Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: Edward,Leaving Your Life Behind

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well the anime is so cool so I couldn't resist into making another wallpaper for it (plz check also my past FMA wallpapers) ! Well this time its a sceneric wallpaper , I used Terragen's power to create a basic rocky like ground . The idea behind it is to put Ed into a creepy , lifeless environment with only life a tree that loses it's last leaves ! I chose to make redish cause its more dramatic like this . and finally I achieved some effects on Ed and also at the sky ! Well the idea was mine and Seth's , so a credit also goes to her ( we called each other to tell an idea , and the idea was the same....)T_T

Scan:Prozect Zen
TotalWork:10 Hours

well I keep saying that I can't thanks everyone in personla but you really gotta believe me!
So a THANKS goes to everyone who'll download it / add it to favs / Add a comment
well bye bye ...I ve gotta update my site someday....

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  1. StarKitty Banned Member Feb 23, 2005

    wow Kitty thinks it's very beautiful ^_^ Kitty loves the bg and Kitty loves Edward!! ^_^
    Kitty wants it as a favie ^_^ yay! ^_^

  2. tru-chan Feb 23, 2005

    Eddie! <3 *hugs* He looks so tall! XD

    The brushes are really nice and the background.
    It's kind of too red for me, but the whole concept is awesome.
    I mean with the whole lifeless enviroment and him leaving it behind... he should, he should! :x

  3. peachiemint Feb 23, 2005

    woot *swoon* hot hot ed-ness! ur on a crimson roll pastor! luv the way u made the moon and the falling star. a faviee for mee. keep it up pastor XD

  4. darkwaterbunny Feb 23, 2005

    ooo, another nice wallpaper. I'm loving the effects on the sky. But, looks a lot like your Alucard wallpaper o.O but I think I like this one better (I dont read/or watch Hellsing ^_^;;;) I like the tree, but I think you should make it thicker, unless its a random branch or something. Whoa, the floor looks like lava o.o, but I like it ^_^. Moon looks graet, just might want to fix up the tree (too puny to be a tree!) Anyway, great job! Fav!!

  5. MystikJ Feb 23, 2005

    ooo pretty!! the b/g is so nice O_O and Ed rocks xD
    another fav...

  6. FALH Feb 23, 2005

    awsome wallpaper <3
    love the bg very cool

    so beautiful
    +fav ^^

  7. meteorcloud Feb 23, 2005

    hey hey pom =D~!
    hmz...I like your idea....but the perspective....(reality...) seems not right =O....the ground...looks haning in the air...that little problem is created by the shadow of the tree i think,hmz...mayB turn the shadow of the tree abit th the left....that will also match witht the light flare i think=O but the ground looks nice =) so are the clouds in the air =) other things looks nice =)
    keep the works pom ^^~!

  8. Captain-Harlock Feb 23, 2005

    heh..hellish...a dead sight....a departure...and everything comes down...heh...one of your best...imo...always....

  9. Nakayori Feb 24, 2005

    o_o;; :: Gawks at it. :: It's red! Yaaaay. =D Love the colors you used, and the sceneric background is so pretty... *-*

  10. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2005

    awww Pastor... I think you deserve more faves then that this wall is very beautiful ^_^ but don't worry *hugs Pastor* I love it very beautiful =^_^=

  11. Rella Feb 24, 2005

    This looks awesome, I love the red in it! The sky and everything also looks really good. Very well done!

  12. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2005

    Ok, I love dark wallpapers so this is, like, perfect! I love it! Excellent job!

  13. lin1011 Feb 24, 2005

    Full Metal Alchemist rocks, including the wallpapers. I like the redness of the background, as though he is trying to run from what happened.

  14. KingBahamut Feb 24, 2005

    okay... i like the character but the backround is crazy... I like it. The whole red scheme thing is really good.

  15. Xion3 Feb 24, 2005

    This is some awesome work here, Pastor. The title goes really well with the feel of the wallpaper. Also, it's very smooth and the character is awesome, and so is the background work. ^^

  16. euna Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2005

    all red~~~ ^___^
    looks really cool...
    the scan ish awesome and fits in with the bg really well...
    like the way he's looking back ^___^"
    the starscape is pretty~~ and the lens flare.. very nice touch...

  17. kuclo Feb 24, 2005

    is a nice wallpaper of full metal alchemist,the background is awesome,the red color is just too good ,you did a great job,see you later

  18. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2005

    Its weird how the stars go somewhat through the moon...try removing the stars where the shadow of the moon faces then it would be perfect but above all else...needs more gradient than just a red bg...maybe some orage and dark yellows here and ther culd suffice but great job! :)

  19. LordStyphon Feb 24, 2005

    Very nice. The red is absolutely stunning. I love the sky in particular. The black silohuette of the tree is also great. Outstanding work.

  20. semanga Feb 24, 2005

    that is a so wonderful the red sky and the moon and sky fits perfect to the scan you make a very awesome jop sweety keep it up and show us more from your great talent

  21. Dccafdf Feb 25, 2005

    Woah, hell yeah man. Another sweet wallpaper there Pastor. Gonna favorite this one for you too. ^_^ Good job man, keep it up!

  22. StarCentury Feb 25, 2005

    Whoa now! XD Leave it to Pastor to create such an amazing looking FMA wallpaper! I really dig the red starfield with the shooting star on the BG! Plus, the red barren wasteland with teh scan of Ed wearing red (*I see a patten here XD *) blends real well together! I honestly can't find anything wrong with your wall, Pastor! Forgive me for being a bad critic! >.<

  23. Haia Feb 26, 2005

    I love the background! So red! and his emotion towards it...so exact

  24. Lana3007 Feb 26, 2005

    Cool! Looks really creepy, red backgrounds are freaky! Looks amazing! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

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