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Artist Comment

i made this purely as a stress reliver....

i was up for 30hours straight studying for a midterm couple of days ago...and after the midterm i fell asleep for 2 hours......woke up, and made this XD

anyways, this wallpaper would make no sense what-so-ever if u haven't seen/read bleach pass epi 10, or chapter 30(?)

well, in short....

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  1. KorganoS Feb 18, 2005

    LoL two thumbs up for this bohahahaha vector ;)
    i see you've fixed that stuff above Rukia... sweet...
    added to fav...

    p.s. : I haven't got any news on you joining as... XD well, congrats...

  2. crapmonster Feb 18, 2005

    haha this is frickin hilarious!! awesome wall man, this is definitely getting a fav!

  3. Adrima Feb 18, 2005

    LOL XD
    this walli is really 'bwahahah' XD
    haven't laughed so extremely for a while XD

  4. tAtEkAnE Feb 18, 2005

    BO HA HA HA! i smell bad spirits! LOL

    lol nice stress reliever...actually better if ya watched it than walled XD =p
    oi! ur in AS team now? nice nice XD

    nice work rex XD

  5. joycev Feb 18, 2005

    Quote by AdrimaLOL XDthis walli is really 'bwahahah' XD
    haven't laughed so extremely for a while XD

    Well said, Adrima. lol
    I agree with you completely.

  6. Aa-chan Feb 18, 2005

    Man, that was one of the funniest Bleach episodes. I love the wall, as it captures such a good moment. Nice work :) .

  7. chibikko Feb 18, 2005

    lol rukia's so cool xD i liked this episode very much. it was really funny xD great job on the vector, just added to my favorites.

  8. Taurec Feb 18, 2005

    LOL, I mean BWAAhahhahaa. Absolutely brilliant.

    thxie rex..

  9. Skillzpay Feb 18, 2005

    lol amusing vector, gotta love Rukia's expression
    cheeky stuff Rex, keep it up :D

  10. StarCentury Feb 18, 2005

    Hey, that's my line! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! XE Anyhoo, very funny wallie there, Rex! ^^ Love the vectorized style, and the cartoonish colors feels refreshing! I need to see Episode 10 or read Chapter 30 of Bleach to understand that scene! ^^; Very well done, Rex! ^_~V

  11. frozenwilderness Feb 19, 2005

    haha I have nooo idea what this is about.. but that expression on her face makes me crack up XD

    nice vectorinnng.. I love the lines :D

  12. jackalx66 Feb 19, 2005

    i wub u for make this ~
    nice vector and
    boahahahahahaha~ *poses*
    *make everyone freak out*

    long time since u wall rex >_<
    and i know ur last wip is same with someone >__<
    and that feels hurts *pat pats rexy*

    gee but this is teh bomb dude >3
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  13. halcyonTwilight Feb 19, 2005

    I feel Ichigo's pain....espically cuz half my friends are as annoying as this XD Nice...i never would have thought that someone would have walled a scene like this, much less vector it....sweet work ^^ But if i hear another person laugh like that, i'ma gonna go crazy >_> Heh, love the wall :D

  14. KobayashiII Banned Member Feb 19, 2005

    bravo rex c tiré du manga & de l'anime ca fait sourire ce scan ^_^
    good work

  15. Sir-Boingal0t Feb 19, 2005

    tate explained.........that whole bwahahaha thing a couple months ago.......I find it rather amusing lol.........nice job on teh vector dino!

  16. Ashitaima Feb 20, 2005

    this is so cute!!!
    i like the smoothness of the wallpaper too.

  17. Frosty Feb 23, 2005

    lol.. haha XD nice wall. ^^
    pretty funny looking. ^^
    yeah, lke what everyone saids, thats a funny eps. ^^
    good job on this one bubby. ^^

  18. serene66 Apr 03, 2005

    I did this once to my sisters while we were at the movie theatre. They proceeded not to know me. Anyway, I loved this! Thanks for the vector background!

  19. Yumi-Chan Apr 04, 2005

    LoL!!! Great vector =P hahahaha this is so funny! How hilarious ^____^ I've seen episode 10 XD "Bwahahahaa!!"

    LoL that totally cracked me up. That's one of the funniest part of Bleach ^^
    It really IS a stress reliever XD
    Anyways, I've set it to my desktop :P It's a must lol. So whenever I get moody, I just look at it
    XD XD XD

    Marvelous job on the vector ^_____^~ Hope to see more =D

  20. chibi-lizard Apr 11, 2005

    waaah !! lizzie didn't know grandpapa rexxy has submitted this >.< lizzie ish uber late >.<
    ~hee~ anyway ... nice vector ... and rexxy did great with the whole bwahahahah thingy ^_^'

  21. Claude Apr 27, 2005

    LoL, nice wallpaper...it's from one of my fav bleach episodes =P
    Spirits r always with you!

  22. Manako Apr 30, 2005

    wahahahahaha so funny XDXD
    i loved the moment in the series. rukia's always so calm and serious that it shocked me to see her like that.XD
    one of the best szenes in the series.^^

  23. sihui1992 May 01, 2005

    bohahaha :nya: hahas.. nice one yye really. v cute n funny.. where u got it? hahas nice wallie . anyway. thanks for sharing! u're great :D

  24. hykyit Jul 20, 2005


    Love it when Rukia does that too! And i gotta say good job vectoring and good choice of a scene to vector! Its really cute and funny! Keep up the good work now! ^^

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