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I vectored this like 2 weeks ago..
and in those 2 weeks, I've been trying to wall this vector. but lack of my skills prevent me from doing so.. T_T so many bgs I tried, none work... T_T
so rather than let it just rot in my hd, might as well upload and let somebody else use it.

original scan located here,
as you can sese from the original scan, all 3 side, up, left and right are all cut off. so how did I finish em? well the left and up side just need a few curves. the right side, actually I took from a screenshot. I watched kujibiki unbalance and saw the full view of that katana sheath. so I just combined the screenshot and the scan. ^_^

I was so anxious when I finished this vector. it was my 1st time I completed an uncompleted scan. plus this is my 1st strokeless vector. but since cant wall it... I can just cry.. T_T

if anyone wanna use this, go ahead~! ^_^

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  1. Aquarii Mar 01, 2005

    haha~ exentric u r being too humble~ well... please don give up~ I will wait for ur wall on this~ :P
    anyway~ very nice vectoring~ ;)

  2. Aa-chan Mar 01, 2005

    Excellent vectoring work and I'd love to see this made into a wallpaper at some point ^__^ .

  3. jackalx66 Mar 01, 2005

    kash also do vectors tooo >_<
    i cant do that <.<
    why lately ppl do vector :\
    still nice tho
    maybe u wanna wall it too :3 ?
    i havent see the series tho >_<
    *poke kash*
    come to irc , me need more ppl there >.>;;
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  4. DarkVirus Mar 01, 2005

    just like jackalx66 said, why is everyone suddenly doing vectoring?

    anyway, that is pretty good strokeless vectoring exentric

  5. StarCentury Mar 01, 2005

    I agree! There's been an increase in vectors lately, dunno if I should do one at all! ^_^' Anyhoo, Kash your vector looks real cool! The highlights and shadowing of the character is perfect and it has the whole cel-shading thing going for it! XD Dunno who the character is, can you tell me Kash? :) Anyhoo, great work on it! I wonder who'll vector next? XD

  6. Midori-chan Mar 01, 2005

    hmm, i haven't seen this anime....but the chara that you vectored looks great!
    hmm...there's so many ppl do vectors nowadays....i wonder why.....
    anyway, i'm adding it to my favs!! good job! keep up the good work!

  7. NikaNeko Mar 01, 2005

    Nice Vector.
    Is well done^o^
    Hmm..true many pepole do Vector now o.O
    But is a Good job!
    Thx for the gift.

  8. UndyingShadow Mar 01, 2005

    wow thats an awesome vector of Ohno! Please make a wall of this soon excentric!, i'm excited to see it!

  9. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2005

    it's beautiful Exentric ^_^ *hugs* it's fine don't cry! *give exentric a tissue* =^_^= very cute girl and gorgeous vector for the matter ^_^ very nice I must have it as a fave ^_^
    great job! :)

  10. Evanrued Mar 01, 2005

    I believe this is a very good vectore. I love your choice in colors, very soft and clear, all the details are so precise, excellent work my friend ^_^

  11. ShiroiLina Mar 01, 2005

    very nice vector exentric! and very very well done for the first time too :D i like it very much! keep it up :D

  12. frozenwilderness Mar 01, 2005

    nice vectorness~

    lol so many vectors X__x
    <-- not really a big fan of vectors >.<

    but still, it's a good vector ^^

  13. meteorcloud Mar 01, 2005

    waah nice one exentric =D~!!!!!!
    the vector looks great =D~!
    hmz...all the people do vector lately>.>.....I should make one too ^_^".....
    keep the works =D~!

  14. Yumi-Chan Mar 02, 2005

    kash made vector too :3... good job on this one ^o^
    I dunno lar, the girl's eyes abit funny..thats ok since it's from the scan itself XD hahah.. that girl ned eye surgery!! x____X nooooo...~~~
    kashi cant make a wall out of it too t.t...??.. we must try one day >_<!!
    btw wonderful job kashiee.. XD

  15. Risha Mar 02, 2005

    Well, when my creativety returns I'd like to try doing a wall with this pretty scan... but I won't OX

  16. Furikuu Mar 04, 2005

    Yeah, really well done vector. You captured her dumb facial expression particularly well O_o

  17. gundex Mar 06, 2005

    whoah... lately some of my friends making a vector work... :D two thumb up for u kash-san... for ur patience and ur skill... :) great vector work...

  18. semanga Mar 07, 2005

    my sweet Kash is a so great talent can do everything
    make walls and layout thread and now great Doujinshi
    boy you are amzing clap the hands for my sweety Kash boy ^^

  19. Albatross1 Oct 25, 2005

    ah!?!? A Genshiken vector?! yes!!! thank you and keep them coming! :D.

  20. victorc26 Nov 06, 2005


    Vectors for the rest of the cast would be greatly appreciated. :D

  21. akegata Oct 13, 2006

    more! i love Genshiken! can you do more pic?

  22. AnimesKA Sep 21, 2007

    yeah this anime is comic!
    amazing vector!

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