Tales of Phantasia Wallpaper: Unicorn's Forest

Namco, Tales of Phantasia, Cless Alvein, Mint Adnade, Occupations Wallpaper
Namco Studio Tales of Phantasia Series,OVA,Game Cless Alvein Character Mint Adnade Character Occupations Meta

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This will be, quite probably, my last wall in quite a while... not only because most of my recent works here posted got ignored, anyway, but mainly since college restarts on next Monday, 02/28, so I'll be studying by morning and working by afternoon... so, I'll just be leeching. XD

Anyway, enough melodrama.

Cless and Mint, from Tales of Phantasia. Scan from here; I had to re-cg some parts of Mint's dress, since they were either missing or covered by text/staff (there was too little of that staff for me to want to draw it...). Stock photos (two or three) from Morguefile. And, as always, I use Shinta's tree brushes! XD

The faded horse-turned-lame-unicorn was recycled from my Rain of Stars wall. Whee. I'm shameless. Sue me.

Many thanks for those who kindly helped me with tips I wasn't quite skilled enough to follow. XD Namely, Setlogix, Kalico, Dias. I don't expect to receive constructive criticism around here, anymore, but, if anyone has any... feel free to say it. I'm still willing to tweak it a little. XD

EDIT: Cleaned out a random red line that appeared out of nowhere in the bottom of the tree. :\ Thanks to trismugistus for pointing that out.

Also... the original scan has only that much of Cless - horizontally, at least, that is. Drawing Mint near would mean cluttering even further the right side of the wall. So... no. XD

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Browse Tales of Phantasia Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Felesya Feb 26, 2005

    woaah ;_; i love this wall >____< i love tales of phantasia..this goes to my desk ^___^ great work, really :D +fav

  2. ShadowSpirit Feb 26, 2005

    Tales of Phantasia ^__^ I like this series very much, and I really like your wall as well. Maybe you could put the characters closer? (after all, the top one is too close to the border.... dunno O_o). Loving the mist effect.

    Agora, no bom portugues: bom trabalho ^__^

  3. darkwaterbunny Feb 26, 2005

    Hey, you make great wallies, just keep that in mind o.O Anyway,
    Wow!! Nice new wallpaper ^_~ but the top of both their heads could be mixed in a little more. It kinda sticks out a bit too much, but the rest is really nice! Nice scan, fits in really well with the concept, might want to bring out the unicorn out a bit more. it only looks like the top of it's head to me o.O. The text looks really great here and the mist adds a nice feel. Great job!! fav!

  4. Celessa Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2005

    Tales of Phantasia! My favorite character is portrayed here.

    Mint Adnade. **Bows** In any case, I love the wall you made here, and the mist looks incredible indeed. On top of that, I like the darkened trees in the background and the detail around the wallpaper as well. Way to go! Well done, and thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  5. rocknroll-isgo Feb 26, 2005

    Wow, it's beautiful. Clean and not overloaded with special effects. Definitely a fav. ^_^

    And I wouldn't say your works are ignored --- they have hundreds of favorites/comments! Besides, you have fun making the walls and you have some amazing skill, so that's all that matters right?

  6. tiantito Feb 27, 2005

    geat job
    i like what you did here
    the scan is really good
    nice job
    the colors are really good ....adding to favs...

  7. kagomei Feb 27, 2005

    the colour of Tales of Phantasia is so nice ,so is the picture!!!!!
    thanks for sending

  8. zaira Feb 27, 2005

    waaaah!!! tales of phantasia wallll!!!
    this wall is awesome! i like the scan! and the bg really rocks!!!
    this wall is great!+fav! XD

  9. meteorcloud Feb 27, 2005

    nice job lensterknight =D~!
    the wall looks great =) the fog is nice =) the back is nice too =)
    clean charac...only that tree....looks like a sillhouette, ow well...it still looks great =)
    great job^^

  10. Susan-chan Feb 27, 2005

    a very cool work:) i like the effects, the scan and the colors:) it turned out really cool^^

  11. Larynx Mar 01, 2005

    Very nice work. Great extraction of the image and a lovely fantasy to go with it. It's too bad we won't be seeing too much more of your work for awhile.

  12. ShiNN Mar 12, 2005

    ow how could I miss this wallpaper. This is indeed a very nice piece of art, it's sooo clear and clean, it's splendid. I really the trees, I really gotta learn to draw those damn leaves, that's the hard part of drawing trees hehe. +fav!

  13. LinearX Apr 22, 2005

    Very nice background. Also, I'm glad to see some art from ToP I hadn't seen before. Not only is it is rare to find a ToP wallpaper, this is the highest quality one I've seen yet. Nice work.

  14. wasaru Banned Member May 21, 2005

    Tales of Phantasia ^__^ I like this series very much, and I really like your wall as well. Maybe you could put the characters closer? (after all, the top one is too close to the border.... dunno O_o). Loving the mist effect.

  15. ansforce Aug 09, 2005

    I like the background you made here. Very nice scan. Nice work. :nya:

  16. Zae Aug 22, 2005

    Very well done wallpaper, the effects are nice, and I love the game by a huge amount, this is by far my favorite as of yet, great job.

  17. pamkips Nov 18, 2005

    wow, this wall has a lot going on, and that makes this wall extremely beautiful, the faded look in the background, is just stipendous, I robaly sound lame ^_^'

  18. Proto Dec 22, 2005

    Wow.... when I posted that scan over here I was telling myself how it would be quite difficult to make a wallpaper out of it, but you solved the problem quite nicely. Kudos to you

  19. Elves Feb 09, 2006

    I really like your wallpaper. I actually thought to myself, "Wow, that reminds me of the Ah! My Goddess Wallpaper I've got from MT." I see you're one and the same artist. :) I like your style of walls. Very unique.

    Now, onto a constructive critique. :) I realize that you're not really wanting to redraw the charcters, but having their bodies just sort of dissapear seems a little odd. Are they standing in fog? If so you could get away with a slight shadow/silhoutte for the rest of their bodies. And your "faded horse-turned-lame-unicorn" seems to have his horn coming out of the back of his neck. Isn't the horse facing the right side of the wallpaper? Maybe I'm just not making out the horse right, but that's how it appears to me because right under the ears I swear I see an eye. If the horse really is facing the left, you might want to add a little more outline to him. Good stuff: I really like the atmosphere protrayed. It feels like a sunny day outside the forest, but the sun just isn't getting in under the thick tree growth. I like how the characters are placed and seem to disapear into the white of the wall (aside from aforementioned item). Great use of the tree brush and making every tree space look unique from others. Great job! I hope to see more walls from you, though it sounds like you may not be posting for a while. :( Love your style.

  20. Hikari87 Aug 07, 2006

    Very beautifull wallie~~ *__* The colours are very pretty! Awesome work! ;D

  21. selemental Banned Member Feb 14, 2008

    A pretty wallie and it's from a tales of game!

    Very nicely done! I like those 2! I really need to try the game out nyan!


  22. WesleyMR Aug 13, 2010

    Thanks for this picture!

  23. sillyJasdero Sep 13, 2010

    ahhh tales of phantasia. i remember when i played that game. it was so amazing!

  24. belzalute Feb 03, 2011

    i still remember when i played TOP
    nice wall i love the background

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