Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: [...Love is...]

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Shinku Wallpaper
Peach-Pit Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Rozen Maiden Series Shinku Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Haven't walled in awhile. Well, I have, but I haven't submitted anything. No reason to.

Anyway. This is for valentine's day. Love is... Chaotic Eyecandy. Get it? It looks nice, but afterall: it just fucking sucks.

Enjoy, I guess.

Edit, I meant love sucks. Not the wall.. (though I think that sucks too).

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  1. Nuriko Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    It doesn't suck, you turd >_>
    Your walls will suck when I can figure out how to use my 3D rendering software to do something other than organic materials! XD
    Great wall, no matter what your lame ass says :P

  2. frozenwilderness Feb 14, 2005

    it fucking sucks b/c you suck.. haha jk
    love the abstract work as always.. but .. so much red o_o
    yea I dun like vday too much

  3. DayBreak Feb 14, 2005

    you stubid jin >_>
    it doesnt suck at all...
    *gives a good bash at jins head with a guitar*
    Who cares if other people doesnt like *abstract*
    CAUSE! their just bunch of morons who gets turned ON from scenic Wallpaper with a Ecchi Scan showing off Pantsu.

    Well anyway, i was out of topic now...
    The abstract is awesome!
    i liked how you added those Hearts etc.
    and good scan to! Rozen Maiden~
    Good series XD
    but scary at the same time...reminds me of Chunky the movie.....*chills*
    that freaked me out a moment when Dolls are talking O_o
    well, the other thing. I like the font O_O
    +favoriate Jin!

  4. Sugasuga Feb 14, 2005

    grrr....got timed out >_< anyway I agree with Nuriko, it doesnt suck. the abstract background is awesome and i like the hearts ^^ keep it up and +fav

    P.S. I signed in just for this =P

  5. YugureKaze Feb 14, 2005

    i think this wall is pretty good...reguardless of what you say....no offence :D
    the red bg looks awesome too!
    *ignores Jinzhou* great job!

  6. YugureKaze Feb 14, 2005

    i think this wall is pretty good...reguardless of what you say....no offence :D
    the shattering red bg looks awesome too!
    *ignores Jinzhou* great job!

    *scraches head* wonder what's wrong with my comp....major lag....
    sorry 'bout the triple post
    window kept poping up saying can't post 60 secs after my last post....

  7. crapmonster Feb 14, 2005

    it doesnt suck man, though i have to say compared to your other works, its not as strong. 3d/abstract is kickass as always, only thing i dont like is the text and the hearts that are scattered throughout it. but this is me being overcritical, in all honesty, this at least easily beats out all that crap that is in the highlighted submissions these days and is stilla definite fav.

  8. jackalx66 Feb 14, 2005

    psshhh jin >D
    it dun suck dude

    just the trend lately in here is scenic
    that doesnt mean abstract is forgotten :P
    *poke jin*

    love... suck.... or..... not
    just celebrating it ,k :P

    and i suggest u say to sheqel to update the nonsense top submission system >_<
    it hurt my eyes lately >.<;;

    happy st.val's day , jin jin XP
    *it's not love, just affection to someone u care :D *

  9. MadWiz Feb 14, 2005

    o.o its really a good work~
    those heart shape patterns at the back look very nice~ =p
    the 3d effect also looks great
    I really like the colour and shinku there ^^
    good work

  10. alucard242 Feb 14, 2005

    Good Work, I like the colour ..

    And Shinku is a great character :)

  11. Keltosh Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2005

    ohohoh so you posted this wall :D Great job, you know I love it :D A definite fav :D

  12. OneWingTenshi Feb 14, 2005

    it is MT's belove it ass kicking God Mod...lol...havent c u wall for awhile...yeah...finally you submit a work...this is a love month...so are you hoping a month full of hatred...??? Well...hope that exists...lol...anyway...nuh...it looks wonderful...although....uhhh...I like the walls you wall before, I think they are better than this one...sry...just dont zap me...and hope you dont take it personally...I think it looks awesome...the abstract background looks cool...so yeah...it isnt that bad...!! Anyway...there is no love in a God's mind I believe...lol...cya...!! :D

  13. meteorcloud Feb 14, 2005

    woot jin >_>.....this wall don't suck >_<~!!!
    the abstract looks nice =)
    i really like it ^^~!!!
    and...love.....sucks....sometimes >_>.....not all the way +_+
    ow well Fav+

  14. LordStyphon Feb 14, 2005

    Very nice. I love the red and pink background, and how well it goes with the scan. (This scan just goes wonderfully with any red background, it seems.) And the hearts are nice, since it's Valentine's Day and all. Sadly, it came too late for me to really get time to use this year. ;_;

    Oh well. There's always next year.

  15. UndyingShadow Feb 14, 2005

    amazing wall Jinzhou, it doesn't suck at all! the abstract bg is amazing, and fits the image well. great job on this wall! nice valetine's day feel.

  16. tiantito Feb 14, 2005

    the bg is really good
    and has the intention of hearts deep in there
    the color is really good
    nice wall
    added to favs

  17. StarCentury Feb 14, 2005

    I think you need some glasses as bad as me, Jin-san! XD Your new wallie doesn't suck nor blow at all! ^_^' Dig the abstract designs and the hearts all over the BG, reminds me of cherry Jolly Ranchers! Yummy! =P Also, the Rozen Maiden scan makes the wall feel very refreshing! It's been a while since you've made a new wallie, Jin-san! Looks like you haven't lost your edge at all! Way to go, God Mod! ;) [+ 2 favs]

  18. darkwaterbunny Feb 15, 2005

    Every time, your wallpapers are never bad ^_^. Anyway, I love the whole concept of this wallpaper!!! Its really a great idea for V-day (I hate this day <.<) Love the abstract background :D looks really fitting. ^_^ great job, fav!

  19. biriwilg Retired Moderator Feb 15, 2005

    I think it's floofy and red, like love, but who cares so long as it's fun. ^_^ And this wall is definitely fun! Don't lose heart just cuz boobie walls get the highest rating, you're still one of my idols Jin-chan. ^_^ Keep up the good work!

  20. bleachichigo Feb 15, 2005

    nice pic~~~~
    the girl is sooooooo cute:P
    dolll girl~~~
    goes to my favorite of course:P

  21. euna Retired Moderator Feb 15, 2005

    Quote by NurikoIt doesn't suck, you turd &gt;_&gt;
    Your walls will suck when I can figure out how to use my 3D rendering software to do something other than organic materials! XD
    Great wall, no matter what your lame ass says :P

    haha... Jin, i reckon Nuri ish right.. this wallie does NOT suck.
    I looks fabulous (as usual ^___^)
    Luv the red and in particular the bg effects...
    how on earth do you make those cool looking bg??
    *steals's Jin's talents and runs away (catch me if you can! :P)*
    Anywayz, great wall. *fav*

  22. DaHero69 Feb 15, 2005

    awesome wallie!! very good! i like the colors and it goes well with the character. :)

  23. Taurec Feb 20, 2005

    Just one thing to say ,.... >_< whoop ASS !!!! >_<

    and to break that 64 char limit <g>
    Blending of the char could have been a little better.
    But damn that abstract stuff is godlike.
    Ya sound a little grumpy there Jinz :P , too bad you didn't use broken hearts to reflect your mood. ;)

  24. Angelette Feb 21, 2005

    Oy, looks scary. Well, she does, that is. But if love sucks, why commemorate it with a wallpaper? oO

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