D.N.Angel Wallpaper: On Dark Angel's Wings

Yukiru Sugisaki, Xebec, D.N.Angel, Daisuke Niwa, Dark Mousy Wallpaper
Yukiru Sugisaki Mangaka Xebec Studio D.N.Angel Series Daisuke Niwa Character Dark Mousy Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's me again :) I know I just submitted a wall a day ago, but I wasn't satisfied with it... but thanks so much for those who liked it :)
Once I saw a wallpaper similar to this, it had the same pic on it, I can't remember where... but it had so nice wings ^_^ and I decided to make a wallie with this nice DNAngel scan... but Dark hasn't got his wings... so I had to draw them T_T I have never drawed with photoshop before T_T so the wings and the other things look weird... but I worked on it really hard.
Nothing more to say! Please give comments, I must improve myself... making a wing is sooo hard ;)
Ok, enjoy my new wallie!
Omg... I just forgot to give credits ^_^'
Scan here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/59878/ by zgroove
other things are done by myself :)

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  1. DarkCrimson Feb 28, 2005

    Woah so beautiful.Your new Wallie is really something chisana.Very great Job with the Background.The Mist effects looking so nice.Also two of my Favourite Characters in one Picture.They both so sweet.I just love this one and I love you for always making such wonderfull Walls.
    Im add this great piece of Work to my Favorites. :) :D
    Well done :)

  2. jaderabbit Feb 28, 2005

    Very, awesome i love black wings... i dunno y.... just some'n bout them >_< i did a wall once in which Big black wings coverd the entire bg... ^^, man that was funn...
    Awesome wall u made there and can't wait to see more ^^,

  3. Aa-chan Feb 28, 2005

    Well, the scan that you've used here is excellent and the background is simple. I like it a lot ^__^ .

  4. sakura-fumo Feb 28, 2005

    hey i was wondering how do u acctuly make wallies coz i wanna make soem thank u btw thsi is so cute ^_^

  5. Rella Feb 28, 2005

    omg!! That looks wonderful! The wings look great, you did wonderfully! And for doing such a wonderful job, you've just earned a favorite from me! ^^

  6. meteorcloud Feb 28, 2005

    waah =O...you drawed the wings with mouse and ps XD?????
    not bad =d~!!!!! hmz..the shadow isn't really right...but that doesn't matter XD~!!!
    nice work =)
    keep the works =D~!

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 28, 2005

    yay Chisana's new wallie I love it how beautiful =^_^= instant fave for me
    great job heh don't listen to Cloud >.< it's all great I love it =^_^=

  8. Holt Feb 28, 2005

    heeeey. Not bad. You drew those wings yourself? Very impressive
    I like ^_^

  9. kuclo Feb 28, 2005

    nice wallpaper of dnangel ,dark and daiske ,congratulations this one going to my fav+,you did a great job chisana,

  10. kuclo Feb 28, 2005

    nice wallpaper of dnangel ,dark and daiske ,congratulations this one going to my fav+,you did a great job chisana,

  11. slivermoon Feb 28, 2005

    the wings are very well drawn
    and the effects are nice too
    great job on the wall :) :) :)

  12. AoiSora Mar 01, 2005

    this wallpaper is really nice! Daisuke and Dark san are really cute~ your work is pretty~ I will add to favourites! =^.^=

  13. Barbara Mar 01, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, the bg is great, love the wings. Nice work there chisana :)

  14. LucyMizuno Mar 01, 2005

    Kakkoi!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD *I LOVE DNAngel*!!!!!!!!!!!! Dark-san kakkoi Daisuk-kun Kawaiiiiii so fav XP hahaha *supeshiaru kissu*

  15. zaira Mar 01, 2005

    hey! tis one is soo nice! chisana! i like the wings! wow! you made those wings!!!? they are soo cool! the scan really fits the wings you draw! i like it! you did a great job!
    for that! i'll give 10/10! and dont forget my fav!!! :D

  16. StarCentury Mar 01, 2005

    Yay, more chisana wallies! XD Truthfully, I'm not into the DNAngel series, but your new wallie looks awesome in my book! :) The mist on the BG gives off some nice atmosphere, and teh text is very cool! Also, the scan is of nice quality and the wings you drew doesn't look wierd at all imo! ^_^' Overall, you're talents as a waller are improving quite well, chisana! Great job! (*huggies*) XD [+ 2 favs]

  17. Athrun Mar 01, 2005

    Wow... pretty good job re-drawing that wing. Kinda hard to notice any mistake, unless you stare at it and go "homina, homina, homina! @_@".

  18. maho-ho Mar 01, 2005

    Really precious wallpaper!
    I am fan of the serie, and I like much Dai-chan! >.<
    I like much the bottom, and and the scene is calm :)
    Good work!

  19. Masarusu Mar 02, 2005

    supurb, chisana! very big improvement than the last wallie. This one is very better. and the wings are good.

    >< i cant do crap with gimp!!!

    +fav again and agaiin and again

  20. MadWiz Mar 02, 2005

    o.O I think the wings are pretty well drawn!!
    the cloudy effect is quite good too.. like they are among the clouds..
    but the darker clouds near the bottom.. I believe it could be better not being so dark especially at the part it overlaps the guys
    overall I think a nice job is done ^^ keep it up!

  21. thrillafry Mar 03, 2005

    this wall looks good i like it keep it up chisana its good work keep them coming k later

  22. mughi Mar 03, 2005

    Wow. You are working hard. I will only say that I appreciate seeing wallpaper with nice quality. I'll be curious as to see how many others can do detailed wings on their first try. Even if this is not satisfactory (for you) at least you now have idea to for further improvement. Good job and thanks for sharing your work. :)

  23. Stolen Mar 05, 2005

    Hey Chi-Chan!

    Have finally managed to start going through all my notifications so thats why I haven't looked at your wallpapers recently. But I will do so now (again)!!

    I think its a definite good effort on your first time trying to draw wings in photoshop, they look very large and feathery, and they suit the size of the guy wearing them! (technically I've never watched DN Angel before, so I don't know the names of the characters to be able to reference properly).

    The extraction seems to be a lot better - I knew you could do much better, and you have proved me right ^_^ yay! I like the purple edging to the wings, it gives off this strangely 'evil' aura around him, although I think in some bits it could be more detailed, I'll just say its because you haven't done wings before. Overall I think the wings look good for a first time, they look awesome ^_^.

    The scan you've used is nice - considering I rarely see male scans on MT anyway - and the whole impression that I'm getting from it is that the one with wings is carrying the other one around, or 'showing him the sights from above' as it may seem. Almost like, a mystical journey above the towns and cities..aww. hehe.

    I see you've made your Disneyesque writing a little more flamboyant - this is cool. Still reminds me of the Disney theme, but its a nice edge to it, and I think this style of text fits in better - because of the mystical aura than the original Disney one.

    Looks like you've gone for a less kawaii wallpaper, but nevertheless, its very nice, and thank you for submitting it!
    See ya around soon Chi-chan!

  24. Anime2000 Mar 15, 2005

    Really nice wallpaper with a nice bg to fit the 2 guys. I'm a little bit sleepy to commen more. Great work like your other walls.

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