Sakura Wars Wallpaper: Lobelia--the fire devil

Kousuke Fujishima, Sega, Sakura Wars, Lobelia Carlini Wallpaper
Kousuke Fujishima Mangaka Sega Studio Sakura Wars Series Lobelia Carlini Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hehe,this wall is about Lobelia,my fav character from SW!!!^o^
The CG is from the game SW3,I use ACDsee to catched it,the sise is 640x480,I enlarged it as 1024x768,but maybe still a little unclear on the face.
Actully at first it don't have the fire in the wall,but I think without fire the wall looks so quiet and don't suit Lobelia's personality,and Lobelia is very good at control fire you know,so added two layers fire on the wall,hehe,don't know if it is right.
And the tree brush is from shinta-www.imanimetions.net^_^
Hehe,also the wall for the group I join in--->"Dai-TeikokuGekijou",it's a group about Sakura Wars!^_^(but seems only have the Moderator RamzaSedai and the member me ^_^')
Ok,hope you'll like it!^^

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  1. heavens-Dragon Feb 15, 2005

    Kyaa~ Jingjing this wall looks fantastic! I love the effects you've created! Really super! The fire is great and the trees looks awesome! I like the night sky and the moon! Great work as always! :D

  2. 3ks-Devil-666 Feb 15, 2005

    Wow. this wallpaper is awsome.
    The fire is really great.
    overall its a good work.

  3. Aa-chan Feb 15, 2005

    Well, the background works really well here and you've got the fire down to a tee ^^ .
    Character looks excellent too and fits really well. Nice work :) .

  4. Frosty Feb 15, 2005

    interesting looking walll. ^^
    nice background setting for this one. ^^
    lol.. Sakura Wars eh, how that kind of brings me back a bit... lo.. X)
    nice wallie overall. ^^ looks great. ^^
    a and +fav for a great effort. ^^

  5. darkman117 Feb 15, 2005

    woooo =P a very nice wallpaper, great colors ^_^ just maybe a little bit blury on bottom got a favourite anyway

  6. Fantasia Feb 15, 2005

    T Tdamn MT,my comment lost and I have to write a second one,aaaaa,shock
    very great wall,Jingjing~it contains story in it(Zhao huo la,zhao huo la,kuai da 119,XD)
    haha,and o,sakura war~I only watched the OVAs@_@and you use ACDSee to catch pics??wow,first heard,I never use it to do this,I suggest HyperSnap to cathch pics~
    too much Feihua= =bb
    great wall indeed Jing~+fav

  7. skysong Feb 15, 2005

    Nice wall jingjing!
    I like the bg with the moon and the shooting stars. The fire makes it a very dramatic scene, which is really cool. Very nice idea for a darker wall. Thanks for sharing :D

  8. StarCentury Feb 15, 2005

    Ahhh, I love the smell of burning homes! o_0 Wait, I went off track for a moment! ^_^' Hey, nice looking wallie you made there, jingjing, and it's Sakura Wars! :) Cool! Man, that burning house looks great and the character standing on top looking so badass really sets the atmosphere! Good job, jingjing! :D

  9. Sandra Feb 15, 2005

    FAV FAV FAV FAV JING JING IT's amazing !!!!!!!!!! Lov eit owwwww just love it !

  10. Leaf Feb 15, 2005

    sugoi! ^-^ You did an awesome job! =D Gambate for further works! -^o^-

  11. nyxerinyes Feb 15, 2005

    Very nice. I like the fire effect quite a bit... Good job. =) She's pretty intimidating.

  12. darkwaterbunny Feb 15, 2005

    ooo, very nice! The rorf looks kinda funny though, almost like its not suppose to be there, or it could my eyes @_@. But this looks really good, the fire matches really nice and the sky is just wonderful. Great job!

  13. slivermoon Feb 15, 2005

    nice night bg,
    though some of the trees braches are strangely too long
    the fire effects are good too :) :)

  14. studio Feb 16, 2005

    Ou~ Really nice work Jingjing~! ^-^
    Don't really know much about sakura wars but I luffz it very much!
    The silhouette of the tree against the moon is very mysterious heheh :D

  15. Kusanago Feb 16, 2005

    very nice wall you wait for my ying yang wall he will come some day for sure by patient please ^^ but your wall are very nice as usual ^^ keep working

  16. hykyit Feb 16, 2005

    XP Another submission again jingjing!!! You just won't stop wont you? Hehe~ :)

    I've watched Sakura Wars but i don't think i've seen this person before...Well, maybe i didn't watch finish the whole thing ^_^'

    i really like the stars and the sky!!! Its really very nice~!! The moon...It looked so real!! I like it a lot!! Keep up the good work!! ^^

  17. peachiemint Feb 17, 2005

    ahh! dun burn hot guy! hes too sexaii to burn lol. good wallie jing. not ur typical kyutesy style but its still good. keep up the awesome work =^^=

  18. Barbara Feb 17, 2005

    Fantastic wallpaper jingjing, I love the effects on the bg, hehe.... can't wait to see more :)

  19. semanga Feb 17, 2005

    that looks very dangerous
    but wait that is very dangerous :x i have fear fot this girl
    and the house is burning whhhaaaaa very great this work from you

  20. GintheTwilightswords Feb 17, 2005

    The bg looks cool, I like the perspecttive from where you can see the moon and Lobelia as if you were looking up, and the fire aorund the building looks wicked XD. Good work Jing Jing :) .

  21. LordStyphon Feb 18, 2005

    Nice stuff here. I love the night sky you have; great work on all of that, moon, stars and meteors. The house, the tree and the fire on it are equally well done, and the scan just tops it all off wonderfully. Great work.

  22. MadWiz Feb 18, 2005

    o.o its a nice wallie!
    the fire looks good and quite nicely done~
    the gigantic moon is beautiful too!

    the character is a bit blur though like you said
    somehow the trees at the back seem a bit too high.. considering the angle at which the burning house is looked at =p (tree trunk like too thin for so tall especially near the chimney there)

    good job still though ^^

  23. Spriggan Feb 18, 2005

    jingjing you rock!! XD haha it look different than your usual submission...much more dark and stuff..I love it^^ the sky and the moon are incredible!! I don't know anything about SW but that character seem pretty cool!
    cool job jing! everything look good...the scan either! thanks

  24. Clover Feb 19, 2005

    o_O great work and when i'm the only one who will say something bad about it forgive me.
    O'm so sooooorry!
    But i miss the effect or the color a flame in the night leave an a person that is standig there. The bg has this effect, only the cara and the house hasn't it, so i miss it a little bit there.
    but the idea is great and the wallpaper rocks so great job!

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