Girls Bravo Wallpaper: Graffiti

Mario Kaneda, Girls Bravo, Miharu Sena Kanaka, Product Placement Wallpaper
Mario Kaneda Mangaka Girls Bravo Series Miharu Sena Kanaka Character Product Placement Meta

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Holy crap! Guess who the hell is BACK with a NEW wallpaper! The one and only me, the sock puppet queen. The one who posted and stopped posting for like half the year. Well, anyways, half of you have no clue who I am anyways, since MT has grown SO MUCH since the time I joined. So many new people and members I see here. Nice to meet you all! Kinda funny introducing myself here huh? =P Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the wall, as I know my skills have REALLY rusted so please be nice and give me suggestions and constructive comments. ^^; I made the background entirely out of scratch, and the scan I got..somewhere, I forgot. Sorry. >__< If you need more resolutions go to: www.raveanime.com ....As soon as teh lazy admin a RA decides to update it of course.

uhhh...that's all for now. Nyu.

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  1. biriwilg Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2005

    Wow..it's, um, what was your name again? XD Jk, good to see you back in action! Cute idea with the bg, and a very blatant way to advertise RA. XD The perspective seems to be a bit off though, she doesn't really seem to be sitting on the ground. Looks like you have fun making the bg tho! XD

  2. Asahi Feb 27, 2005

    the idea is really nice - indeed. the shadow behind her is to much hard/black .. must be softer and something on the perspective seems to be wrong.. but at all its a pretty girls bravo wall .

  3. GolgoXIII Feb 27, 2005

    Yea I agree it does look like you have had fun making this wallpaper :D. I really like it thanks for this wallpaper. I like the background with all the graffiti :D

  4. DayBreak Feb 27, 2005

    *scratches head* i never heard of you O_O
    But dont hurt me tho >_>
    if you stopped walling 6 months ago.
    Then i wouldnt be knowing anybody back then >_>

    Well anyway...Hey!
    thats a unique idea nurika.
    lol...Graffit all over the wall...and its girl bravo >_> such a ecchi show.
    Seems like you havent lost your touch duyring these pass 6 months...
    eveno tho i dunno you >_<
    i notice, a bit of jaggy lines on her pink hair.
    Great effort ^^

    ~Prince Of Grunge

  5. StarCentury Feb 27, 2005

    OMG, it's the almighty Nurika from RaveAnime with a brand new wallie! o_0 Holy crap, indeed! I love the urban street vibe the BG is emitting, teh brick wall looks so real and the graffiti text on the wall is very cool! Like Biri-chan said, I'll bet you had so much fun doing that text, ne? XD Plus, the scan you chose for the urban BG looks clean and extracted real nicely, although her perspective is kinda wierd like Biriwilg said! ^_^' But that doesn't deter the quality of the wallpaper and how great it looks! Overall, your comeback wallie is such a pleasant and wonderful surprise, and I hope you don't leave again for 6 more months! :( I missed your walls ever so much, Nurika! It's wild that I never get a chance to add you to my friends list! Anyhoo, welcome back and hope you have a great day, Nurika! :D

  6. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2005

    welcome back nurika!!! ^___^ and what a super wall comeback! :D hehe....i really like the graffiti walls and chalk drawings on the ground.....very unique!!

    nice advertising too d(^__^)b

  7. tecnophreak Feb 28, 2005

    well, i can say that i HAVE heard of you, but never met you....soooo, nice to meetcha! nice wall, doesn't appear to be any of this "rustyness" that you talk about, so i can't wait to see what you come up with when you are in better practice! +fav, +friend?

  8. Osiris Retired Moderator Feb 28, 2005

    hahaha awesome advertising XD

    hai hai welcome back..havnt seen you in years O.O

    awesome textures and cute scan :D

    love the way you did the graffiti texts

  9. zaira Feb 28, 2005

    this is soooo awesome!!! waalll! i like the scan!! and the graffiti bg!!!!
    this is soo cool!! well hope the rave anime site update this!!! plsss!! update in now!!!!!++++fav! XD

  10. amy Feb 28, 2005


    First off welcome back.
    Second OMG I love this one.
    Very very nicely done. This is a fave for me.

    (glad to you see back and making walls again)

  11. ShiNN Mar 01, 2005

    Kawaiiii xd

    i am one of those terribly perver... err I mean I am a fan of girls bravo of course XD. I really like the graffiti style you used, and Miharu-chan fits perfectly for that style :) +fav!

  12. GintheTwilightswords Mar 02, 2005

    Dang, where the bloody hell have you been? You just disappeared for while, didn't you? I guess I can undersatnd, I've been know to do that quite often myself, but most people don't generally remember me when I return. Oh well. Anyway, glad you 're back and the wall you made looks pretty good ^uu^. I like the whole graffiti vibe you got going and the way the wall looks like an back alley. The scan you chose fits quite nicely in this :). Excellent work Nurika and glad to see you back.

  13. NeoGeo2 Mar 05, 2005

    Damn!! Pretty nice wall, Nurika...Thanks!! this is my first post here. I have to say your wall was the reason for me to register jeje, (otherwise i couldn´t download it)...This web looks interesting...I might check what else i can find!

  14. NeoGeo2 Mar 05, 2005

    Damn!! Pretty nice wall, Nurika...Thanks!! this is my first post here. I have to say your wall was the reason for me to register jeje, (otherwise i couldn´t download it)...This web looks interesting...I might check what else i can find!

  15. saiyijinprince Restricted Member Apr 18, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper!,....it reallt creative and the bg fits very well!......

  16. Mastaka Jun 01, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, a good job..
    Vraiment du bon travail, j'adore les couleurs et tout voili voilou.
    Continu comme ca

  17. aznvietboi1989xx Jun 21, 2005

    Awesome , Good job! Nice background... very nice :0 Thanks you very much! :P

  18. korin15 Restricted Member Jul 16, 2005

    Nice! Miharu-san a very cute

  19. d3vl0u5 Jul 28, 2005

    hehehe innocent pic ! in a dirty environment ! its interesting nd gOod ! hehe

  20. d3vl0u5 Aug 13, 2005

    wOOow nice wallpaper ! tnx fo sharing ! [ J a g W a s H e r e ]

  21. hydetenshi Jul 16, 2006

    Wonderful wall! Everything is *perfect*! Very nice texture on the pavement and the wall, the detail is incredible! The scan is very crisp and clean too, everyone always appreciates high quality. ^_~ Thank you so much for sharing this, it's currently my desktop wallpaper!

  22. theremosster Apr 05, 2010

    This wallpaper is very nice.

  23. MonteCristo Aug 15, 2011

    very cool! congratulations

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