Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: A Night To Remember

Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Akiha Tohno Wallpaper
Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Akiha Tohno Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

About Shingentsutan Tsukihime series I ve heard a lot although I haven't see the show yet ! I must see it although ...End of all , I ve made a wallpaper about it cause I find it's chars design very interesting . The girl ~thx to a visitor of my website I ve learned her name,Akiha it it ~is so beautiful so i couldn't resist making her a wallpaper ( It 'll worth a lot if I knew about about her , but I m pretty sure that ll see the show soon ).Wall specification now (the boring part ).The extraction was quite difficult it took me about one hour to extract her from the original scan . The mountains and the sea was created by Terragen ( I love this proggie ) . The rest effects was the pain is the a** ! I must spent about 15 hours of making 'em ( I was trying to do some small details ) in Photoshop ! Eerr...Layers ? must be about 50 ~ 60 layers ...

Hope to like her !!
Feedback is welcomed
thx to anyone who ll add it to favs / add a a comment even download it...thx a lot...

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Browse Shingetsutan Tsukihime Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ShueiTenshi Feb 14, 2005

    Nice, nice ^^
    Egw exw dei ena 8eiko scan apo Tsukihime
    pu kikolfori televtea ke de boro na to piasw XD
    Aide trexw! Btw check the group exw vali neo bgsound ^__^v

  2. frozenwilderness Feb 14, 2005

    I think this is your best one yet.. love the sparkles and the blue color xd
    <-- partial to pretty blue walls XD
    simply beautiful work ^^

  3. thecatmistress Feb 14, 2005

    its beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! i`ve seen pretty much all of u`r work!!!!!!!! u`r excellent this is an auto fav!!!!!!!!

  4. Keltosh Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    Well.. akiha is one of my fav characters... (you should watch tsukihime btw..) and what can I say, this pic of her is beautiful.
    As for the wall, while I'm not a fan of terragen I must say this specific background came realy well and you managed to avoid having it seem computer generated. the sky and moon are beautiful, as always in your walls. ANd those effects, well they're really nice. Maybe the part I like less... is the sea :D CAn't help it, I don't like terragen-generated bgs, they seem to fake to me, even though theorically it sould be the other way around.

    All in all a beautiful wallpaper, and a favorite.

  5. Aa-chan Feb 14, 2005

    The dark background and the swirly effects work really well and the pose of the character is brilliant. Also, the text fits very well in the corner. Nice work indeed :) .

  6. Ayamael Feb 14, 2005

    OMG, i still haven't seen the big version (waiting for it to download) and i already love it!! ok, got it... you're right, the character's design looks great ^^, and the backgroud really is awesome... the moon, the colors, the sparkles, the stars, i love everything about it^^ + fave, thx for sharing!!

  7. Nayako Feb 14, 2005

    Woah!!! Its so cute!!! Chara is so sweet and bg....bg is just awesome!!! Love the way how u have used Terragen to make mountains and water - I have to learn how to create water cuz I have some problems with it ^^' Anyway, cool wallie!!!
    p.s. Tsukihime series is really worth of seeing ;)

  8. Celessa Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    Neat job with the sparkles, the stars, and the swirls. I like how you put in a very realistic background that seems to come out at you and spring to life, though the main attention is focused on the character pretty much - and you've done a wonderful job making the whole picture look pretty, of course. Great work - keep it up.

  9. darkwaterbunny Feb 14, 2005

    whoa, breathtaking. A great job!!! Its yet another great one from ya, and its good for a all-too seen girl wallie. But this one really stands out, the effects look really realistic and they match all together. Great job on this wallie, I love the ocean ^_^. Whoa, I normaly try not to fav the girl-wallies that much, but this is too good. Fav!

  10. Barbara Feb 15, 2005

    Wonderful wallpaper, the bg looks mysterious and very beautiful. Nice job :)

  11. exentric Feb 15, 2005

    very very beautiful wallpaper indeed~
    very nicely done too~
    cant seem to find anything wrong with it so very good job~ ^_^

  12. Aztec Feb 15, 2005

    Excellent work.
    The bg is amazing.
    I also like the effcts yuo used.
    C ya around.

  13. Sugasuga Feb 15, 2005

    wow, awesome fog effect ^^ and nice swirls. very blue this wallie ^^ nice. the background is plain awesome :D great job and +fav

  14. Kanvas Feb 15, 2005

    Really wonderful.
    wow, just look at the effects. they all are really good.
    [this would be a 9+ ]

  15. einna Feb 15, 2005

    I have to say that this wallpaper is definitely worthy to be in the desktop!^^;; I love how you scattered the sparkles and the way you created the outstanding night sky. But I think the sparkles around the girl need more strength if you would like to portray her as a dazzling damsel under the moonlight.^^;;

    Oh yeah... your terragen is okay.^^ I rendered two terrains yesterday and a while ago.^^;;

  16. zaira Feb 15, 2005

    oh!! yeah!! need to go to your site! hehe
    nice wall!! this one is awesome! i like the scan!!! and yet the bg!! blue color!!! i love blue color! and also the text i love it!!! great work! +fav

  17. winged Feb 15, 2005

    Got attracted by this wallzz's swirly thingies, looks mysterious!!
    Though i duno what anime this is but still nice wallzz done! :)

  18. Fantasia Feb 15, 2005

    awesome effect&beautiful bg
    stare at the effect 4 long timeo_O
    great wall!!!!!!

  19. KittyCyn Feb 15, 2005

    Woaaaaaaaa! :o No words for this one...simply perfect! The BG, the colors...the scan...how beautiful blend together... XD
    A fav for sure! :) Thanks for sharing this exc piece of work! ;) Congrats!
    C U around, byebye OX

  20. KorganoS Feb 15, 2005

    Love it ;)
    great job on everything, especially because it's blue! :D
    And lol I haven't watched Tsukihime either, but I already in love with the characters...
    a fav from me...
    Keeep up the great job!

  21. nyxerinyes Feb 15, 2005

    That is just way too gorgeous...
    I love the background and the composition and just everything.

  22. StarCentury Feb 15, 2005

    Great job with that stunning Tsukihime wallie, PoM! XD The moon and sparkles look fantastic and the sea looks drinkable! XD BTW, is Terragen a new program other than Photoshop fro designs? Overall, I wouldn't expected less from a waller like the great PoM! Kudos! ^_^'

  23. Ashitaima Feb 15, 2005

    that is just beautiful
    i luv it, akiha is so cool! :D
    this is going to my faves!

  24. LordStyphon Feb 16, 2005

    Wow. Absolutely beautiful wallpaper here. You picked a nice scan, one I'm not sure I've seen before. The blue that permeates the background goes wonderfully with it. The lighting from all the sources (moon, stars, sparkles) is fantastic. And, overall, it's quite simply brilliant. Outstanding work.

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