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Well i finally decided to upload this old work.
I want to dedicate it to all persons inspiring me with their great doujinshi. You're giving me envy to redraw and your masterpieces are making my day better.
I especially think to toujin1 , linaka , vampyre , sarak , ayamael , susan-chan and ni-chan
I forgot to add frozenwilderness who makes such magnificient drawings perfect estetically and technically ^_^ i was unable to remeber the good spelling of her nickname :) ...

This picture is inspirated by a cartoon called lanfeust de troy. I wanted to redraw this freaky troll crushing the head of an annoyer ^_^

comments are really appreciated :)
little song lyrics to go with the picture (soulfly - boom) ; adapted to target special persons i hate the behaviour.

Every time i think about how you act
you got no life, you got no respect
yeah every time i think about how you act
you got nothing, nothing left

Leeches and hypocrites
They even steal the air we breathe
Pretending and faking it to be something they cannot be

You come around when you know you need something
stick around and try to get anything
but i really know who's down with me
you enemy

Happiness is to give back ; Love one another , have respect
Give more , to receive less

Using people like they are tools ; treating them like there just fools ; always quiet but i know what you do ; god knows and you will too.

and then you act like everything's the same
i don't dig it i don't play mind games

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  1. Ayamael Feb 25, 2005

    woah, my name's in there, i'm honoured!! ^^

    ha ha ha... should i recognize someone in those lyrics (well actually at least 2 people, let's not forget my roomy ^^)

    your troll is scary loll, wouldn't want to meet him in a dark corner XO i like the details too.. at least, he doesn't seem to need a dentist XD . i didn't know you drew papy... you never told me T_T, oh well, great job ^^ thx for sharing ^^

    (hey, did you join Charaz's doujin support club btw, i'm sure she'd love to have you as well ^^)

  2. meteorcloud Feb 25, 2005

    waahh +_+......freaky doujin papyworld xd~!!!!!
    i kinda like this style xd~!!!!! it's not the poplairest one >.>.....
    but you did a nice job =) mayB you could imrpove your shading to make it even better ^_^~!
    keep the works =D

  3. markjo Feb 25, 2005

    I didn't know you can draw so well, papyworld! This one is full of aggression, not to mention the blood... Good work!

  4. irix Feb 26, 2005

    nice use of a skull... i have to take this idea from now... interesting! ^^

  5. frozenwilderness Feb 26, 2005

    nice.. the detail and the shading you put in this looks great
    kinda creepy but good nonetheless ^^

  6. sarak Feb 26, 2005

    *heeeeeeee ^^ i knew it would be the waiting worth ^^ and *lolol* even if he is in a bloody hit-all-with-skull-club mood he looks funny somehow and it makes me smiling ^^ i especially like the blood-splattering and his underarm-hair >.< ...^^ this work looks really cool. just can repeat that u should take a pencil and start again ^^

  7. Susan-chan Feb 26, 2005

    hehehehehe:D it's so funny just as i expected:D funny troll:D looking forward to your next works:P

  8. LadyWhiteWolf Feb 26, 2005

    Awesome drawing papyworld! :) The shading and detail are great!

  9. Morphee Feb 26, 2005

    ah mais! mais ouais c'est le troll dans Lanfeust!!!! lol! j'adore cette BD, elle est trop drôle! ^^ et pis le troll est vraiment trop hilarant... lol! attends comment il s'appelle déjà?.... ah oui Hébus ou un truc dans ce genre... ^^ (hehe... ne jamais faire boir un troll... ça n'apporte jamais rien de bon... lol!) ah well.... great fan art papy!!!!!! ^^ i love it!

  10. Frosty Feb 27, 2005

    rofl.. X) hmm.. yea, funny looking drawing.. ^^
    looks pretty neat, ^^
    good work. ^^

  11. toujin1 Feb 27, 2005

    kawaii papy san!! i finally get to see my monster...kinda...ill make a deal with you. you draw me my very own original monster, and ill do one for you...what do u say? i want something i can print and stick on my uni books!

  12. fyuzin Feb 27, 2005

    Cool! :d
    i like the way you're outlining things...!
    Eh... I don't know how to explain it. ^^;

    Post more trolls!

  13. vampyre Feb 28, 2005

    ^^~ blood line's well done, i like ur line & shadow of that skull, really cool ^^ but the best i like's.........that smile XD i think, this work'll awesome for me if he's up the corner of his mouth a little & the skull's broken with lots of blood xdxdxd *heeee sorry, if i want to c the thick blood xdxdxd & hey! if it not dark, use 4B or EE that's really darken or use with other place, it'll give u more tone on ur work ~^^~ hope to c ur work again & this great line ;]

    PS:sorry for late cause' my com's knock out for a while ^^;

  14. Septillion Apr 26, 2005

    wahhh i have to say that is scary XD if you're aiming for creepiness they you definitely achieved it ^^ the expression on his face is nicely done, full of angry scary emotions. lol you even added in the details such as the armpit hair XD xd

    ^^ nice work on the troll

  15. Ying Apr 28, 2005

    Oh my! He sure looks evil!
    Did you have any preferens picture when you drew this?
    well it's well done anyway! ^_^

  16. Adrima May 07, 2005

    mah ;_; he makes me nervos while shaking this scull with this chain *is afraid and hides*
    *looks a little bit from the side* >_>
    but I like the way you draw it o.o
    specially the shadows ^^
    keep on drawing my dearest puppy ^_^

  17. Shkira Jun 01, 2005

    He looks like an evil clown! O_O Awesome character design, and the blood trail is especially cool. He's certainly getting glee from providing it, lol! Can't wait to see more from you!

  18. J-a-r-e-t-h Restricted Member Aug 07, 2005

    really good one!
    next step: i wont download this: it seems that you draw every hair single. when you look at other anime figures only a few hairs are painted single, some more, some lesser!
    try to draw hairs more then the anime style.
    the blood (is it blood?!) is very good drawn! like a pro! ;)
    the face too, but the eyes arent figured out really... hmmm, perhaps you try to paint the pupil , so you see where he looks. but only if you want him to look somewhere! i think this eyes for the troll are perfect, because hes gone mad and killes everything in his way, for this mood these eyes are perfect!


  19. uriziel Nov 24, 2005

    Really good one!
    I love this eyes and smile hair are good but
    You can add more shadows
    I want to see more of your works

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