black points in it.

  10. Rella Mar 01, 2005

    Ooh, pretty background scene! How romantic. They're my favorite couple in Gundam Seed. ^^

  11. meteorcloud Mar 01, 2005

    nice wall cerena =)
    the effects on the bg looks nice =)...hmz..mayB abit overblurred >.>.....
    too bad the scan has some..hatches >.>...mayb you could use gaussian blur and fade it with overlay or something >.>......
    still nice =)
    keep the wokrs ^_^~!

  12. kyozlk Mar 02, 2005

    The scan of the two was done well, but I think it looks a wee little pixelated. The background is nice out of all touches the reflection of the moon and the sky with the water (?) looks awesome.

    This is a good wallie! :)

  13. yahoo2 Mar 02, 2005

    this is great.. wonderful background. nice effect.. the moon is beautiful.. you must be trying hard to make it..

  14. bucket-shot Mar 02, 2005

    Ahh~ I totally love the colours in this wall. :) That's defintely the best thing about it~<3 Very bold, yet soothing at the same time. *thumbs up* I also love how the water could be a reflection, or starry space. It's great~<3

    But.. your moon isn't round. ^_^' I'm not sure how that happened, but the bottom/right 'sides' are.. pixellated and.. not round. o_0

    Ah, and I'd suggest - because the scan is kinda grainy (especially in contrast with that smooth bg~<3), fiddle with the scan's Levels a little bit (ctrl+L). Also, duplicate the layer, and try some Smart Blur and different blending modes or something. XD

    Aaanyways! I should hush now. ^_^' Bottom line: the bg has a really moody, romantic atmosphere that compliments the scan very well. Nice job.

  15. d611691 Mar 02, 2005

    The color is beautiful, and the effect of the water reflection is also nice. :D

  16. joycev Mar 03, 2005

    Oooh.. Very nice! I love the colors, the background esspecially :) Great job cerena!

  17. AimO Mar 03, 2005

    this wallpaper is amazing!.......dun lose confident..........ur wallpapers are awesome! =)

  18. chibi-lizard Mar 03, 2005

    wah !!! nice one cerena !! the bg ish pwettie :D
    but i think the scan could do a lil more work.. looks a lil pixelated XD
    me gives favvie !! cause me wub athrun x cagalli :D.. and the bg ish pwettie XD

  19. Spriggan Mar 04, 2005

    oohh you're getting romantic cerena hahah so yeah , nice scan but like many one mention , the quality ould need a little re-touch..no big deal though ^_^' the bg in return is sublime and match very well with the scan! good job :)

  20. Spriggan Mar 04, 2005

    oooppsss my bad cerena ^_^' the fault goes to the slowliness and errors pages!!! hahah...sorry

  21. sepstar Mar 04, 2005

    waaa........good wallpaper.........like it a lot.........
    The color is beautiful, and the effect of the water reflection is also nice.
    asuran sama kimi ga suki dayo
    i am happyness.it is nice ,very nice

  22. walkure245 Mar 06, 2005

    what a beautiful colors in the bg. I love the vibrance and the love the reflection in the water. Great work. I love Athrun and Cagalli! Yeah~ Great work! ^.^

  23. DayWalkeR Mar 06, 2005

    very good thanks for the wall this is my serie favorite thanks

    vivan los Animes

  24. gundex Mar 07, 2005

    beautiful and romantic wallie cerena-san... XD the dusk sky is very nice... oh yes the reflection shouldn't be that sharp... reduce its opacity should be better... btw great work cerena-san.. :D

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