Fortune Cookie Wallpaper: I'll Be Your Friend

Fortune Cookie Wallpaper
Fortune Cookie Visual Novel

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

software: adobe photoshop cs
# of layers: 15
# of days: 3
scan from: fortune cookie
scan by: aquiles

comment: okie okie, i juz submitted a wallie a couple days ago but i reallie wasnt satisfied. so uhh... heres another game wallie. plus, mordin insisted dat i post this wallie asap. this is wut a call "zuri-chan style" of walling. tee hee so i dedicated this to her for i luv all of her walls (and for oracleangel for being such a super kool wall mentor. tee hee). first time ive used stock photo as well as a first 3 people wallie. btw, got the bg from google search and i juz did sum underpainting and layering to make it look like a canvas painting. making this wasnt dat hard but the extraction was truly a pain. anyhoo, comments, favieee and suggestions r all welcome.

p.s: boogie woogiee is a meanie head because he wont share any food w/ mee :(

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  1. KnightOfLain Feb 22, 2005

    Wow peachie - ur works are incredible. That's a great usage of stock photo - it definately fits the characters well, and the blending is well done so the characters do not stand out of the bg. Great choice of colour the afternoon and the sakura is so easily felt.I also like the font used and all the flowers in the background of it. Great work. Wow.

  2. Ninja Feb 22, 2005

    Totally a beautiful background I'am in love with the use of colors its so bright and colorful definitely a favorite for me, good work there peachie!

  3. DarkCrimson Feb 22, 2005

    Hey there Peachiemint.Oh such a cute new Wallie from you.I really love it .You put a lot of Effort in it.The Background looks so amazing and the Girls are very Kawai :DBut I dont know Fortune Cookie.Is it a Anime?Add this wonderfull Piece of Work from you to my Favourites. :D Thanks so much for sharing

  4. Athrun Feb 22, 2005

    Thumbnail is dead... luckily the full download works for me. This seems to be... an interesting anime... "Fortune Cookie".

    Uh... right. Comment... well... not much to say besides that I love it. Great job with the BG, even tho it's a stock. Nice touch-ups with the scan.

  5. sawakun Feb 22, 2005

    cute wallpaper
    good job

  6. Rella Feb 23, 2005

    Ooh, this is so pretty! Your extraction skill is really high! It looks great. ^^ The background matches the scan very much and I like it a lot too so this is going to my favorites! ^^

  7. bmagrl Feb 23, 2005

    is it really cool
    i love the bg, it deff stands out.

  8. Ayamael Feb 23, 2005

    oh wow, this wall is so clean!! the background is really beautiful as well i like the little "white" flowers around the "I'll Be Your Friend" ^^ i love this wall, a plus fave!

  9. tru-chan Feb 23, 2005

    Oi! Peachie! I haven't seen ye in ages! >_> Actually I'm just lost...

    Anyway, on to the wallpaper. I love it XD The background goes really well the scan. (BTW it does look like a pain but wasn't it worth it? Just luvvers it. :3)
    Great job, Peachie. ^^

  10. SilentMasamune Feb 23, 2005

    A very impressive wall, indeed. You have outdone yourself this time. :)

  11. lunacrystal Feb 23, 2005

    wow this is a great wall peachiemint!
    i reall like the colors and the
    catorgory name...
    fortune cookie. interesting.

  12. Masarusu Feb 23, 2005

    friggin awsome minty-san! the scan and background is awsome. the detail is amazing.

    *pouts* i wish i could do something like this with gimp, but thy person you see before you cant use GIMP worth a dang. Hopefully my graphic imaging class next year will help, XD


  13. elizabeth-san Feb 23, 2005

    pretty! i lov the bg with the building and the water and also the cherry bloosom tree is pretty. GOOD JOB!

  14. darksaberx88 Feb 23, 2005

    WoW very pretty wallpaper i love it very much aslo the background is awsome as well add 2 Fav................^^

  15. UndyingShadow Feb 23, 2005

    wow what a bright beautiful bg! great use of the scan as well. awesome wall!

  16. PastorOfMuppets Feb 23, 2005

    this will go directly to the highlighted wallies!!!!
    greeeat job!

    added to favs ofcourse!its worth it!

  17. heavens-Dragon Feb 23, 2005

    Kyaa! Wowies! It's so beautiful! The background is really pretty! You really painted it well to fit the characters! And the girls are really pretty too! Super nice! Keep up with the great work!

  18. leqecyangel Feb 23, 2005

    i love the colors it looks really good
    the scan fit the bg perfectly
    overall 10

  19. TohruKitty Feb 23, 2005

    wow very beautiful wallie Peachie I love the bg it's ever so beautiful I think you did a wondeful job and it's definitly a fave of mine ^_^

  20. Evanrued Feb 23, 2005

    I really do like this wall. I love the background that you did. It looks perfect! A definate fav for me! Excellent work!

  21. rocknroll-isgo Feb 23, 2005

    Wow, the colors are beautiful. The BG's texture is a little too different for such a clean scan but it still works. ^_^ Another great wall Peachie. Keep it up!

    Oh and by the way, I like the new avatar. ;)

  22. StarCentury Feb 23, 2005

    Yay! Jan-Jan's new wallie looks very cool! XD Your scenic BG looks very unique with the vibrant colors and all! Plus, the text with the flowers on the sides feels nice and pleasant, not to mention the scan looks real friendly, pun intended! XD Overall, another very nice Jan-Jan wallie! [+ 2 favs] ;)

  23. Mordin Feb 23, 2005

    nice wallie peachie, the tone of the color is wonderful on the bg, and the girls fit so well. I really like the light texture of this wallie, and the enviornment of this bg is just wonderful. I really like how you position the girls in such backdrop, you didn't phase out the beauty of the surrounding but incorporated to fully display the girls' beauty. nice work peachie. :)

  24. StarKitty Banned Member Feb 23, 2005

    hahaha how pretty Kitty wubs it!! ^_^ the bg....beautiful!!! ^_^ Kitty thinks you did a great job!! ^_^Kitty gives it a favie!! ^_^

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