Martian Successor Nadesico Wallpaper: ~ Enchanted Night ~

Office Mashirito, Martian Successor Nadesico, Ruri Hoshino Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

another wall from meee >< this time I dedicate my-self on it..
Work a lot and the low part.. (also on the sky ^^")
I'm in love with the scan XD
however.. about the technical part:
Program : Photoshop 7.0
Layers: about 30 (without merge : 40/45)
hour of work: 6 hours
psd file: 21,4 mb

hope ya like it >_< byez

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Browse Martian Successor Nadesico Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. AngelKate Feb 17, 2005

    Oh wow!!! That's really good!! Definitely another favey for me. Great job! ^_^

  2. Aplos Feb 17, 2005

    Very simple...but very nicely done. The over hues of the girl drawing and the background match very nicely. Nice job.

  3. Barbara Feb 17, 2005

    Absolutely gorgeous, very lovely bg plus the girl looks cute. Great job :)

  4. Sugasuga Feb 17, 2005

    ooooo, purty starry night sky ^^ very nice but how come theres two moons? ^_^' other than that, great job, sama-san :D +fav

  5. Aa-chan Feb 17, 2005

    The character is so pretty and I love her hair. The background works perfectly and think I'm going to add it to my favourites ^__^ .

  6. Lizardy Feb 17, 2005

    wonderful wall!! the girl is so pretty and sexy but the best is the background!! the sky,the moon and the stars are phantastic!! i love your background!! thats a great work!!

  7. Alex204 Feb 17, 2005

    Quote by Starfirehow come theres two moons?

    I am not so much bothered by that but some of the detail has been lost from the face, but that is just nit picking. Great work! Fav.

  8. Xiaoling Feb 17, 2005

    your hard work was totally worth it. it is a lovely wallpaper. especially the sky. i love it! the colours go so well together as does the your extraction of the scan and the background. good job. :)

  9. Ayamael Feb 17, 2005

    One word: awesome ^^... i love the scan... and the colors as well ^^ the stars and moon look really beautiful... now i feel like observing the stars at night.... >.< impossible to do in the city, i miss my hometown T_T oh well, + fave from me. thx for sharing ^^

  10. DarkMaiden1369 Feb 17, 2005

    I love the night scene, you
    did a great a great job and the
    girl is very cute^^ *adds ot favs*

  11. Stolen Feb 17, 2005

    I definately like the deep blue saturated colour of the sky, its very deep - like the universe should be portrayed!
    And it must be a very enchanted night, because its not usual that there are two moons in the sky at any one point in time! So that really is mystical - maybe she's on an entirely different planet. Cool idea though - her spaced out look really helps to pull off the emphasise that this is not quite as it seems!

    Extraction is good, and choice of scan is perfect :D it goes in very nicely with the background that you have made, and the trees you have created nicely set the scene.
    I wouldn't say there is anything to improve, this is just overall a good piece of work.

    Thank you for submitting it!

  12. tiantito Feb 17, 2005

    nice job
    it looks really nice
    i like the girl she looks so cute
    i like the sky really much
    added to favs

  13. Xion3 Feb 17, 2005

    I agree, this night scene looks really nice. I also like the character that you used... as well as the soft glow on her. It really adds to the night scene. The background is pretty nice too. Good job. :)

  14. StarCentury Feb 17, 2005

    Sama-san, you made a really pretty wallie there! XD The starfield looks cool and the dead trees are well-designed! Cute scan you chose, too! I think that's Ruri from Nadesico if I'm not mistaken! ^_^' Way to go, Sama-san! ;)

  15. joycev Feb 17, 2005

    Nice job! It's good that you kept this simple. It wouldn't have looked as good if you added alot of small details to it.
    Another favorite for me!

  16. tru-chan Feb 17, 2005

    Oooo!!!! A purtty wallpaper from Sam Sam! *downloads* O_O

    Whoa. (Not trying to diss the CG or anything. never!) That arm is swaying! o_____o Like it wants to fly freee! Tis weird... in a good way. XD
    I'm in love with the awesomeness trees and skyee. <3
    Nice and simple rocks!
    Great job, Sam Sam. ^^

  17. Rella Feb 17, 2005

    Nice dark scene, I like that. Great moons, lol. I really like the trees though, that's what I like the most. ^_^

  18. KittyCyn Feb 17, 2005

    Hi! This one is Gorgeous* XD I love the colors, the scan is awesome and the BG fits perfectly well :) This is my type of wallies! :D
    Excelent work! ;) COngrats
    Adding this to my FAVS :)
    *C U around! HUggles* OX

  19. kyozlk Feb 17, 2005

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. The background was nicely done. The girl is very cute and mystical, quiet. I love it, my favorite for sure Samanosuke! :)

  20. Shelly86 Feb 17, 2005

    juaja, muy lindo, siempre digo ke me encantan esas escenas de noche... con la luna y las estrellas y personajes tiernoss... great job!

  21. UndyingShadow Feb 17, 2005

    wow beautiful wall samonosuke! lovely colors and great job with the bg, i looks amazing. nice job!

  22. LordStyphon Feb 18, 2005

    Wow. Wonderful work on this starry background. I love how it progresses from the crystal clear black of space through to the white and blue of the atmosphere and the trees. (I like those trees.) The picture of Ruri on top sets it all off. Great work.

  23. peachiemint Feb 18, 2005

    wow samanosuke, excellent. ur soo good. tee hee. luv the scan u picked. she has purple hair, mai favorite color. a def faviee for me. keep it up =^^=

  24. KingBahamut Feb 18, 2005

    Great wall Samanosuke. I especially love that deep, dark blue sky with all those stars... really nice work. Just one thing tho, the left arm of that character looks a bit funny. Most noteably the hand.
    Other than that it's beautiful.

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