Zaion Wallpaper: Z.a.i.o.n. [ Goddess ]

Gonzo, Zaion, Ai (Zaion) Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Zaion Series Ai (Zaion) Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
Oh how i long for the deep sleep dreaming
The goddess of imaginary light .....

This i could say would be my "Late Valentines Wall" if i must say and the reason for it is that i still have a low computer memory but still got the style of it. Kudos to Nuriko for this scan though i know some people have wwalled this image ...so this is my second wally of this series which i havent watched yet... XD Anyway i wanted to give the sense of a dreamy, imaginary and surrealistic atmosphere...I purposely made the starfield less showing in the bg cos the focus is really her and nothing else in between.... Incorporated my favorite line with glowing thing around it kind of art and blended a bunch of grunge brushes i had....Lots of overlayed, gaussian blurred and experimental layers here and there!

Nothing special about this wall because i wasnt trying my depressive best on this one to show it to ya all but i was making it look beautiful as most abstract and grunge walls of mine are already...
So theres 68 layers and 7 hours of work...

More resolutions in Imanimetions.net soon... :)
hope ya likey! ^__^

Personal intent:
Yesterday during Valentines day i was happy listening to coldplay and their beautiful music but when my day started at 1 pm all of this big badg of regret fell on my head...dunno why but ever get that feeling? You know when your just in that state of mind where your as free as a bird then suddenly someone just shoots you down...Felt like that, no music of mine helped nor did my art i sat on soothed me....But i got my own tarot cards read by someone and they said something about my life...I dont deal with my guilt and regret, but hey ive gone thru that already...past that state of depression, burden, hate and sorrow... >_< But at least the girl im looking for will be someone unexpected which is good...But i really liked it when the reader said i look thru the bad and sorrowful side of people and because i channnel that to n\make them good in their lives thats how i get the girl...hmmm maybe something i can look forward too hah! :)

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  1. ssgohan Feb 16, 2005

    beautiful wallpaper
    7 hours of work and well worth it, the background looks simply amazing
    adding this to my favorites, great job :)

  2. ded113 Feb 16, 2005

    Wow! Very blue. As usual you use a lot of layers to make great walls and this one's worth all the work. A fave for me!

  3. ShueiTenshi Feb 16, 2005

    Hyper cute bground ^__^V
    *hands OA an abstracter gift*
    I like the luminosity of the girl with the bground ^.^

  4. LongHairedFreak Feb 16, 2005

    Well it's no letdown, nice job, and I won't complain about being a day late like the Evanescence Quote.

  5. rocknroll-isgo Feb 16, 2005

    It's beautiful. ^_^ Making the starfield less of the main focus of the BG was a good idea. And I really like the fonts/text you choose for this, as well. Good job, OA! ;)

  6. skysong Feb 16, 2005

    You worked really hard on this wall! Kudos to you :D
    You did a great job on it, the wings are really pretty. And I like the iciness of the bg.
    Great job!

  7. shinta Feb 16, 2005

    Ehhhh...surrealness!!! Looks to me like a hopeful wall instead of a depressed one >_> The wings give a nice touch to the theme ^__^

  8. wintersrain Feb 16, 2005

    Very pretty! The wings are awsome. The bg ish even better. Love the colors and the feel. Keep up the amazing work. +fav

  9. gerbar Feb 16, 2005

    Good Work, I love the wings and the background, nice use of font and the concept of the wal is great.

  10. jingjing1208 Feb 16, 2005

    Very beautiful!!!*_*
    I love the bg and the blue color,so well done and the wing is amazing too!^^ +fav!^^ like it so much!^^

  11. boogybro Feb 16, 2005

    Awesome. Best wallpaper I have seen a quite a while. Thanks for making and sharing it. ;)

  12. einna Feb 16, 2005

    What a lovely combination of abstract, celestial, grunge and monochromatic wallpaper! This is definitely worth a fav! The balance of the picture is just right and the sparkling effects complement the the simplicity of the whole composition making it a rather dazzling wallpaper and is definitely fit for a night scene.^_^

  13. Fantasia Feb 16, 2005

    the bg&the wing effect is awesome
    and the color is nice too
    amaze scene,great wall!

  14. Osiris Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2005

    haha pretty cool :3 love the effects and wings

    nice text too *_*

  15. Aa-chan Feb 16, 2005

    The wings are excellent and the effects in the background work really well. Nice character too ^___^ .

  16. kenzuke Feb 16, 2005

    *_* Lovely wall! Everything's put together well! Nice as always,...>_>...I realy envy that you have that much time to wall! ....

  17. DarkEVO Feb 16, 2005

    Very beautiful anime character. I like the background a lot. Mixture of celestial and grunge. +Fav.

  18. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2005

    ;_; I love the scan
    colors pretty to, text is awesome~
    the wings are cool but i rarely like the "added" kind...anyways you did a great job on them
    grunge is pwnzorz, but I dont really like that planet in the bg ~_~ rofl planets...

  19. Ryuujin Feb 16, 2005

    Very awesome wallpaper, the effects blend nicely with the image, overall great job on it! ^_^

  20. darkwaterbunny Feb 16, 2005

    Very pretty, but it seems like everyone is doing these types of wallies these days v.v. I like the polar point thing under the letters, really looks good ^-^ I love the effects on the left side. Its so pretty!!! Like it lots ^_~ great job!!!

  21. UndyingShadow Feb 16, 2005

    wow great wall you got here Oracle, a nice change from your usual grunge walls! The angel wings are very nicely done, and the bg looks amazing. awesome!

  22. calisqo Feb 16, 2005

    awesome bg , no doubt ^^.
    Like your abstarct comosition and the bg.
    Looks really nice.
    A well deserved fav ^_^

  23. mishia Feb 16, 2005

    OK well, I really like the bg, and the wings are cool! Nice job! :)

    So you were feeling really happy and then all of a sudden you were depressed without warning and you don't know why? On Valentine's Day? :o Never happened to me, and it sounds pretty odd. Glad your over it though, and good luck finding that girl! :D

  24. StarCentury Feb 16, 2005

    I agree with most of the members who posted here! ^_^' OA, this wall is more light-hearted and elegant than depressing, but that doesn't mean you're wallie is bad! I really like the amount of effort and detail you put on the BG! Simple, soft colors yet bright and mystifying, equipped with the the best in abstract design completely matches the scan's emotions quite well! OA, you rock, man! Seriously! I mean it! XD

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