Gunslinger Girl Wallpaper: Just Shoot...*___*

Madhouse, Gunslinger Girl, Henrietta Wallpaper
Madhouse Studio Gunslinger Girl Series Henrietta Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

nyah...T_T...what to say with dis wallie....
first I tried this...then it turned out bad..cropped a few elements..n added that..n this..n that..the image of da girl...fonts...n here's da result >.<....
21 layers n about 3-4 hours...*what??*
I know its not good..XP...what do ya think?

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  1. Kiako Feb 22, 2005

    i think it looks great,
    the effects are well done
    i like it and i'm adding it to my favs.

  2. Frosty Feb 22, 2005

    hey, not bad at at all. ^^
    looks great and I llike the image you use for this one. ^^
    pretty simple but its good quality work. ^^
    a and +fav fr the nice effort. ^^
    *btw: I think this anime totally bombed because of the weak end* >_>

  3. Paolo Feb 22, 2005

    wats that coming out of her gun? O.o ... well anyway. i think this wall is great. :) waddya mean its not good?!? T.T you have good skillz. just don't put those skillz to waste ok? :)

  4. jingjing1208 Feb 22, 2005

    I like this wall,it's a nice one!!^_^ And the bg is nice too!!!*_* +fav!^_^ and keep it up!^_^

  5. KnightOfLain Feb 22, 2005

    That's a very fine wallie - the scan used is impressive. She looks like some sort of priestess holding the gun as an almost sacred relic. I don't like the flash at the point of the gun but the rest of the wallie is wonderful. Nice background, especially the cloudy blurring on the edges adds to its unearthly atmosphere. Keep up the great work.

  6. Fantasia Feb 22, 2005

    very great bg effectO_o not bad at all!!
    the bg goes with the girl very well,especially the ray effect from the gun,really awesome
    the fonts also suit the anime story very well
    not bad trying,very nice!!

  7. will-sama Feb 22, 2005

    Very Nice wallpaper !!!
    thank you rythem for this good work :)
    and good bye ^^

  8. Criox Feb 22, 2005

    Though i dun c the anime but i find the wallie nice! ^__^ 1 thumb up*

  9. Oshii-Rion Feb 22, 2005

    Great wall! I add this wall to fav! *click on fav* XD
    Great job!
    Bye! ;)

  10. MadWiz Feb 22, 2005

    the background effects are quite nice~
    but I think a bit of colour.. maybe of that pale yellow orange colour like the girl for some parts may be good..
    the gunshot ray could also sort of be placed at the mouth instead of looking like behind it.. like separating the pic into 2 layers near the mouth

    nevertheless this is quite a well done wallie but to me it ain't as good as the others you have done ^^ keep up the good work still though~

  11. Aa-chan Feb 22, 2005

    Another nice wallpaper Rythem ^__^ .
    Cool pose you've used and the background works well with it.

  12. Ninja Feb 22, 2005

    A nice and simple looking wallpaper, nice choice on scan and good background.

  13. Divinelight Feb 22, 2005

    24 layers!??? Wow, the hard work pays... real nicde drawing you have there.

  14. Rella Feb 22, 2005

    I like the thing on top of the gun, looks really neat. Cool things on the back too, I like it, great wallpaper!

  15. calisqo Feb 22, 2005

    nice wall rhythm ^_^.
    Like the scan sand the black and white compositon really cool.
    the style is new to
    but it could do without the white border to me XD.

    overall nice effort nice wall, awesome ^^

  16. peachiemint Feb 22, 2005

    Quote by Frostyhey, not bad at at all. ^^
    looks great and I llike the image you use for this one. ^^
    pretty simple but its good quality work. ^^a and +fav fr the nice effort. ^^
    *btw: I think this anime totally bombed because of the weak end* &gt;_&gt;

    mai thoughts exactly. simple but it still is pretty good. the scan quality is very nice so i give it a faviee. keep it up rythem (no more doodles? nuuuu more more) XP

  17. StarCentury Feb 22, 2005

    Hey, that's really good, rythem! Dun feel bad about yourself now, I think you did a great job with this wallie! XD The spark on the tip of the gun is what caught my eye! It's very cleverly implemented! Also, the BG is simple, yet very beautiful! Keep up the good work, rythem! ;) [+ 2 favs]

  18. slivermoon Feb 22, 2005

    nice wally
    the bg effects are very good ^-^
    ant the fading around the corners look really nice too

  19. Athrun Feb 22, 2005

    Wow... this is... pretty cool... I like the BG and text. The glow around her is okay I guess. Why didn't you put your signature in this one? < <;;

  20. asianspirit Feb 22, 2005

    haha. funny name :) anyway, nice wallie rythem. really love the effects in this wall.

  21. Shkira Feb 23, 2005

    Her expression is so serene.... Was that "laser beam" in the original pic? O_o Very nice colors.

  22. artgeek12 Feb 23, 2005

    I like the wall. It's not in your face or cutting edge but has a simple aesthetic quality that is pleasing to the eye. The black in her outfit goes well with the black and white BG. It makes the color in her face stand out that much more. The fact that she is partially outside the borders and facing the inside is a good technique. Even her gun points to the other corner which makes the viewers eye travel around the whole wall.

    Now the things we can work on...
    The extraction isn't bad but could be cleaned up much better. Some parts are jagged and it looks like she has an outer glow to her. Not sure if the glow was on purpose but it's distracting from the cleanliness of the wall. The placement , size and shape of the letters are nice and fit well with the style of the wall but I don't think that particular font is good. Try findind something that is thin, tall and a san serif and use that. Something about that font just looks like stickers stuck on the wall. I like the texture in the BG. Not too complicated but interesting enough. I just wish it went all the way to the corners. Beside those things, I like the wall. Hope I helped some with my loooooong crit. ^_^'

  23. semanga Feb 24, 2005

    very great wall the scan is sweet and the dark bg it looks also very great love it and add to my fav ^^

  24. acid-awakening Feb 25, 2005

    this is reallie cool
    great colours :D ^^ cool character,... and i like black colours :D ^^
    i like what u did with the gun 2 :D ^^ thanx for sharing,... catch u later :D ^^

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