Misato Mitsumi Wallpaper: FIGHTING PEOPLE

Misato Mitsumi Wallpaper
Misato Mitsumi Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ooo... This wall it was so hard... :'( I don't have brushes... I have typical brushes... From where can i get them? Help me!
But... Effect is not so bad... I like this wall... One of my bests... (I think)
Moons... Falling stars...
Thanks! ;)

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  1. Asahi Feb 22, 2005

    hi raion-san.. look at deviantart or search for it on google . i found there too many good brushes ^^

    imo it looks good without special brushes ! like the evening sunlight in it and the douple moons. maybe she and the backgroudn a bit to dark for this sky .. but at least its a pretty wall =D

  2. zaira Feb 22, 2005

    wow!!! cool scan!!!!! this one is sooo cool!!! i like the bg! looks like a sunset!
    the moons are soo cool!! i like it! the falling stars are also cute!! i like the way you make this wall!!! great job!!!!+fav!! XD

  3. Karolina Feb 22, 2005

    XD This is really very nice wall! I like this pic and the background is so great
    (those moons are great - I love moon and stars XD) I think that the scan fit very well with the bg.
    Really great! :)

  4. ynk Feb 22, 2005

    Really good jod^^! Raion ta tapetka jest super ma fajny klomat...^^ nawet ja ustawilam w szkolej biblitece^^ czysty odjazd^^ świetnie zrobione flo... i gereralnie odjazd^^ +fav.^^! tak trzymaj... tez mysle ze to jedna z twoich najlepszych^^!

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Feb 22, 2005

    Wow! This has a really 'other-worldly' feel about it. I guess having the double-moon effect gives it that alien quality. But the warm sunset tones and the metero shower have a destructive and burning feel to it too.

    Ver' nice :D

  6. darkwaterbunny Feb 22, 2005

    very nice! I love the feel that this seems to give out, adn great job without using all them other brushes ^_^. Only thing is the text <.< a little weird, but its still good. I love the sky and the way you did the lighting, great job!!

  7. Kimaris Feb 22, 2005

    I like it. very well done even without special brushes.
    I agree that this is one of your best pieces of work.
    Keep it up.
    Love ( ^_^' )

  8. Sandra Feb 22, 2005

    greta ONE ! 4 me your best work ! I really love the bg and moon.....Great job ! Keep it up :) My favorite

  9. belmikry Retired Moderator Feb 22, 2005

    raoin-san- very dark, sunset- love it! the colour combination with the char, and the warped rock path shes sitting on- everything is balanced beautifully ^_^ definate fav >_<

  10. markjo Feb 22, 2005

    The pluses - great background (I love the double moon effect!) and colours - I agree here. But what is the character placed on? And are you sure you didn't mean 'for their own soul'?

  11. StarCentury Feb 22, 2005

    Ah, great looking wallie, Raion-san! ^_^' The sunset BG is very beautiful, and the two moons are so realistic, although they look a bit too close together! But that's just me being a bit anal! :D Anyhoo, the scan goes well with the scenery! Way to go, Raion! ;)

  12. peachiemint Feb 22, 2005

    Quote by StarCenturyAh, great looking wallie, Raion-san! ^_^' The sunset BG is very beautiful, and the two moons are so realistic, although they look a bit too close together! But that's just me being a bit anal! :D Anyhoo, the scan goes well with the scenery! Way to go, Raion! ;)

    meeh! uncle is copying wut i was gonna say XD very nice raion-san! and yes, a very pretty sunset. tee hee. keep it up XP

  13. aruyam Feb 23, 2005

    Yeeeei :P Ale super :D
    Masz komenicka i faworytka :P
    Odwiedz mnie babo ! :D

  14. Suzu Feb 23, 2005

    dobrze jest ! podoba mi sie ! ten ksiezyc-moon jest super ! dodaje doulubionych ! papapapapa !

  15. d611691 Feb 23, 2005

    It's pretty!!! You do well on this wall without the brushes, and I love the color you use. XD

  16. KingBahamut Feb 23, 2005

    Cool wall... I really like the colours you used on that one. Brushes or no brushes that thing looks good.

  17. euna Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2005

    considering that you didn't have special brushes... it's really good ^___^
    i like the colours you've used.. and the scan...
    gotta like that scan ^___^
    Well.. i like the concept, but i think the text doesn't fit in that well... the style of it
    and the moons are somewhat odd.. perhaps you've deleted too much...
    nevertheless.. looks great. nice job!

  18. ventures Feb 24, 2005

    wow it looks great !! n you did it with no brushes..~~
    luv the moon ...but I think the scan is a lil blurr...
    but other than yhat..nice one..
    *adds to fav*

  19. acid-awakening Feb 27, 2005

    waow!! this looks very kool
    i like the sky colour :D ^^,... i've always wanted that colour :D ^^
    the scan is very kool heheh,.... u have great moons :D ^^,... i know where to find some brushes,..... deviant art,.... i c my cousin go to it a lot of times :D ^^
    thanx for sharing :D ^^,.... catch u later

  20. weiss17nz Mar 01, 2005

    nice wall,...
    got lotsa nice colour there,.... n i like da outta focuz on da back ground,..
    niew work,.... keep it up aye ;)

  21. ScorpioKing Mar 08, 2005

    Yeah this is something u need to see =)...great job man, orange mood is so calmy there ^_^


  22. sadbird Apr 10, 2005

    wow, this is wonderful and i love it so much :) the background is wonderful and so is the girl she is so cute, good luck on others

  23. slashwindcrono May 04, 2005

    too bad! it was really good but the girl seems to be blurry (or was it just my monitor) anyhow tis is a great!! i thank you for showing us

  24. bloodD May 14, 2005

    The use of colours is amazon and the mode........................................................evil laugh

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