Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: A.W.A.K.E.N.

Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

If I fall you shall not blame me,
and if I die, release your anger,
wash out my face with tears
bleed out my love and be awaken

he, he the poem is my very first in English... and it didn't follow any rules, but passion.
I am in very dark period and realizing that makes it even darker i think.
Since I used a full scan, I had to work mainly on colors, quality and effect layers... and boy it took forever, even for my standards. I have left the bottom part overpowering the black sky on purpose, which can be concluded in the title. so please no comment like: "you should put something up there"... unless you really need to say it.

anyway, scan is here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/60276/

Dedicated to the Amano Queen here at mt - markjo
Enjoy and reflect...

EDIT: you really have to see full res. to be able to comment...
and OMG it's matching my ava and siggy! :)
EDIT2: ooops i guess not any more...

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  1. tecnophreak Feb 22, 2005

    ok, first things first: you need to put some kinda of a sky up there. (lol! just kidding)
    anyway, this is very dark indeed. you ok man? startin to freak me out, lol. good job etting the feeling across, i odn't know hwat you could work on though ( a first for everything, eh? lol) later man, be safe.

  2. rocknroll-isgo Feb 22, 2005

    Wow, this is awesome. It's very refreshing as it strays from the norm here at Minitoyko. And the poem fits it well. :) Well done!

  3. DREAM Feb 22, 2005

    DernierCri i expect markjo will be quite pleased with your latest wallpaper.
    i like what you did with Amano's artwork. your wallpaper strikes me as being actually a little more "Darker" and set a more foreboding mood than Amano's since you focused on the blue flowers versus the pink ones. i really like that choice but i wonder will she be able to "awaken"? the background is appropriate in this case and i disagree with technophreak about a sky or planets etc. which would take away from the darkness and sense of finality on this wallpaper.

    although i prefer Amano's; i must commend you on your efforts on this wall and your poetry. :)

    my new current wallpaper. wow, 2 Amano wallpapers in as many weeks. :)


  4. Aa-chan Feb 22, 2005

    I see that you've managed to make another powerful wallpaper and it looks really kinda grungy. Another excellent piece ^__^ .

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 22, 2005

    And in the wayward dream i had, there stands a raven
    this paradise lost i regret this day, silence at last!
    for my feet no longer fly but walk the valley of the dead.
    Please save me from my shadows...

    This could be the second verse :P but yeah the sweet and darkening feeling of the wall makes this very beautiful and worthwhile.... for without darkness we could not have found the light ...and without light the darkness would feel so empty inside, oblivious.
    Great job as usual!

  6. Jiirotu Feb 22, 2005

    It looks very dark and kind of disturbing. I really like it! Great work!

  7. darkwaterbunny Feb 22, 2005

    whoa, black background, very nice. I love the style adn effects that you used, its so dark!!! (I <3 dark wallpapers ^_~) avery nice choice in wallpapers! Great job on everything, its so pretty! (Yeah, I think its pretty). Wowies, fav from me!!!

  8. Kotter Feb 22, 2005

    She looks very... dead. And unhappy. Like zombie. She prefers to sleep. No need to inject her to life. Let her dream in syringe of her...

  9. markjo Feb 22, 2005

    No need to explain the favourite, is there?
    Your dedication ( :) ) instantly reminded me of the poem 'To the Queen':

    Quote by William BlakeThe Door of Death is made of gold,
    That mortal eyes cannot behold;
    But when the mortal eyes are clos'd,
    And cold and pale the limbs repos'd,
    The soul awakes; and, wond'ring, sees
    In her mild hand the golden Keys [...]

    Perfect, right?

  10. StarCentury Feb 22, 2005

    I sometimes wonder of you do real paintings, DC, because your new wall looks astonishing! :) The mood and atmosphere are second to none and the amount of detail you put on the character is beyond anything I've ever seen! So glad to see another one of your amazing walls, DC! Great job! :)

  11. crapmonster Feb 23, 2005

    ahah how you made this wall, it sort of reminds me of blame! the textures for the most part worked out nicely though i dont know about that scratchy texture. still though, awesome wall!!

  12. Skillzpay Feb 24, 2005

    It all seems too soft, maybe you overdid it a bit on the gaussian blur?
    And I agree with crapmonster, the scratches don't really work with this. Besides that though, some solid work as usual :)

  13. Ultra-Violet Oct 10, 2005

    Potent, powerful and inspirationally dark! My adoration for Amano's sensational oddity creations and visionary artistry states that all the encompassed elements definitely point this piece in the right direction. My main attraction beyond the beauty of the pale woman with her vision directed skyward, is the uncanny resemblance to a much over-looked painting which is hundreds of years old called "Oh What's That In The Hollow" by C.D. Friedrich. Weird and wonderful! Well done Dernier! :)

  14. DREAM Nov 13, 2005

    excellent interpretation.

    i am handling Amano scans as we speak.

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