Kiddy Grade Wallpaper: .Eclair.

Keiji Gotoh, Gonzo, Kiddy Grade, Éclair Wallpaper
Keiji Gotoh Mangaka Gonzo Studio Kiddy Grade Series Éclair Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

love the character design of Kiddy Grade soooo much,XD,totemo kirei~and this anime is much better than my thought.
made this as the red of the Rainbow Project drawing her is really pain,glad it turn out not bad
forgive the ship in the bg,I can't find the design data,just make one according to some small pics,so maybe it's not correct - -'
tomorrow I'll be back to school,don't have time and chance to draw and fav&comment on minna's pics,sigh~glad there's the Notifications,I'll reply those once I get on line^^chotto matekutasai~
ja,matane~hope you everyday happy~

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  1. Kiako Feb 20, 2005

    great wallpaper, the background matches with the girl and it has a nice color too.
    keep it up

  2. aegisgat303 Feb 20, 2005

    Eclair is very beautiful and sweet in this picture
    I like it very much
    Thank you :D

  3. Barbara Feb 20, 2005

    Very fantastic wallpaper, the bg is very beautiful, evrything goes well together. Good job there :)

  4. darkwaterbunny Feb 20, 2005

    nice, but there aren't too many effects!!! (But its still good). The background looks nice, but the scan is a bit...odd. I like the glowing effects ^_~ nice job!

  5. halcyonTwilight Feb 20, 2005

    Awesome work :) I loved kiddy grade. You did a really nice job on the bg, and the ship looks great. The ribbon and the hair just look awesome...this wall rocks :3 +fav

  6. Asahi Feb 20, 2005

    +fav !!!!

    fan , thats the best artwork what i have seen of you . i like it a lot . really . i like her hair . do you can it a size bigger for me ? o.o

  7. sykboy Feb 21, 2005

    Ok I may be a little biased here being a HUGE kiddy grade fan but this is one of the best walls i have seen of Eclair in a long time. Great work :)
    Adds to faves!!

  8. white-zero Feb 21, 2005

    Keiji Gotoh rocks!

    Well, of course this version of Eclair rocks too! XD

    Another job well done, I'd say.....

  9. crys Feb 21, 2005

    Gosh, the way she was drawn is just fantastic... I love how clean and detailed it looks. +fav

  10. irix Feb 21, 2005

    download! download!! download!!! ***irix sing song*** yah! tah! ^^

  11. LordStyphon Feb 21, 2005

    Wow. That is a nice picture of Eclair you found (I'll refrain from calling pictures you use in wallpapers "scans" from now on). It looks great, and goes nicely with the background. It's a nice background, too. I like the slight reddish tint that the stars behind seem to have. The pillars are okay, but I can't see what ground they're supposed to be attached to (maybe it's just my monitor). Nice work overall.

  12. hykyit Feb 21, 2005

    Wowww....All the while i was thinking how come all your wallpapers are like painting... Now i know why...You drew and painted this yourself?? Incredible...Definitely deserve a favourite for this!!! Good job!!

  13. ventures Feb 21, 2005

    wow ! nice drawin as usual fantasia-san ....luv the dark red ...gives it a nice cool mood...
    the girl is drawn very nicely ...but the arm looks a lil long *sorry *
    but her body proportion is very good n the bg is very nice too
    hope u enjoy ur school days.ne?

  14. jingjing1208 Feb 21, 2005

    Ohoh,this wall really rocks!!!^_^ I love the bg the character you've done,really awesome,fan!^_^
    HA,I'll go to school too but was next week,so I must enjoy the last week holiday!!^_^' +fav!^_^

  15. sylvacoer Feb 22, 2005

    Erm, what's Kiddy Grade? I feel so ignorant... ^_^' As always, I love your work. It's always fso fresh and skillfully executed. Wonderful job!

  16. Frosty Feb 23, 2005

    awww... how cute. ^^
    nice work as always. ^^
    looks retty cool. ^^ good work. ^^
    +fav for the good effort. ^^

  17. deathe Feb 23, 2005

    shes cool, though i hate red, but she really is cool ^^

    great job ^^

  18. frozenwilderness Feb 24, 2005

    Love how you pulled off the no-outline look in this CG fantasia XD That pose rocks too.. keep up the awesome work ^^

  19. walkure245 Feb 25, 2005

    Sugoi, Fantasia! It looks great and the colors are perfect. Great deatils in the hair and the bg. Btw, the bg is really good. The columns look so real and your space looks really nice. ^.^ Great~

  20. orenjinosakana Feb 25, 2005

    yoku dekimashita ne...^^! you did a great job=)) it looks really nice...=P school just sucks doesn't it....blah, ruins all photoshop time^*

  21. shinorei Feb 25, 2005

    I love this wallie you made,it's so beautiful and the girl from Kiddy Grade is very beautiful too! I think I'll favourite it. ^_~

  22. SPARKER Mar 10, 2005

    Ok I may be a little biased here being a HUGE kiddy grade fan but this is one of the best walls i have seen of Eclair in a long time. Great work
    Adds to faves!!

  23. DarkLordS Mar 24, 2005

    it's just amaizing only one coment:worck on the eyes a little more next time

  24. zurai Jun 20, 2005

    its a very nice wallpaper you got there!!!!! i like the color ^^

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