Summon Night Wallpaper: Forgotten Souls

Summon Night, Rexx, Aty Wallpaper
Summon Night Game Rexx Character Aty Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Waiii..this is scaring me wuah XD i just experimented with effects, the wp took only 5 hours..*lol* (and 65 layers XDD)

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  1. Sigourney Feb 19, 2005

    Woah... nice... *thumbs up*... the scan is sweet... and background is nicely done... everything fits together... love it :d...

  2. Alex204 Feb 19, 2005

    I admit, it does look like a strange collecion of effects but somehow it seems to work. Any perticuar reason for the pentagram in the sky? And who are the charactors?

  3. Felesya Feb 19, 2005

    Yeah, the pentagram is there to make the WP look more mysterious, and i don't know who the charakters are >_<;

  4. kucing Feb 19, 2005

    WOW ... really .. great .. i like this wallpaper alot and it sure is mysterious ..oooo~~~ >.<

  5. Midori-chan Feb 19, 2005

    this wallpaper is so cool!! the mysterious bg and the characters are so well combined!!
    and it's all in dark color too! yeah! my fav color!!
    um..one question...where do you get the scan from? it's cool! XD
    i'm adding it to my favs^^
    thanx for sharing it here^^
    XD XD

  6. Felesya Feb 19, 2005

    thx thx ^_^; i got the scan from a japanese page..uhm long time ago.. can't remember which page, sry >_<, and i lost the original pic, i made it out of a older wallpaper from me ^-^;;

  7. Balljacker Feb 19, 2005

    Cool wallie. I like the night atmosphere. it suits the couple pretty well. anyway nice artwork I admit I like it.

  8. Ninja Feb 19, 2005

    Wow, this looks like a very nice wallpaper, I love the background and the scan used is also great, a new favorite for me.

  9. Lenya Feb 19, 2005

    great! i love this atmosphere ^o^ it#s scary but lovely!! x3
    love the background! ^^v +favie

  10. Aztec Feb 20, 2005

    Nice work.
    I like the characters and the bg is sweet.
    Its got a dark dramatic feell to it.

  11. Zigoto Feb 20, 2005

    the background is nice,
    yhe charaters are cool
    good job

  12. darkwaterbunny Feb 20, 2005

    ooo, very pretty. The background really looks really nice. The trees look great, and the moon and stars look really pretty. I like what you did to the scan. It looks very nice ^_~ Just make the letters a little bigger so that they stand out more. But really great job! fav!!

  13. Asahi Feb 20, 2005

    that is very nice.. maybe you can make her/his eyes glowing in the dark - that would be very cool imo !! ^.^ like your darken forest in the background =D

  14. Darla83 Feb 20, 2005

    It looks great! the trees the moon the sky all looks good, just a very great atmposphere and the scan, very nice, goes perfectly with it, great job! :D

  15. DarkCrimson Feb 22, 2005

    Wowie you did such a wonderfull job with this Wallie.I just love it.The Characters are looking very cool and the Background is amazing.I like this full Moon and the Black Trees. :)This one is going to my Favourites for sure.Well done Felesya :D

  16. Kyuzo1 Feb 22, 2005

    Another great wall from you^^
    Very good nightscene. I really love the amazing background^^

  17. Zefie Feb 25, 2005

    very nice wallpaper ^_^ it's so dark and mysterious ! they are so lovely when they hug each other :) i like their eyes, they are cool ! and so pretty background too :) ! good job :D

  18. Electrastar Feb 26, 2005

    I don't usually like dark walls, but this one if very cool. The characters are awsome and the backround is great, gives it sorta of a sad and eerie feeling, beautiful work.

  19. Spriggan Mar 03, 2005

    its blur!! on purpose I guess ^_^' cool choice though..and the bg.. so dark..and kinda scary..gorgeous!! you're talented :D thanks for sharing.

  20. XavierCrow Mar 04, 2005

    I like this... the name especially. Characters are a little blurry, but it doesn't take away from the actual image and theme. A favourite, naturally... perhaps my dark side is trying to tell me something XP Hey, maybe yours' too! :D

  21. DayWalkeR Mar 15, 2005

    fantastic job like it because is really dark and the contrast of the character with the bg is great

  22. DayWalkeR Mar 15, 2005

    fantastic job like it because is really dark and the contrast of the character with the bg is great

  23. DayWalkeR Mar 15, 2005

    fantastic job like it because is really dark and the contrast of the character with the bg is great

  24. lthnadml May 01, 2005

    Wooow ! It's really gorgeous !! congratulations
    Very good work !

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