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I am sorry to those that commented on my last work and I never said a "thank you" or anything to show my gratefulness towards them. I am also sorry for not being on for such a long time. Which means that I have to try and find some time to check everyones submissions! >.< But, I am extremely excited to see and fav a lot of submissions. :)

Well, school has been killing me but I have been able to do very well in all of my classes. XD My art skills hasn't gotten any better....the same ugly-ness. x_x Which also reminds me...I have to still finish two requests...I am working like an old person so it will take a long time to finish them. Like this drawing, I only drew one draft of it. Usually, I like to draw more than one version. So, that I can compare and try to improve from the other drafts. But, I got lazy and just drew because I was inspired from the weclomings of some members here. Which touched my heart deeply. :)

All the characters in the drawing are suppose to be original characters of mine. The little things around the girl are ghosts. And...I have nothing better to say about this drawing...

Advices and comment are extremely welcomed!!! Man, not being on for a long time makes me kind'a shy.... :sweat:

Edit: Note: The image may appear a bit burry in the "preview form" but I strongly suggest "full view" because you can't really see the details too well and the quality just looks a bit strange to me in the "preview form" compare to "full view." ^_^'

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2005




    >.< yupyupyupyupyup .. saki hasnt seen yu in the longest time .. ;______; tee heez .. saki miseedd yuuu!! <33
    butbutbut .. XD flowerriiee didnt lose her touch!! *-* saki wubs wubs all of doggiieess drawings .. ^-^ they're soo professional looking~<33

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2005

    Heya its alright Flower-chan ^^ It was a busy time for a lot of MT members so don't worry about it :). Were just glad that your back. I have to say though that even being gone for so long, your art skills haven't dimished at all, if anything they've improved (You may not think so, but I do), you take however long you need for your work because no ones rushing you at all. ^^ Go at a pace you feel comfortable with, cause no ones holding it against you ^_^ .

    i never was able to believe your supurb artistic talent Flower and I still can't believe it. You are truly something else and I have to say that your shading is top knotch. Not only that but such perfection and high quality into everything (I really love how the table cloth, her dress, espically her hair (which I love btw) and the chair look. I'm a sucker for the little things, but its where I stuggled at that I get amazed by) . The only little thing I saw was that there are parts of her hair that the ghosts don't look like their holding onto, but I mean their ghosts. They can do whatever they want so I didn't really put much into that, but aside from that factor I love your style. This drawing is so adorable and I wish I had ghosts like that to do my work for me and what not. hehe this title is truly fitting for her and shes enjoying every minute of being lazy. Ah yes, the life of a slacker ;). What I really was drawn in by was her eyes.. I can honestly only remember one time that I've ever been drawn into eyes from a drawing before and that was 7 years ago. Her outfit is gorgeous and like I've stated before, you are unbelievable at shading (an area I struggled with myself for sometime when I use to draw). Dispite how busy you've been you are still able to make such a gorgeous work of art that has simply capitivated me. Favorite no doubts about it. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your work with MT Flower-chan.

  3. darkwaterbunny Feb 26, 2005

    wow, a great drawing!!! Love the shading!! Only thing that I would recommand to cahnge for next time is her hands, seems a tad bit too small. But I love the way you do the hair!! It's so nice and pretty ^_^. Great job!! fav from me ^_~

  4. Paolo Feb 26, 2005

    wow. great doujin. Flower. u sure have some skillz. keep it up. im proud. :)

  5. MuZ0NaZ Feb 26, 2005

    awww this is just 'shoo' cute, however i would not like to piss her of O_o and btw, i think you are only improving.
    *note to self: cg this someday*

  6. DarkVirus Feb 27, 2005

    so the girl and her ghost friends are planning to go search for treasure? LOL

    i like the drawing...keep it up :)

  7. frozenwilderness Feb 27, 2005

    FlowerDog is back!!! O__O And I didn't even knowwww >.<
    Your drawings are still as great as ever and the shading looks wonderlful.. not ugly! >[
    She looks so pretty all dressed up and her hair is simply loooovely.. I love all the details very much <3 XD

  8. AkinaSpirit Feb 27, 2005

    Her eyes are awesome :) And I like her pose...
    A sense of forlorn or loneliness surrounds her..
    Are these ghosts are a manifestation of her problems? In fact, is she depicting you?
    Anyway, nice drawing as always n' glad you're back :)

  9. Zenislev Feb 27, 2005

    Your art is always so clean and so unique. Those are just such cute little... whatever they are. They kinda remind me of the spooks in super mario except more friendlier :) The girl is really cute too! I'm so glad you came back with a new piece, keep on making beautiful masterpieces, onegai?

  10. renato Feb 27, 2005

    Its really you!!!
    Welcome back flower-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD we miss u a lot!!
    detail and shading is very good :) you have some seriously impressive drawing skills flower -chan! dont be shy ok ;) u got my fav anytime +uber favness!!

  11. Frosty Feb 27, 2005

    oh my goodness... flowerdog is back... rofl.. XD
    wow so how long was that few months.. ^^
    btw, hope u did great on ur studys and all,
    I bet u but of be all tired out from all the studying and stuff. ^^
    but thats cool. ^^ good to see that u r up and running with your nice sketches again. ^^

    on your new pic. ^^
    nice concepts as always, and its really cute work *lil flowing ghost... lol* ^^
    and yea, I found you draw this grl alot, it most be ur fav character to draw i bet. ^^
    wonderfu work and good to see more of ur nice arworks. ^^
    A and +fav fr a nice comeback work. ^^
    *welcome back* ^^
    ps. so when u click back and log on your account whats the number of the notifications you got. XD

  12. boei Feb 27, 2005

    hey havent seen ur works in a long time.. good to hear that you are doing well in your studies...
    as always, great sketch... what i like most about your drawings are the strokes. they are firm, clear and well executed... and the shading is oso very good. there is a lot of effort in your work.. as always... the hair is drawn strand by strand, and there is immense shading.. and i realli respect that.
    As alwaes a very good piece of work.. and a fave for me..

  13. jingjing1208 Feb 27, 2005

    Ohoh,FlowerDog is back with her new doujinshi!!!!!!! I'm so happy!^_^
    Very nice drawing as usual,and it's so kawaii!++fav!^_^

  14. dans Feb 27, 2005

    flower-chan is back !! yeay !! XD
    your drawing is still as good as ever.
    you didn't lose your touch.
    fav from me. :D

  15. Nayako Feb 27, 2005

    Woah!!! Ugly-ness? Doko? Doko? o_0 - I don't see any ugly-ness here!!! ;)
    This is so beautiful!!! The girl is so sweet and these little ghosts!!! Great work!!! Thanks for sharing!!! XD

  16. Susan-chan Feb 27, 2005

    it's soo cool!! the sam uglness???? XD thats a joke:D isnt it?:D i realllly love it^^ i whi i could draw like u:D

  17. harakiri Feb 27, 2005

    I agree with Nayako, the drawing is really beautiful. You call this picture "lazy" but I can see that it was done very properly and carefully. These cute ghosts and that detailed hair of the girl - amazing. Also the shading and the girls face look good.

  18. Fantasia Feb 27, 2005

    Lazy work???
    that's very pretty~
    how I like your soft pencil style,especially how you did on the cloth
    and the small things are soooo kawaii,XD~wanna get one~XD
    very cute work,love it~

  19. chibikko Feb 27, 2005

    hey flower-chan is back yay! school does suck, really. but you draw a beautiful girl again and your skills are really improving. i love the little ghosts, too. they are so cute. and the girl's outfit is really pretty. the only thing that's a bit strange is the table, she's sitting at the end o.o bit uncomfortable ^^'' anyway faving it (don't worry about not thanking, nee)

  20. irix Feb 27, 2005

    that's a nice doujinshi of you! i like a lot! specially the ghost that is in the table with the sunglases!!! and the female look so hot!!! :nya:

  21. Yoh Feb 27, 2005

    WOW! She looks distracted, but happy! What are those things that are playing with her hair? Well I like how it looks very nice draw! :)

  22. niXan Feb 27, 2005


    Flowerdog is alive, YAY! I can see you're still as good as ever. And now you've used a new shading technique that rules! Two thumps up for you...and a fav. ;)

  23. niXan Feb 27, 2005

    *double post*

  24. FallenAngel Feb 28, 2005

    Aww, you don't have to be sorry, a lot of people are busy because of school :). It's really good to have you back though. It seems that your drawings are still really good, I wish I could draw hair as good as you do ^^; Your work is just simply amazing *_* Can't wait till the next submission.

    p.s. Sorry for not posting in your gb for the longest time x_x;

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