Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: FMA: The Central Times

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, Roy Mustang Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character Roy Mustang Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I'm not quite sure what the original motivation behind this wallpaper was, because the idea came when I was still working on my Spiral wallpaper, but I thoroughly smashed it because I knew that if I began it, I would never finish the Spiral one. Well, I finished the Spiral one so I threw out this one.
I based the newspaper layout, especially the typeset, on the front page of the LA Times, since that's what I read most often, and it's readily accessible. The scan comes from Kino. I wrote up the copy myself (hence the byline, Tamane Cole, which you can pronounce the same way as "Tama-Neko" - I also had fun giving Kino (Kee Noh) credit as the photographer from the Associated Press :))
Some minor texturing on the paper to give it an aged, newsprint look. Wood panelling come from Stock Exchange, plus some filtering to soften it a bit.
Watch was built based on several screenshots from the first opening and throughout the show. This also allowed me to use the chimera as a logo for the paper itself.
I went through about 4 ideas for the newspaper's location. Originally it was going to be to Winry, as if Ed had torn out the article and sent it to her, and I was going to put some screwdrivers and wrenches on the table to indicate it was at her place. Then I thought it could go the other way around, with Winry forwarding the piece to Ed with a note, and a silver pocketwatch to indicate it was at Ed's place. Then I didn't want to draw screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, or a silver watch, so I wrote a note from Risa to Roy reprimanding him for his actions, and was going to draw in Roy's spark gloves. But spark gloves were too difficult to draw, too. Also, the notes were starting to look rather petty. So I gave in and redrew the watch, so whether it's on Roy's desk or Ed's is up to you.
Okay, I think that's the longest description I've written for a wall yet. I bet most of you won't even read it.
Oh well.
If you're really curious, here is full text of the "press release" since some of it is trimmed off by the angle of the paper. This isn't exactly the text in the wall, since I did some final editing in Photoshop to adjust for the column spacing, but that's the original copy.
Dude, stop faving this wallpaper -_- Nat's wallpaper is way more creative, unique, and well executed than this thing. Her wall deserves way more attention than what it's been getting and way more favs this this wall.

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  1. TheRavenIsUnSkill Feb 27, 2005

    I still can't believe ya wrote the whole article yerself o_o;;

    Aesome job Tama. Pocketwatch looks great, thumbs up!

    +fav +download. Cya on IRC! XD

  2. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2005

    <3 This wallpaper is great. I love the wood and basically the whole setting. That fight was a favorite, so I'm glad you walled it. Great job Tama-neko, a definite favorite.

  3. Taurec Feb 27, 2005

    Great paper and yes please.... if I can't find anything to nag about on the wallpaper, you might as well send me the news ;)

    Edit: shades it's really really really minor and hell not even sure how to "fix" that .. but atm the newspaper floats? euh?

  4. xmasdork Feb 27, 2005

    This looks so cool. I love the idea, it's very original. I wish I could download it...

  5. MadWiz Feb 27, 2005

    o.o very nice job there~~!
    but the wood desk looks very grainy or something like that.. =p but still like real wood
    I like how you made this newspaper thingy style =p or do you call it that..
    but the texture of the paper.. seems like its made of cotton or something because of those lines and stuff... I don't know if newspaper there is like that =p but newspaper here is not~

    great job nevertheless!

  6. smilebit Feb 27, 2005

    this is a really lovely wallpaper. everything about it is really well done. the texturing on newspaper is really good. but it doesn't look like newsprint. you know the drawig paper. thats what i mean. you blended the stock images you used really well with your own creation. and hi five for writing up the news letter. its really good and very convincing of real. the only thing is the griffin on the watch seems to be a bit off, but other than that i really appreciate this wallpaper. thanks alot for posting. and i did read your description. cheers.

  7. bucket-shot Feb 27, 2005

    Whoa.. XD *read the lot* That's awesome. :) I love seeing the thought you put into your walls - this one especially. XD The locations, hehe~<3 Very well executed, as usual. ^_^' Original, writing the entire article out. And salutations for that watch.

    The only thing I could possibly say would be.. make the drop shadow a few less pixels away? So that there's a tiny bit of shadow to the left/top sides or something - it just looks to me like the right side looks curled off the table, while the left looks pasted down. :)

    Whatever, it's a fav anyways. XD And I vote Roy's desk. I don't think Ed'd want to keep that particular snapshot, since it turns around to bite him in the bum later, fufufu~<3 Roy (the narcissist, heh) would probably be looking back at his own expression there and smirking.

  8. rocknroll-isgo Feb 27, 2005

    Oh wow... just wow. That's unbelievably awesome. XD I think what impresses me most is the article. It's just so realistic. The paper texture, wood surface, metal engravings... all nicely done, as well. Nothing to nitpick over. Definite +fav

  9. PikaMoon Feb 27, 2005

    Me like! Very creative and definitely different. Did you actually write that article?! Cause if you did...WOW! Either way, truly amazing. XD Fave. Everthing is just amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Susan-chan Feb 27, 2005

    it's a very interesting wally!! the quality is super and the text in the newspaper is really cool:D ^^

  11. Osiris Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2005

    yeah...you're the first i know to write the most on a wall XD

    all the textures were well done and that silver watch didnt throw off the balance of the wall after all..yep yep >_>

    great job :3

  12. Alex204 Feb 27, 2005

    This is one of the best and most origonal i have seen in a long time - the idea is so simple but must have been hell to create. Well done! Pitty i can only give one fav per wall ^_^

  13. Angelette Feb 27, 2005

    absolutely brilliant! Now Tama is a journalist as well as an artist??? Great work, great idea,great textures, great article o.o

  14. Aa-chan Feb 27, 2005

    I have to say it's one of the best of this type of wallpaper I've ever seen. I've seen the odd few, but this works so well. Excellent.

  15. meteorcloud Feb 27, 2005

    this is....great!!
    I relly like your idea ~! and...that article is nice...unbelieveble....a whole article.....the structure,scan,text,paper,......everything is nice =D~!!!!
    so great ~!!!!

  16. ded113 Feb 27, 2005

    NO way! You typed up the article?! @_@ Wicked job Tama!! The newspapers nicely textured and detailed as well as the pocket watch. This is a one of a kind wall you did. I love it!! :)

  17. nat Feb 27, 2005

    The details are very "uniform." You didn't say whether you were going for realism or not, but if you were, when you tear a newspaper in real life, it doesn't look like you used a brush in photoshop evenly across the edges. Uneven-ness and irregularity would make this look less pasted on. The newspaper texture doesn't look like newspaper either, more like a generic paper texture. Also the watch placement would be better served sitting on the newspaper scrap, as it would act more like a paper weight and there could be curling up of the edges on the newspaper which would result in different shading on the wood, wrinkling and other details to make it more interesting to look at.

    Anyhow, nice job, it's very clean and I like the brand-spanking new watch.

  18. crapmonster Feb 27, 2005

    ah its a really cool idea and of course was well executed. the textures are all nicely done and for the most part everything looks realistic. i guess the only thing i can say about it is maybe make the paper a little wavy sense paper is usually not completely flat like that. but overall, its a great wall!

  19. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2005

    Tama this is incredible. Great originality and a high five for writtting that article. And YES I did read your comment till the end n_n , you are the devotion goddess :q

    The wood and watch are really neat, but I think the fibres in the newspaper are too big, it looks like it was made out of papyrus XD tho I love how the paper looks official, <3 to the title font
    also you could have tried folding the newspaper in 2 for more realism. Well maybe american papers are like that but here we rarely see that format

    nanyways, me loves it. I already liked the photo-on-the-table usual concept but this is somewhat much more original, otsukare!

  20. StarCentury Feb 28, 2005

    @_@ You typed all of that in this awesome newspaper wallie? That's really quite phenomenal, Tama-san! XD I see it's about the FMA episode where Roy Mustang & Ed fought each other! It's really cool that you made it as an Central Times news article, very clever! The watch of the State Alchemist looks very authentic as well! I gotta go pick up The Central Times myself and read about Ed and Al's adventures! ^_^'

  21. UndyingShadow Feb 28, 2005

    I love the design of this wall Tama, its so unique and its awesome use of the scan. kick ass wall!

  22. Nitengouki Feb 28, 2005

    I have mixed feelings over this. I like the concept of the newspaper article. I think it is done very well as well, with the texture of the paper , the font, the print, the layout, the picture and of course the text which is well thought out.

    However the pocket watch looks fake-washed out. It doesn't look metallic or as detailed as seen on screen in the series. The wood of the desk also looks more like a laminate than actual grain. This was likely due to the high contrast of the newspaper. With a contrast in that paper, I would have expected the grains of the wood to be of high contrast as well. So the grains in the wood should have been deeper and defined.

    The paper being flat also contribute some part to the effect of floating as others mentioned. Curl the edges or add some wrinkles (more difficult).

    This looks nice when zoomed out but 1:1 or closeup, the flaws seem evident. The newspaper can stand on its own though.

  23. Nurika Feb 28, 2005

    Wow, I can't believe you typed up that article. @____@ Amazing job Tama-neko. Wow, what a unique and nice idea! I love how you thought about where this paper was to be, at Winry's or Ed's. You had a lot of ideas behind this piece. Beautiful piece, and such a good idea. o___o;

  24. Electrastar Mar 01, 2005

    That is so cool...The article you typed is amazing and funny. A great original wallpaper. You rock Tama-Neko. Keep up the work it's awsome.

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