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my currently my fav character from Bleach, Abarai Renji
lol i think he's funny with his "i wanna freakin' kill u!" expressions XD

Shaded with 2B mechanical pencil, 8B for the black areas and 3B for general shading
made him look like a kid at first but i editted his eyes so he looked...like himself O_o
gave him a different outfit too ^_^'

hmm...wonder if he looks ok/bleach-like
anyways, enjoy and hope u guys like it ^^

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  1. Aa-chan Feb 17, 2005

    This is an awesome drawing. The likeness is excellent, even the little grin he has. Shading is great, well done :) .

  2. calisqo Feb 17, 2005

    nice work.
    Drawing from scratch is always apprecriated by me ^^.
    The shading has really nice tone to it.
    the expression is cool too ^^.

    Overall a well deserved fav ^_^

  3. ni-chan Feb 17, 2005

    You've got some drawing skills ^_^ Great
    It looks really similiar
    Great just great

  4. maho-ho Feb 17, 2005

    Very good drawing! :)
    Clean and worked well!
    I add your work to my favorites!
    Thanks to share it *.*

  5. bucket-shot Feb 17, 2005

    Gawd. x_x Just... gawd.

    I haven't read Bleach yet, but damned if I don't recognise this face. XD Niiice work! Awesome expression, for starters. XD And I love the detail (the pattern on that thing around his wrist.. o_0), and shading.. man. >_< <-never has the patience for stuff like that. Wow.

    Going to colour it, maybe? XD Hehehe~<3 *runs of to read more, fufufu~<3*
    *realises* Oh! o_0 This is the first doujinshi to be added to my favs. XD Hehehe~ *high-fives you* Keep the good stuff coming!

  6. fuzzymittens Feb 18, 2005

    haha, i love that expression. im actually not sure what to make of it.

  7. 3ks-Devil-666 Feb 18, 2005

    i am just stuned by this drawing it. it is co cool.
    everything is just so perfect for me.
    it deserve my fav.

  8. PureTypeDZanza Feb 18, 2005

    that's a good drawing of Abarai Renji that u did Coolbluex. Anywayz nice work.

  9. Mordin Feb 18, 2005

    Nice drawing, you got his cocky and don't give a damn expression down nicely. I don't really like him, but that is some fine details of Renji in your drawing. Can you draw the captain instead next time, he is my favorite. :)

  10. Rashi Feb 18, 2005

    Wow, how long did this drawing take you? wow, wow....... wow! sooooooo good!!! I'm totally stunned! I am no good at shading... wow! the details are great too, like the "thing" on his wrist! I'm totally envious~_~ ! VERY nice work :D

  11. Fuji-Syusuke Feb 18, 2005

    Wow! Really nice drawing and shading! You've really done a good job on it!! :nya: I like his expression! XD :D

  12. chivi Feb 24, 2005

    wow you drew this ? you're so skilled *0* I love it I must *fav :D

  13. DayWalkeR Apr 06, 2005

    you draw pretty good
    i'm taking drawing classes this week
    so i'll show you my power XD
    cya ;) it a *fav*

  14. LastDeuS Apr 07, 2005

    Well Drawn!!!Renji look pretty familiar and that expession really stunned me.
    Very creative too so its a complete fav from me ^_^
    keep it up and ThanX for sharing

  15. bucket-shot Apr 07, 2005

    *giggles* XD <-commenting again now that she's read what there is of Bleach~<3
    His (as you so succinctly put it) "I wanna freakin' kill you!" expressions rock. XD I think you've done a real good job of emulating his general badassness~<3 And you've hit his would-be-human dress sense right on the mark, too. :nya: He exudes a strange, powerful aura of "Seriously-Cool-But-Wtf?"

    Ah~<3 Love his teeth! (like I love Hitsugaya's teeth ^_^') *rawr~* Yay for tiger!Renji~<3 (wow.. i am making so little sense right now :nya:) Whatever~<3 This is still my favourite doujinshi by you. XD

  16. okaasan Apr 19, 2005

    OMG! Your drawing skills are awesome!! He is so damn fine. Thank you so much for sharing your work. XD

  17. lillu-chan Apr 27, 2005

    he looks like he's doing something he really likes :P maybe kicking some ass :D:D haha :) this is great!

  18. Liz Apr 27, 2005

    Wow thats an amazing doujinshi, it really looks like him you really have talent thanks for sharing it with all of us :) I really like it, it looks amazing

  19. Kisy Apr 28, 2005

    Oh I love it!!! It's awesome!!! Renji is also my favorite character!! Yattaaaaaaaaaaa Renji!!!!

  20. damian-atm May 06, 2005

    its a great pencil one( or at least it loks like hand made) i thin its really great i really liked it, jajajaja

  21. sunlily May 17, 2005

    Nice! I love anything with Renji in it, but I must say this is one of the more impressive fanarts that I have seen! Keep up the good work! Did I mention that I LOVE renji :)

  22. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 01, 2005

    wow, i'm impressed! you are very talented! the shading is very well done and it's renji, so you can't go wrong there! XD great job CoolBlueX-san! keep up the good work!

  23. Sammie-Chan Jun 20, 2005

    >W< Great work on the shading =D *is out to stalk joo XD* Anyway =D Lines are so clean X3 -envies- And generally Renji kicks ass anyway ;D You just happen to make him even more so XD

  24. JakobderLugner Sep 01, 2005

    haha! OMG, you just brought my vision of Renji to life! Great character concept and shading. I'm loving this.

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