Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: 7 Years Bad Luck.... FMA

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Envy, Lust Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Envy Character Lust Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I've long wanted to compose a wall with the villains from Fullmetal Alchemist, namely the sins. I tend to enjoy the bad guys in shows :3 I came up with the idea of the mirror, cause of the double entendre with the number 7--seven deadly sins and seven years bad luck (if you break a mirror). It's also the idea that Ed has to confront his "sin" and mirrors have always been symbolic for internal reflection.

The mirror took the longest to draw, cause of the detail. And then I proceeded to vector the human alchemy symbol... The whole wall was pretty time consuming to say the least, but I really looks just as I imagined it would, so I'm pretty happy with it.

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  1. Aa-chan Feb 26, 2005

    Wow, I love the idea of the mirror and you have pulled it off wonderfully.
    Everything fits well and it looks as if it should be there. Excellent work ^__^ .

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2005

    this is very nice Nat ^_^ and veyr creative the mirror looks so real and amazing very nice =^_^= and the images look great along with the bg for the mirror very beautiful it deserves a fave great job Nat ^_^

  3. mdntdragon Feb 26, 2005

    love it . I tried to get the mirror effect like that ,but I didn't have results anywhere near this good.

  4. ded113 Feb 26, 2005

    The mirror is well crafted as well as the shards. It's not everyday I see a wall that feature the sins. A well crafted wall nat.

  5. elenuial Feb 26, 2005

    woah...I really like this wall! The wall...err...the wallpaper in the background looks really good, and the mirror does too, especially the way you incorporate the different chars in it. Nice idea and executed very well. +favs :D

  6. Silent-Heart Feb 26, 2005

    Wow....Wow...how did you do this?
    you don't use a mouse or?
    this looks so real and and fantastic.
    thank you for this. and now i know what i do this afternoon. watch full metal alchemist ^___^
    and now i know how you get this hi level. i will never be good as you *snop*
    keep up the good work *thumps up*

  7. ShiroiLina Feb 26, 2005

    great wall from you nat as always! brilliant idea :D love how you did the mirror and everything else :D keep it up! :D :D

  8. exhumethecorpse Feb 26, 2005

    Wow you did a great job. You used a unique concept and executed it perfectly. Definitely +fav

  9. kucing Feb 26, 2005

    yes it surely is sweeeet.. this id one of a kind for sure ..

    i love it really..

  10. tAtEkAnE Feb 26, 2005

    really nice work nat *__*
    the concept is great :D
    u always come up with this crazy ideas *__*
    that makes ur walls worth looking at ;)
    anyway, i agree with someone who commented in AL, about distorting more the image of ed
    but all in all awesome job nat!
    how come ya don't post in AP? =p

  11. kalicodreamz Feb 26, 2005

    nat i hate you >.>
    not really, but i'll pretend i do to make me feel better <.<
    just kidding!
    or am i!

    no, but seriously. i saw this on your site and was like..."awesomeness!"
    love the concept. really creative, and it really fits. you definitly acheived what you said you wanted to.
    my only complaint is that you're awesome and it isn't fair lol

  12. Electrastar Feb 26, 2005

    You always make such cool wallpapers Nat....I loved the last one you did of Roy but the concept on this one is amazing.....It's really awsome, and I don't even like the homonculus all that much but this wallpaper is just so cool that I just might have to use it someday...keep it up, your work is just awsome.

  13. crapmonster Feb 26, 2005

    holy crap, this wall is seriously insane. first off, great job on drawing that cracked mirror, looks very nice. and secondly just the idea of this is so original! this is a definite fav!

  14. Tama-Neko Feb 27, 2005

    (Sorry for the somewhat belated comment.)
    Anyways, as the others have said, a unique concept that is masterfully executed. The detail in the mirror is amazing, and the textures on the wall add to the dark atmosphere. I also like how while you showed all 7 homonculus you didn't give away the identities of those who are revealed later in the show - excellent image selection! I only have two suggestions - For Ed's reflection, if you gave each shard a slight distortion (a bit of movement from the original, or a bit of a zoom in or zoom out) it would make it truely realistic - since the mirror is shattered the shards will be at slightly different angles/distances to Edward, making his image distorted. Also, to me the 7 stands out a bit much, but maybe that was your intention :)

  15. artgeek12 Feb 27, 2005

    It really is an awsome wall. I like how the alchemy symbol overlays the texture in the BG. The mirror really is drawn nicely. Even the segments where the "sins" are is ok but Ed's face seems a little off. I think maybe a close up of his face would have been better. Something a little more clear only to create heirarchy. Like capture his eye (cause the gold in them is awsome) and some of his hair. That way we don't lump his image with that of the sins.

    Your hard work shows in the quality of the wall. Very impressive indeed. :nya:

  16. Frosty Feb 27, 2005

    wow nice wall. ^^
    i like your style approch on this piece. ^^
    has a really unqiue and different feel to it. ^^
    exellent work. ^^
    +fav for a job well done. ^^

  17. snowrabbit Feb 28, 2005

    i like the way u put the characters face on the broken mirror.
    it has very nice look.
    nice wall :)

  18. Sycia Mar 02, 2005

    Wonderful concept! >_< It must have been reaaally difficult to compose everything from scratch... >_<; I wish I could give you 10 +favs~ t_t

  19. Ichiru Mar 03, 2005

    Very original concept. The glass is extremely well done, and the shards on the bottom are a very nice touch, definetly a +fav.

  20. heavens-Dragon Mar 03, 2005

    Wowies, nat! I first saw it over at your website and I had to come back here to find it! It's so beautifully done! Very excellent concept! I love how you incoporate seven years bad luck with the seven deadly sins! Very much I like to say that this is one crazy wall! The mirrror looks realistic! Keep up with the amazing work!

  21. chibi-kyo Mar 03, 2005

    Wow, cool idea with the mirror, I really like it.
    This just looks so real +fav

  22. darkwaterbunny Mar 03, 2005

    Holy, what a intersting wallpaper ^_~ you dont see a lot of these anymore...I like the dark concept, a very different wallpaper from the other FMA. I likes it!!! Great job on the effects and the mirror concept, I love it! Just make it bigger!!! fav!!

  23. seta_chan Mar 03, 2005

    oh. i love this. it's so different and unique ^^ you don't see many walls with the sins on them ^^ great job!

  24. GintheTwilightswords Mar 03, 2005

    I just saw your friend Tama-Neko's new wall, it was very orignal and unquie. This wall is the same too, and I am amazed at how it looks. First off, I think your idea of having a mirror that is shattered-signalfying seven years bad luck hence the title- and putting each of the deadly sins and Ed's reflections in it is wonderful ^_^. I also like how well the mirror is done, it looks just like it would if it were broken, cracks and all. The human alchemy sign is nicely done, very cool-looking too, and I like the lighting effect for the entire wall,dark and ominous. Nat, your wall is a work to behold, and I believe that you did an extradinarily excellent job on the whole presentation ^uu^. I think Tama-san was right about it looking so good :).

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